Cobra LTDx Driver Review

Can you maximize forgiveness in a golf club while also increasing its distance capability? Cobra did it with the LTDx, and it absolutely worked.

We tested the Cobra LTDx to see how its technology performs and whether or not it deserves a spot among the top drivers.

One thing we can say for certain with Cobra clubs is that the adjustability is a tremendous benefit.

The ability to fine tune a club to fit the specific needs of your game is a significant benefit.

Quick Verdict
Cobra King Ltdx Max

The Cobra LTDx Driver is a great option for golfers looking for a lightweight and forgiving driver. It provides great distance and accuracy and is a great value for the price.

  • Extremely long, providing golfers with more distance on their drives
  • Very forgiving, meaning even if you mishit the ball, it will still fly straight and long
  • High optimal transfer technology improves ball speeds across a larger area of the face impact, and the sound is a little on the loud side but not too bad
  • Great value for money, providing golfers with many features for a fraction of the price of other drivers on the market.
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The Cobra LTDx features a low spin profile, extending drives further than ever before. With enhancements like the H.O.T. face technology and fixed back weighting, the LTDx is Cobra’s most forgiving driver, suited for a wide range of golfers. We liked the feel and the jump that it took off of the clubface. 


Cobra Ltdx Max

The Cobra LTDx driver has some technology upgrades that are worth understanding. One of the main things we noticed was the overall top down look of the club. It’s a really sleek-looking design, and it’s not as angled as it was in the past. 

  • The driver features a multi-material construction, balancing a titanium body with a carbon fiber crown for a lightweight yet robust frame.
  • H.O.T face technology utilizes machine learning to optimize ball speeds across a wider face area.
  • PWR-COR technology shifts weight to optimize forgiveness and increase distance.
  • The CNC milled infinity face ensures precise and consistent ball contact, enhancing overall performance.

What Makes the Cobra LTDx Worth It?

Cobra King Ltdx Driver Head Front

The Cobra LTDx driver’s blend of cutting-edge technology and performance-centric design offers unparalleled distance and forgiveness. Its ability to help you keep the ball down the center is what really sets it apart. 

Impressive Feel

Cobra King Ltdx Driver Head

The Cobra LTDx has a great feel. Ever since Cobra and Titleist were the same brand you can count on Cobra to have great feel. Even though they have now moved on to being with Puma, the clubs still cater to mid to high handicappers that value great feel. 

When we tested this one both the sound and the feel were noticeably better than previous Cobra models and other current drivers on the market. 


When Cobra came out with the F9 driver a few years back ,they said it was a club that would work for golfers with a 5 to a 25 handicap. That range is huge! Yet the club did work for this large of a group. 

The Cobra LTDx is really the same way. When you throw in some adjustability, the driver can really do a lot. 

Cobra King Ltdx Driver Club Face

Longer Distance Than Competitors 

The Cobra LTDx is long. In fact, for how forgiving it was, we were surprised by how much distance capability it also offered. If you have not purchased a driver in the last five or six years and you want something with a lot of distance capability, the Cobra LTDx can do it. 


The best thing about the Cobra LTDx is its forgiveness. Once you mark that off as a positive, it’s also a great looking club with plenty of distance capability. 

  • Exceptional forgiveness 
  • Enhanced distance from optimized ball speeds.
  • Adjustable settings cater to a variety of playing styles.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Boosts confidence at setup
  • Pricing has dropped 


There are very few downsides to the Cobra LTDx driver. However, it is kind of large looking when you first put it in your hands. If that is something that bothers you, make sure to get a look at it before you make the purchase. 

  • Head size appears large at first, and it takes a little time to get used to 
  • Limited workability for players who prefer shaping their shots.

What’s New With The Cobra Ltdx Driver?

Cobra King Ltdx Driver Top

Cobra puts out a new driver every year. The biggest advancements with this line were changes to the clubface to make it faster, yet more forgiving at the same time. If you have an older Cobra, here are a few things that changed with the LTDx that you can expect. 

  • The introduction of H.O.T face technology for improved ball speed across the face.
  • Enhanced forgiveness through strategic weight placement with PWR-COR technology.
  • A refined head shape and larger profile for better alignment and confidence.

The upgrades really cater to that mid handicap player looking for some help keeping the ball in the middle of the fairway. 

Who Should Buy The Cobra LTDx Driver?

The Cobra Ltdx driver is ideal for golfers seeking to improve their distance and accuracy off the tee. Its forgiving nature makes it suitable for both high and low handicappers. Those looking to invest in the latest technology to gain a competitive edge will find the LTDx driver to be a worthy addition to their golf bag.

If you are a golfer that tends to miss the fairway to the right, this isn’t a draw biased club. However, it does have enough adjustability to help you straighten things out. The Cobra LTDx is also good for newer players who want to make an investment in a club that’s going to last for years to come. 

Final Thoughts

The Cobra LTDx driver stands out as a top performer in modern golfing gear, with its strategic blend of technology and design catering to the needs of diverse golfers.

Its ability to combine forgiveness with distance, all wrapped in a sleek and appealing package, makes it a strong contender in the market.

If you have not dried Cobra drivers, or you are in need of an upgrade this year, it’s worth giving the Cobra LTDx a try. 

If you are not convinced and still want to look at some alternative drivers, then I would recommend the following:

TaylorMade Stealth Driver

Stealth is the latest driver from TaylorMade is slightly more expensive than the Cobra Ltdx, but it is definitely worth the extra money.

TaylorMade Stealth Driver

You might have noticed the buzz around it and no wonder the new Carbon Twist Face has been making headlines.

The driver features a Carbon Twist face which is extremely light and forgiving, while also being 11% larger than SIM2 and SIM2 Max drivers.

This driver is forgiving, accurate, and long, and it is definitely one of the best drivers on the market right now.

Ping G425 Driver

The Ping G425 driver is another great option that is slightly more expensive than the Cobra Ltdx. It looks good, feels good and it performs exceptionally well.

This driver is ideal for mid to high handicappers as it is extremely forgiving and it will help you to hit the ball straighter and further.

The weight distribution is perfect for increasing forgiveness, while the adjustable hosel helps you to fine tune your ball flight.

The only downside of this driver is that it doesn’t have the same kind of distance as the Cobra, and is louder when you make contact with the ball.

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