Best Drivers For Slice 

Not only does a slice move your ball from the middle of the fairway, but it also costs you many yards. Part of fixing a slice is working on your swing and making adjustments. However, this process can be made much easier if you use the right equipment. 

I’ll show you the best drivers for a slice that we have tested so far this year. 

Some of these options will also work for overall forgiveness in case you throw a hook into the mix from time to time. 

Best Drivers for Slice 2024

If you don’t have time to read through the specifics of all of these drivers right now, here is the lineup of the best drivers for slice in 2024. Each of these clubs has technology specifically designed to help players who need to hit the ball straighter. 

Ping G430 SFT Driver

Ping G430 Max10K
Best Overall

If you have read our other reviews you know the Ping G430 Max 10K was our favorite driver we tested in 2024. The club looks great, has tons of forgiveness, adjustability and more.

However, the Ping G430 SFT driver comes with built in Straight Flight Technology. The club helps you square the face as you come through impact. 


When we tested the Ping G430 SFT driver, the movable 22g tungsten weight really stood out as a great way to help golfers who slice the ball. Even though 22g doesn’t seem like much, depending on the position of this weight, you can get up to 20 yards of draw bias. 

That’s a lot! 

Ping also included the variable face thickness to help increase ball speed and allow for more face deflection. Once you start hitting this one straight you’ll notice that the distance is also impressive. 

Carry distance feels effortless with this club in your hands. 

Up to 20 yards of draw bias with the included adjustability 
Multiple loft settings 
Comes with premium shaft offerings 
Long carry distance thanks to variable face thickness 
Reduces the ability to shape shots.
It’s a higher spinning model than some others from Ping. 

Bottom Line

The Ping G430 SFT is particularly effective for golfers who struggle with a slice and need a driver that not only corrects this but also provides options to customize their trajectory and ball flight. I love this one because even when you straighten your slice out, you can still adjust the weighting and use 

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max D Driver

Runner Up

Anytime you see the word “Max D” in a driver clubhead, you can feel confident that the club will work to fix your slice for you. The Max D in the new Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke stands for maximum draw. If you want to go from hitting a slice to a draw without changing your swing, this driver gives you a pretty good chance. 


Callaway always moves to more AI-based technology as it updates its equipment yearly. This latest model features an AI-designed Smart Face to optimize performance across the entire face. 

When I hit this one, I managed to hit a few out towards the toe and one towards the heel. However, the drive itself still ended up just a few yards short of the ones I was hitting my best. 

The internal draw bias in this Max D driver means that a 7g fixed-in-place back weight is used. This is a good option for those who have been slicing their whole lives and don’t see an end in sight. If you find a slice to be a temporary problem, you may want to skip this technology.

Highly forgiving and designed for golfers who slice 
Lighter carbon chassis increases launch angle 
Draw bias configuration right from the start 
Impressive feel coming off the face; it’s the best Callaway has done in a while 
Not workable
It is not a great choice if you are just temporarily slicing; it’s better for chronic slicers 

Bottom Line

The Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max D driver is the slice friendly version of the Callaway Paradym Ai series. If you have a hard time hitting it straight, you’ll notice an instant improvement here. It’s best for higher handicappers and slower swing speeds who don’t need to eventually change the settings and hit a little cut or fade. 

Cobra Darkspeed Max Driver

Cobra Darkspeed Driver
Best For Distance and Slice Fix

The Cobra Darkspeed Max driver is long. I know you are here because you need to fix your slice, but chances are you won’t complain about some extra distance in the process. The Cobra Darkspeed Max Driver optimizes energy transfer into the ball, and you’ll feel it the first time you hit it. 


Cobra has always been known for being a pretty straight driver. Where it has struggled in the past was distance. That’s not the case with the Darkspeed. A few different “power” technologies were used here. 

These include PWR-Bridge for lower spin and increased ball speed, PWRSHELL H.O.T. Face for a larger sweet spot, and Multi Material Construction. The carbon sole and crown have improved the aerodynamics and made it easier to get extra distance without having to swing harder.

Aerodynamic advancements make it easy to get distance 
Adjustability and fine tuning to a draw bias 
Highly forgiving 
Adjustability is a little complicated at first 
New release, priced a little higher than other Cobra drivers 

Bottom Line

If you want to reduce your slice but can’t give up on hitting your longest drive yet, this is the driver you want in your bag. It’s highly customizable, one of our favorites as far as the top-down look is concerned, and can stay in your bag for years to come. 

