Rypstick Speed Training Review 

If you are looking for more speed, the number of speed training devices available can be a bit overwhelming. We have tried a few of these, and the Rypstick still comes in as one of the best choices.

The system is easy to use and requires just a few minutes of your time, but it has a big impact on how your swing speed changes.

If you have been looking for extra yardage, speed is the easiest way to get it done. Here is what you can expect with the Rypstick. 

Rypstick Review – TLDR 

If you are going to put the time in, the Rypstick really works. It’s a very simple device and a simple process. I would suggest dedicating maybe 10-20 minutes a day to the Rypstick.

If you can fit that into your schedule you’ll see big differences. Gaining 10 yards is a big deal but many Rypstick users have gained 20 or more yards. 

What Is The Rypstick?

The Rypstick is a speed training system. We can’t call it just a training aid or a device, as it has all of the components of an entire speed training program. The Rypstick has three interchangeable weights plus a counterweight. 

You will follow the program that Rypstick provides to help give you 8 unique weighting combinations. These combinations can be varied in order to help you build speed and muscle. 

The entire concept of Rypstick is based on the theory that for every MPH of clubhead speed you add, you’ll get 3 extra yards of distance. That may not seem like a long but if you can gain 5mph, that’s a big deal. 

The developers of Rypstick claim that working with the Rypstick for 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week can help you add 15-25 yards to the game. 

Rypstick has been a speed training program of choice for many professionals. 

What Else Do You Need When Working With Rypstick? 

When working with Rypstick you will need a way to measure your swing speed. You have to input that swing speed as you use the training program. You can use any speed-measuring device, but the more accurate it is, the easier it is to track your progress. 

Rypscik does have their own radar it’s just the RypRadar and it’s very basic just giving you the total number for speed. It’s a good option but you may be better off with more of a portable launch monitor if you are getting real serious about your game and the direction you want to take it. 

Can You Use the Rypstick As A Warm up Tool? 

You can use the Rypstick before a round, but you are better off setting your training days for the days that you do not play a round of golf. Many people who use the Rypstick for the first time are surprised by how much of a workout it is. 

It’s harder to swing than you may realize, and that can become a bit frustrating if you make it to the course and your muscles are tired. 

Try to work after a round or on your off days so that you can see the most effective results. 

What Makes Rypstick Different Than Other Speed Trainers? 

Rystick lets you swing both lighter and heavier than your driver. The concept is that when you start swinging with your driver again, you will be stronger and capable of moving your body faster. 

So many swing speed trainers are sold without a training program. 

The Rypstick program provides an app that lets you stay on track with your speed training and your progress. You’ll input the speeds that you are getting and really start to see how these things impact your game. 

I’ll warn you that sometimes there are some swing adjustments that come with adjusting your speed. If you are hitting shots with an open clubface and now you start hitting shots with an open clubface at a higher speed – the ball will go more offline. 


  • A simple system doesn’t take long to learn 
  • Completely guided program 
  • Created by a golf teaching professional who saw the need in the market 
  • Comes in different sizes based on player height and ability 


  • You need a radar that must be purchased separately 
  • It will increase your speed, but your fundaments still need to be correct to get a great distance 

Rypstick Models and Options 

The Rypstick comes in several different models. The standard men’s is 45 inches, so the same size as a driver. The ladies and the seniors are an inch shorter. Rystick also makes a junior model at 41 inches. 

Finally, they have what is called an indoor model. The indoor model is for golfers who do a majority of their proactive indoors. With ceiling height restrictions, it can be difficult to have a club that is 45 inches long. The indoor model is 38 inches long, making it a bit more versatile for any player. 

Who Should Buy The Rypstick? 

The Rypstick is for any golfer looking to increase speed in their game. If you are a new player or you have enjoyed golf for the last 50 years, it really doesn’t matter. The most important thing about Rypstick is that you plan to use it. 

If you are dedicated to investing anywhere from 30 minutes to 50 minutes a week in speed training, you will love this device. 

One of the things we loved about the Rypstick is that its benefits aren’t just for the best players in the game. Regardless of your handicap, the Rypstick can work for you. That’s not something that can be said about all golf training devices. 

Our Take 

Most amateur golfers choose to increase swing speed by swinging harder and faster. Although we cant knock this as a way to increase speed its certainly not the safest way to get it done. 

Many times, players get hurt on their way to increasing speed. With the Rypstick training program, that won’t happen. You can learn to increase your speed the right way and gain yardage without a trip to the chiropractor. 

It’s a good device. It isn’t cheap, but look at it this way: you had no trouble purchasing the $600 driver that was supposed to get you 5 more yards. 

For $199, Rypstick offers you 10 to 25 more yards throughout the bag. 

It’s a pretty good trade off. 

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