Taylormade M4 Driver Review

Amidst the buzz surrounding TaylorMade’s latest Qi10 driver series, the notion of shelling out $600 for a new driver this golf season might seem daunting.

However, while we acknowledge the exceptional length and forgiveness offered by the newest driver in the market, we also recognize that its price may exceed the budgets of many. Hence, we decided to evaluate the TaylorMade M4 driver, providing budget-conscious players with a compelling option to enhance their golf bag for just $299.99.

In this comprehensive review, we will talk about the M4 driver’s sounds, look, feel, forgiveness features, distance, key technologies, specs, and finally give our recommendation of whether or not we think it deserves a place in your bag.

TaylorMade M4 Driver

Debuted to the market in 2018, the M4 driver replaced the M3 and took a hard revisit to the bulge and roll technology of the face. Its sole purpose as a driver was to help players find the fairway more often on off-center strikes.

It is available in both left and right-handed models for the 9.5 and 10.5 lofts while right-handers also have the option for a 12-degree head.

Sounds, Look, and Feel

The TaylorMade M4 driver has a very simple but effective look at address. It sits extremely square to the ground while also giving a couple of different sweet spot indicators to make setup a breeze.

Directly behind the face is a silver-colored strip with an indention and a small TaylorMade logo behind the sweet spot to ensure a proper setup. Also on the crown is a black finish that balances out the lighter silver.

On the sole of the driver you will notice the colors red, white, and black along with a larger M4 logo. The TaylorMade name for proper brand recognition is also apparent near the toe.

Our team all agreed that they like this driver a lot at setup and it looked good sitting in the bag.

Thanks to several innovative design elements, the M4 delivers an exceptional sound and feel as well. By enhancing the rigidity of the slot (speed slot talked about below) towards the edges, TaylorMade achieves a thinner central section, saving 8 grams of weight. This weight is then strategically redistributed low and back in the head, deepening the center of gravity (CG).

Moreover, the non-moveable weight in the back of the sole has been significantly increased from 22g on the M3 to 41g on the M4. This boost in weight, coupled with the redesigned Geocoustic sole, results in a more refined sound profile.

TaylorMade’s Geocoustic technology, characterized by the curving of the recessed section on the sole, plays a pivotal role in shaping the sound and feel of the club. By stiffening the sole, this design eliminates the need for internal ribs to modify the sound, allowing for a larger face and optimizing the sound experience. The result is a satisfying mid-pitch crack and a solid yet responsive feel at impact.

Through our team’s testing of this club, we have to say that everyone loved the look at setup, enjoyed the sound, and was happy with the feedback it gave at impact.


As mentioned above, TaylorMade was able to decrease weight close to the face and reposition it lower and further back to increase MOI. This increase in MOI reduces the amount that the face twists at impact which was very noticeable for our team through testing compared to the previous M3.

The big forgiveness feature though that the M4 offers is twist face technology.

The curvature of the face, both vertically and horizontally, creates a gear effect, inducing opposite spin on off-center hits to steer the ball back toward your intended target.

TaylorMade revisited this fundamental aspect of face design by analyzing data from thousands of players, revealing that most golfers tend to miss low in the heel or high in the toe.

While this finding isn’t groundbreaking, TaylorMade’s innovation lies in increasing the face curvature in these low heel and high toe areas to enhance the gear effect.

As a result, high toe shots, typically low in spin and favoring a draw bias, are expected to launch higher with added spin compared to previous designs, thanks to the Twist Face contour. Conversely, the heel area features a delofted section to reduce spin and alter the face angle, preventing the ball from veering high and to the right.

Once more, during our testing, the team was delighted to observe shots finding the fairway’s center, even when they didn’t feel perfect off the clubface. Some of our players, who often struggle with a toe hook, were amazed by how much straighter this miss behaved with the M4.


To aid in the distance department, TaylorMade has incorporated a hammerhead speed pocket directly behind the face.

The center of the slot flexes at impact while the slot walls serve as stiffening bars, according to TaylorMade, enabling a thinner face and faster average ball speeds by expanding the sweet spot.

Besides the speed slot, there’s a refined aerodynamic profile. TaylorMade asserts that raising the crown maintains tight airflow around the head during the swing, reducing drag and increasing clubhead speed.

Our team noticed nice and consistent ball speeds off this driver. As always, compared to newer options on the market, it was not quite as long, but for the price, we found the distance it produced to be plenty good enough to warrant a purchase.

Key Technologies

Twist Face

The Twist Face technology redefines the face curvature of the M4 driver to mitigate common mis-hits. Through extensive analysis of shot data, TaylorMade identified that most players tend to miss the center low in the heel or high in the toe. By increasing the face curvature in these areas, the Twist Face promotes straighter shots and minimizes the negative effects of off-center hits.

Hammerhead Speed Slot

This innovation enables engineers to craft a thinner face while maintaining stability, resulting in faster ball speeds across a larger sweet spot. By optimizing the face’s flex, the Speed Slot ensures consistent performance even on off-center hits, providing golfers with greater forgiveness and distance.

Geocoustic Technology

Geocoustic Technology revolutionizes the sound and feel of the M4 Hybrid. By curving the recessed section of the club’s sole, this design stiffens the sole structure, eliminating the need for internal ribs. As a result, the Geocoustic sole produces a crisp, satisfying sound upon impact and enhances the overall feel of the club.

Sleek Aerodynamics

TaylorMade introduces a refined aerodynamic profile in the M4 driver, optimizing airflow dynamics throughout the swing. By raising the crown of the club, airflow remains tightly controlled around the head, reducing drag and increasing clubhead speed. This enhancement translates to improved distance and performance

Carbon Fiber Crown

Utilizing a carbon crown, TaylorMade strategically redistributes weight from the club’s top, relocating it lower and farther back in the head. This adjustment enhances the moment of inertia, thereby reducing face twisting on off-center strikes.


HeadLoftHandLieVolumeLengthSwing Weight
M4 DRIVER9.5°RH/LH56° – 60°460CC45.75″D3
M4 DRIVER10.5°RH/LH56° – 60°460CC45.75″D3
M4 DRIVER12°RH56° – 60°460CC45.75″D3

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways:

  • TaylorMade M4 Driver: A budget-friendly alternative amidst the high-priced Qi10 series, the TaylorMade M4 offers compelling features at $299.99.
  • Sounds, Look, and Feel: The M4 boasts a simple yet effective design, aiding setup with clear sweet spot indicators. Its refined sound profile and solid feel at impact received unanimous praise from our team.
  • Forgiveness: With increased MOI and Twist Face technology, the M4 reduces face twisting on off-center hits, promoting straighter shots. Testers observed significant improvements in shot dispersion, particularly on common mis-hits.
  • Distance: Featuring a Hammerhead Speed Slot and sleek aerodynamics, the M4 delivers consistent ball speeds and ample distance. While not the longest on the market, its performance justifies the price point.
  • Key Technologies: Twist Face technology, Hammerhead Speed Slot, Geocoustic Technology, Sleek Aerodynamics, and Carbon Fiber Crown collectively enhance forgiveness, sound, feel, and distance, making the M4 a compelling option for budget-conscious golfers.


After thorough testing by our team, much like the M4 hybrid, everyone was thoroughly impressed with the performance of the M4 driver.

For players seeking exceptional forgiveness and ball speed at a fraction of the cost of newer drivers on the market, the TaylorMade M4 stands out as the ideal choice.

While we wouldn’t claim that this driver matches the performance of the Qi10 lineup, for players aiming to integrate advanced technology into their bag without breaking the bank, we highly recommend considering the M4 driver.

Patrick Stephenson
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