Best Golf Balls for Average Swing Speed 

One of the biggest mistakes that average swing speed golfers make is the thought that playing with any golf ball is good enough.

This is not true.

The best golf balls for average swing speed players help to maximize distance, improve short game spin and help you lower your scores.

We did on course testing, analyzed data and technology and picked our favorite golf balls for average swing speed players.

This list has an option for every budget and player type. 

Best Golf Balls for Average Swing Speed 

Take some time to read through our experiences with each of these golf balls on the course.

However, if you just want the quick facts about which golf ball is the best for average swing speed – here are the results. 

We break this down into categories because, as great as it would be – there is no perfect golf ball for all areas of the game. 

Vice Pro Soft – Best Low Spin

Vice Pro White
Best Low Spin

Low spin golf balls help with distance off the tee, and even keeping your golf ball a little straighter.

The Vice Pro Soft, is a three piece golf ball that has soft feel but some of the lowest spin in the game. The cover is also urethane so you get that more premium greenside feel. 

Although this is our best low spin golf ball for average swing speed it’s one of our favorite overall golf balls for average swing speed players. 

Reduces spin off the tee
Provides a soft feel
Durable urethane cover
If you hit a bad shot, the ball scuffs at times
Not the highest spinning around the greens


The Callaway Supersoft is a low-compression ball that is also really cheap. It has low spin characteristics and a soft feel. However, the Vice Pro Soft is a much higher-performing golf ball, and it’s not all that much more expensive.

Who’s It For: If you want distance off the tee but could also benefit from a softer feel, the Vice Pro Soft is a good choice. 

Wilson Triad – Best Value

Best Value

The Wilson Triad is a three piece golf ball with impressive performance for the price.

It features an ultra thin cast urethane cover that helps generate better spin on those approach shots to the green. Wilson used their Tri-Balanced construction to help the ball feel and roll more true. 

Interestingly, the big change in technology here involved moving weight from the center of the core to the outer layers.

It helps promote better stability and a more forgiving performance for the average swing speed player. 

Affordable price with premium features
Suitable for a wide range of golfers
Unique technology to make the flight more stable
Still won’t spin quite like the premium models


Another affordable ball with a soft feel, good distance, and decent spin when approaching the greens is the Srixon Soft Feel.

If you are on the faster swing speed side of average, be careful this one doesn’t spin too much off the tee. 

Who’s It For: If you can’t justify paying $50 a dozen for premium balls but want a glimpse into the technology, performance, and feel, the Wilson Triad is a good option. 

Titleist Pro V1x – Best Driver Distance

Best Driver Distance

If your goal is just pure distance from the tee, you’ll find it with the Pro V1x. There is often a misconception that only the highest swing speed golfers should be using the Pro V1x.

However, that’s not the case when it comes to driver distance. 

Fair warning: you could lose a few yards of distance in your irons if you switch to the Pro V1x. Around the greens, it’s one of the best options you’ll come across. 

High trajectory
Great distance off the tee
Impressive spin around the greens
Price is high
May cause you to lose a little distance on the iron shots


The TaylorMade TP5x provides high distance performance with a five layer construction to help improve spin and feel.

It’s still a premium priced golf ball but a good option to consider if you need something other than the Pro V1x. 

Who’s It For: Average swing speed players who want extra distance and don’t mind paying the price for it will enjoy what the Pro V1x has to offer. 

Titleist AVX Best Iron Distance 

Best Distance for Irons

The Titleist AVX is one of Titleist’s lower-spin golf balls. This lower spin increases the distance you get from your golf irons. It’s a three-piece construction with a soft feel.

It feels like a Pro V1 but offers lower spin and a low flight. 

When we first tested the AVX we were unsure if the performance would be all that much idfferent than the Pro V1 or Pro V1x.

After playing with a few rounds, it really is unique and has it’s own benefit in the market. 

Excellent distance control with the irons
Low spin for longer shots
Increased distance with iron shots for average swing speed
Good feel around the greens
Greenside spin is not that high
Premium price


The Callaway Chrome Soft is known for its soft feel and good distance. It’s similar to the AVX in that you can get good distance with the iron shots when using this ball. The Chrome Soft also feels a little softer around the greens than the AVX.  

Who’s It For: If you are tired of “distance” golf balls costing you distance on your iron shots, try this one. 

Srixon Q Star Tour – Best Greenside Spin

Best Greenside Spin

The Srixon Q Star Tour gives average swing speed players some of the best greenside spin in the game.

This is a three piece golf ball with a Urethane cover. However, Srixon took things a step further by implmenting their Spin Skin coating to get the greenside spin even higher. 

If you feel like your short game is where your game struggles the most, this would be a good ball to try. Srixon doesn’t get the attention they deserve for the quality of golf ball they offer. 

Superior spin control around the greens
Urethane cover
Soft feel
Not as great for distance from the tee


Wilson Staff Model is another lesser-known option that offers great spin and control around the green. It has a similar feel and cover to the Srixon Q Star. Also consider looking at the Maxfli Tour X.

It’s a great all-around golf ball for a strong value. 

Who’s It For: If you have tried improving greenside spin with very little luck, the Srixon Q Star is a good choice. 

Bridgestone Tour B RX – Best Softer Feel

Bridgestone Golf Ball
Best Softer Feel

The Bridgestone Tour B RX is the best softer feel golf ball for average swing speed golfers. It’s hard to find a ball that feels soft and still gives you the distance and spin required to succeed.

The Tour B RX features the Gradational compression core for lower spin and an urethane cover that helps give it that softer overall feel. 

Our honest opinion is that the Bridgestone golf ball lineup is a little confusing. You have to really study the differences between all of them.

We get it if that’s enough to turn you away from the ball. 

Soft feel
Made for the average swing speed players
Good mix of performance throughout the game
Not the cheapest golf ball on the market


The Titleist Tour Soft is a good, softer feel golf ball with distance and a slightly lower price point.

Warning for this one: it’s not as long as some of the others we have tested. Go for this one only if you need that softer feel. 

Who’s It For: The Bridgestone Tour B RX is great if you struggle to achieve a softer, more responsive feel off the clubface. 

Final Thoughts 

At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of what golf balls will help your game.

When we tested these all on the course, the Vice Pro Soft and the Titleist Pro V1x were our two favorites.

If you really want to fine-tune your golf game, make sure that you have a golf ball in play that complements your strengths and covers your weaknesses. 

What questions do you have about the best golf balls for average swing speed? 

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