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

Best For Higher Handicapper:

The Cleveland Launcher XL driver was our favorite golf driver for a slice for the higher handicap players. This one has some unique technology and a fair price that may finally make getting your slice fixed feasible. 


The Action Mass CB is a really unique addition to the Cleveland Launcher XL. It has an 8g weight in the grip up of the shaft that helps you square up the club at impact. At first I thought this would make the club feel heavier but it does not at all. 

With this Cleveland Launcher XL driver you also get some adjustability in the hosel, not something that you’ll always find in a Cleveland. 

Finally they installed this Rebound Frame in the clubhead. It’s supposed to ensure that you get a big jump off the center of the clubface to increase ball speed and distance. I had a Cleveland Launcher driver a long time ago, and I can tell you their new technology has come a long way; the ball really jumps.

High MOI clubhead for increased forgiveness 
Higher launch than other options 
Versatile adjustability in the hosel – not something you always get from Cleveland 
The sound and feel is not quite as good as you get from the Ping or Callaway 
Counterbalancing isn’t a hit for all players; if your swing speed is too fast, it may not work 

Bottom Line

The Cleveland Launcher XL Driver is a club built with forgiveness in mind. It’s a very stable clubhead and can be fine-tuned to work for the needs of all mid to high-handicap golfers trying to fix a slice. 

Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver

Best Value

The Wilson Staff Launch Pad driver is not our favorite on the list when it comes to the overall look of the clubhead. However, this is one of the lightest on the market and easiest to turn over. If you ever feel like the club gets stuck behind you or you can’t release it, the Wilson Staff Launch Pad could help. 


The Launch Pad is built for higher handicap players. It has draw bias features. It’s slightly offset and also weighted more in the heel. The Wilson Launch Pad is not as advanced as a 20 yard draw bias like the Calalway but it certainly helps the ball get some draw spin on it. 

In addition, the Launch Pad was designed with a more upright lie angle. At the address, the driver still sits fine, but that little bit of a difference in the angle does make it easier to hit straight and accurate drives.

Very forgiving across the entire face 
Easy to get up in the air – even for newer players 
Anti-slice setup 
Limited feedback: most hits feel the same regardless of where on the face you make contact 
It’s not the best looking club on the market – looks less premium 

Bottom Line

The Wilson Staff Launch Pad driver is good for golfers who want a lightweight and easy to launch club. It’s a great combination of lightweight feel and draw bias. This one is also priced lower than other anti slice type golf drivers. 

Cobra Air X Offset Driver

Cobra Air X Offset Driver
Best Offset Driver

The Cobra Air X Offset driver is one more that we felt deserved a spot on this list. It’s very lightweight and won’t be your longest driver in the group, but it’s certainly easy to hit straight. 


The Cobra Air X Offset features H.O.T. Face technology. When we tested we did notice that you can get high ball speed across the entire face. However, it’s not an overly long golf driver. Expect This one to be a few yards short of the Darkspeed from Cobra. 

Another slice reduction technology in the club is the offset hosel. It’s a pretty significant offset designed to reduce the slice, square the face, and lead to a straighter drive. 

Sometimes if you slice the ball and you want to fix it without having to change your swing you have to settle for offset technology like this. It’s not always the best look from the top down, but it works. 

Impressive forgiveness 
Draw bias and offset hosel 
Fair pricing 
Not the best sound 
Offset is very noticeable 
Not great for high swing speeds 

Bottom Line 

The Cobra Air X Offset is a great club for moderate to slow swing speed players looking to fix their slice. It’s not the newest release and it’s not the longest club on the market, but it fixes the slice. 

A Few Bonus Tips To Make Sure Your New Anti Slice Driver Works . . . 

Regardless of which of these drivers you decide to purchase, here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure you get the right one. 

  • Make sure the shaft you choose is a good fit for your swing speed, the faster the swing speed the stiffer the shaft that you need. 
  • Don’t play the ball too far back in your stance, move it so it’s just off the left heel your chance of straight shot is much higher. 
  • Play around with the settings on a club, set it for maximum draw bias to start with and then from there tune it back to square as your game changes or improves. 
  • Pick a club with enough loft, the lower the loft the harder it is to hit a straight shot. 

Final Thoughts 

If you have spent too much time trying to fix the slice and haven’t had luck, go ahead and invest in some technology that will make it possible. The Ping G430 SFT is a perfect option, but you can’t go wrong with the Callaway Paradym or the Cobra Darkspeed. Good luck getting your drives straightened out this season! 

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