TaylorMade M4 Hybrid Review

In the world of ever-evolving technology in the golf equipment world, an increase in technology usually means a premium increase in price.

Deciphering whether a price increase translates to added value or merely reflects marketing hype can be challenging. Nonetheless, the silver lining is that even golf club equipment from a few years back boasts sufficient technology to offer a compelling experience at an affordable price point.

Navigating the space of affordable golf clubs often entails distinguishing worthwhile investments in technology from wasteful expenditures. The TaylorMade M4 series emerges as a standout choice for players seeking advanced performance without breaking the bank on equipment expenses.

In this review, we will be looking at the TaylorMade M4 rescue hybrid. You will learn about the sounds, look, feel, forgiveness features, and specs, and finally, we will give our opinion of whether we think the M4 hybrid is a good affordable option for your game.

Sound, Look, and Feel

At address, its sleek design catches the eye, featuring a silver strip behind the face and a discernible indentation in the sweet spot, facilitating easy alignment. The solid black back of the crown, adorned with a subtle M4 logo near the heel, exudes confidence-inspiring simplicity, making setup a breeze for our team.

Turning the club over reveals the display of the M4’s signature colors – red, black, and white – adorning the sole, punctuated by a prominent M4 logo at the center, a TaylorMade emblem at the outer edge, and the speed pocket directly behind the face. This fashionable design adds a touch of flair while reinforcing brand identity, making the M4 Hybrid not just a reliable performer but also a stylish addition to any golfer’s bag.

Beyond its aesthetics, the M4 Hybrid delivers a sound and feel that resonates with confidence and feedback. TaylorMade’s innovative Geocoustics technology combines head geometry with acoustical engineering, resulting in a solid ‘click’ sound upon impact. This feedback, consistent across the face, provides a satisfying indication of a well-struck shot, instilling confidence with each swing, while still letting you know when you don’t quite hit the sweet spot.

Moreover, the M4 Hybrid’s design features, such as the long Speed Pocket behind the face and split internal weighting, contribute to its remarkable stability and forgiveness.

Even on off-center hits, we noticed that although the sound was a big difference, the feel wasn’t much different than well-struck shots. The club maintains its stable feel, delivering reliable performance and minimizing feedback that could compromise confidence.

This blend of sound, look, and feel ensures that whether flushing a shot or encountering a mishit, the TaylorMade M4 Hybrid inspires trust and produces results that exceed expectations.

Forgiveness Features

From the moment our team took the TaylorMade M4 Hybrid to the range, its forgiveness was evident. Shots seemed to fly straight with consistent distances achieved across the entire face. This consistency can be attributed to the thoughtful design elements integrated into the club’s construction.

The Speed Pocket running parallel to the face, coupled with the split weighting features, plays a crucial role in enhancing forgiveness. These features not only contribute to a consistent feel regardless of where the ball makes contact with the face but also promote straight and consistent shots, even on mishits.

The result is a club that instills confidence in players, knowing that even if they don’t strike the ball perfectly, the M4 Hybrid will still deliver reliable performance.

Additionally, the slightly larger head size compared to its predecessor, the M3, provides a larger face area for players to work with. This increased forgiveness was readily appreciated by our team during testing, as it translated to improved shot consistency and inspired greater confidence in their swings.


Specs for the M4 Rescue Hybrid

Key Takeaways

  1. Affordable Technology: In a market where advanced technology often comes with a premium price tag, the TaylorMade M4 series offers advanced performance at an affordable price point, making it a compelling choice for budget-conscious golfers.
  2. Sleek Design and Confidence-inspiring Look: The M4 Hybrid features a sleek design with a silver strip behind the face for easy alignment and a solid black crown adorned with subtle branding, exuding confidence and simplicity at address.
  3. Geocoustics Technology: TaylorMade’s innovative Geocoustics technology combines head geometry with acoustical engineering, resulting in a solid ‘click’ sound upon impact, providing feedback and confidence with each swing.
  4. Remarkable Forgiveness: The M4 Hybrid’s forgiveness features, including the Speed Pocket and split internal weighting, contribute to consistent distances and straight shots across the face, instilling confidence even on mishits.
  5. Improved Consistency: With thoughtful design elements and a slightly larger head size compared to its predecessor, the M4 Hybrid delivers improved shot consistency and inspires greater confidence in players’ swings.
  6. Value for Money: Overall, the TaylorMade M4 Hybrid offers a blend of performance, forgiveness, and affordability, making it a highly recommended option for golfers looking to enhance their game without breaking the bank on equipment expenses.


At a mere $179.99, this hybrid offers exceptional value, ranking among the top choices of any hybrid we have ever tested.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, seeking stability, feel, sound, and precise distance control, this hybrid is tailor-made for you.

Our team marveled at the M4 hybrid’s remarkable consistency in ball flight across all contact points on the face. With its unparalleled reliability and forgiveness, this hybrid stands as a superb choice for any player committed to enhancing their bag without overspending.

Patrick Stephenson
Patrick Stephenson

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