TaylorMade Stealth Rescue Hybrid Review

Hybrids can be some of the easiest clubs in your bag to hit consistently but at the same time, can be some of the hardest clubs to find to fit you.

One hybrid will hit the ball too high, one hybrid will hit the ball too low, and one may even cause a hook.  We feel your pain and have been through it ourselves.  Maybe, the Stealth Rescue Hybrid is the one for you. 

The Stealth Rescue Hybrid is for the player who is looking for the peak forgiveness and launch.  It is the most forgiving hybrid in the Stealth lineup and is for the player who needs help on mishits and helps to get the ball into the air.

In this article, we will go over what our team thought about the Stealth Rescue Hybrid head through their extensive testing.  

We will discuss features such as sound, look, feel, forgiveness, and distance.  Also, we will dive into stock shaft options, pros, and cons, and at the end will give our final recommendation. 

Stealth Rescue Hybrid

Introduced in 2022, the TaylorMade Stealth Rescue Hybrids were launched as a component of the Stealth product line. Differing from the driver, these hybrids do not incorporate a carbon face.

However, TaylorMade innovatively crafted the crown using carbon material, enabling designers to strategically relocate weight to achieve a lower and more rearward position, consequently boosting the Moment of Inertia (MOI).

The Stealth Rescue Hybrid is available in lofts of 19, 22, and 25 degrees for both left and right-handed players while they also added a 28 and 31 degree option for right-handers.  

These lofts are meant to take the place of your 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 iron respectfully for players that struggle to hit those mid and long irons.   

The Stealth Rescue Hybrid is also available in a Stealth Plus Head, Stealth DHY driving iron, Stealth UDi driving iron, and P790 UDI driving iron.  

These clubs progressively get less forgiving and lower launching but are all great for the right player. 

Sounds, Look and Feel

Throughout our testing, our entire team enjoyed the look of the Stealth Rescue Hybrid.

It features a matt black finish on the crown to prevent glare from the sun during certain times of the day. The carbon crown seamlessly rolls into the black steel face without any distractions to allow an easy and consistent setup to the ball. 

The sounds and feel of this head were also very traditional. The steel twist face delivered a deep feel and mid-pitched crack when shots were struck in the middle of the face.  

On mishits, the sound and feel were still solid but you could tell that the shot was not hit perfectly.  

Feedback is something very important to our team in regard to strike location, so we all gave this category a strong pass. 


Since the Stealth Rescue Hybrid is meant to be the most forgiving head in the Stealth Hybrid / driving iron lineup, we paid a lot of attention here to how it performed. 

There are three key features that control forgiveness in this head; the new carbon crown, steel twist face, and v-steel sole.

The Carbon crown allowed developers to reposition 7 grams of weight to the bottom of the club.  Moving weight lower the head allowed a huge increase in MOI, 15% more than the SIM Max.  

The twist face has been around since 2018 and has really helped TaylorMade climb the ranks when it comes to forgiveness.   This feature helps players keep the ball in play on off center shots which even for the best players in the world, is very important.

The V-Steel sole allows for the majority of the club’s weight to be positioned on the bottom which helps players increase launch, spin, and forgiveness.  In addition to increased MOI, the V-Steel sole also aids in turf interaction through the strike. 

Overall, our team felt that these three key features did make a difference when it came to forgiveness and playability.  

Compared to past TaylorMade clubs, the Stealth Rescue hit the ball higher and performed consistently on off-center hits. 


The collaboration of high-strength steel with an integrated through-slot speed pocket has empowered the Stealth Rescue to elevate ball speed boundaries.

By employing high-strength steel for the face, TaylorMade gains the ability to explore the extent of face thickness. Thinner faces induce a greater rebound effect, but this comes with a heightened risk of fractures. Here, the high-strength design significantly mitigates this risk.

The through slot speed pocket, a hallmark across all Stealth clubs, is meticulously engineered to optimize ball speed and augment forgiveness during impacts on the lower face. Positioned behind the face, this pocket empowers TaylorMade to stretch the limits of ball speed for strikes at the center of the face.

In contrast to earlier TaylorMade models, our team noted that the Stealth did not yield a substantial increase in distance. However, what stood out was the heightened consistency achieved.

Off-center hits with the Stealth were remarkably close to pure strikes, a characteristic of paramount importance for a hybrid club.

Key Technologies

Carbon Crown

In a bid to enhance both the Moment of Inertia (MOI) and forgiveness, the TaylorMade design team integrated a carbon crown for the Stealth Rescue Hybrid.

Due to carbon’s notably lower weight in contrast to conventional titanium, an extra seven grams of weight could be strategically positioned on the club’s sole.

Collectively, this culminates in a notable 15% increase in MOI when compared with the SIM Max model.

V-Steel Sole Design

The V-Steel sole is a timeless feature of many of TaylorMade’s woods and hybrids.  The heavy v shaped medal on the sole of the hybrid helps with forgiveness, MOI, and turf interaction.

Steel Twist Face

Starting in 2018, TaylorMade’s twist face has become another one of the staples on their fairway woods and drivers.  The twist face is made to ensure off center hits curve back to the target, making it easier to keep the ball in play.

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket

This speed pocket is meant to preserve ball speeds on off-center hits.  Just like the Stealth driver this is a small pocket positioned directly behind the face that aids in face flexion. 


The Stealth Rescue hybrid is available in three iron through seven iron models for right-handed players and is available in three iron through five iron models for left handed players. 

Stock Shaft Options


  • Most forgiving hybrid that TaylorMade makes
  • Has a 15% higher MOI compared to the SIM Max.
  • Sleek non-glare crown
  • Available in five different head options


  • Could add too much spin and launch for better players
  • Stock shaft is no available in X flex


In comparison to prior TaylorMade hybrid models, our team found the Stealth to be exceptionally impressive. The amalgamation of enhanced forgiveness alongside consistent distance establishes this club as a remarkable choice.

As is customary, the Stealth Rescue Hybrid may not cater to every player’s preferences. This club is notably tailored towards high-handicap players in search of optimal forgiveness, launch, and spin characteristics.

Being the apex in forgiveness within the Stealth family, it’s important to note that if you’re a player with a lower handicap and substantial speed, there might be superior alternatives available such as TaylorMade’s Stealth Plus or even driving iron selections.

An additional compelling aspect that solidifies the value of the Stealth Rescue Hybrid is its pricing.

In comparison to the latest Stealth 2 Rescue model, the original version retails at $229.99 instead of $279.99.

Given that hybrid technology doesn’t undergo radical changes year to year, the original Stealth undeniably offers significant cost savings and remains a prudent investment.

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