TaylorMade Qi10 vs TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver Comparison

Each year, TaylorMade introduces a groundbreaking line of drivers, and following the Stealth 2 last year, the spotlight is now on the much-discussed Qi10. For many players, the dilemma lies in choosing between these two models and weighing the $100 price difference to access the latest technology.

To streamline your decision-making process, we’ve consolidated all the vital information into one comprehensive comparison.

From evaluating the sound, look, and feel of the two heads to exploring forgiveness features, distance potential, and key technologies, our in-depth analysis aims to equip you with the insights needed to make an informed decision.

In this review, we will delve into the distinctive aspects of both drivers, providing key takeaways and a final recommendation.

This guide is designed to simplify the complexity of choosing between the Stealth 2 and Qi10, ensuring you invest your money wisely for an enhanced golfing experience.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver

Unveiled in 2023, the TaylorMade Stealth 2 driver redefined forgiveness, boasting exceptional playability, high launch, and remarkable distance off the tee. With four available lofts (8, 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees, depending on the selected driver head), these drivers cater to a range of player preferences.

Marking the second generation of the Stealth family, the Stealth 2 driver perfected the use of the 60x Carbon twist face—a groundbreaking technology previously unseen in the golf industry. This innovation contributed to an increase in forgiveness as TaylorMade was able to take weight away from the face and play it lower and further back in the club to raise MOI.

The Stealth 2 drivers are available in both right-hand and left-hand models, except the 12-degree loft, exclusively designed for right-handed players. Notably, the driver’s length is 45.75 inches, teetering on the edge of the 46-inch limit set by the rules of golf.

TaylorMade Qi10 Driver

Renowned for its legacy as a distance leader, TaylorMade has been synonymous with pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable regarding speed.

However, with the introduction of the Qi10 series, a notable shift that started with the Stealth is underway as TaylorMade places a heightened emphasis on forgiveness, deviating from its traditional focus on sheer distance.

In a strategic departure, the Qi10 series positions itself at the forefront of forgiveness among current driver lines in the market, consisting of the regular head, the max head, and the LS head.

The regular Qi10 driver offers players an optimal balance of forgiveness and distance, the Max head gives players even more forgiveness while sacrificing some distance, and the LS head gives better players a longer driver that doesn’t offer quite as much forgiveness.

The regular Qi10 is available in 9 and 10.5 degrees of loft for all players, while right-handers also have access to a 12-degree head. They play at a stock swing weight of D4 and a stock length of 45.75 inches.

Sound, Look, and Feel Comparison

1. Head Design:

  • Both drivers feature a traditional-looking head that sits very square at address, providing a classic and familiar setup for players.
  • The only noticeable difference is in the transition from the crown to the face. The Qi10 has a seamless flow, with the crown blending into the face through a white alignment stripe. In contrast, the Stealth 2 has a centimeter-thick aluminum stripe separating the crown from the face.

2. Crown Finish:

  • Both drivers share a glossy finish on their crowns, contributing to a sleek and polished aesthetic.

3. Stock Colors:

  • The stock Stealth 2 is available in red and black, providing a bold and distinctive look.
  • The stock Qi10 offers a broader range of colors, including black, blue, and yellow. This includes an entirely blue face which stands out much differently than the red face on the Stealth.
  • Currently, the Stealth 2 is only available in its stock colorway but Taylormade has released a designer series of the Qi10 as well which gives players four additional color choices which making a purchase: Black Out, Gold Dust, Cobalt Blue, and Ruby Red.

4. Sound and Feel:

  • According to extensive testing by our team, both drivers produce a mid-pitch crack at impact, offering a satisfying auditory experience for players.
  • The feel was reported to be almost identical between the two drivers, with good feedback on both center strikes and off-center hits. Players can expect consistent performance and responsiveness from either model.

5. Evolution from Original Stealth Driver:

  • Both the Stealth 2 and Qi10 demonstrate a notable improvement in sound and feel compared to the original Stealth driver. The introduction of a carbon face in the original model paved the way for advancements, and these improvements seem to have been carried over to both the Stealth 2 and Qi10.

In summary, while the Stealth 2 and Qi10 drivers share some common features such as a traditional head design, glossy crown finish, and similar sound and feel, they differentiate themselves through the design details, color options, and the transition from the crown to the face.

Overall, we are giving the edge here to the Qi10 for its extremely clean look at setup and its bold free flowing crown and alignment stripe.


  1. Overall Forgiveness:
    • The testing conducted by our team showed that both the Stealth 2 and Qi10 drivers are highly forgiving, keeping off-center shots in play while still creating lots of distance.
  2. Weighting Technology:
    • Both drivers incorporate advanced back and perimeter weighting technology, contributing to increased Moment of Inertia (MOI). This design enhances stability and forgiveness by minimizing the negative effects of mishits.
  3. Crown Design Impact on Forgiveness:
    • The Qi10 takes forgiveness to the next level with its innovative crown design. Unlike the Stealth 2, the Qi10 features a free-flowing carbon crown that seamlessly connects to the clubface without the interruption of a centimeter-thick strip of aluminum.
    • The removal of this aluminum strip in the Qi10’s crown allows for a redistribution of weight, optimizing the club’s center of gravity (CG) and enhancing forgiveness.
  4. Moment of Inertia (MOI):
    • The Qi10 boasts an impressive 10,000 MOI, making it the most forgiving driver ever created by TaylorMade. This high MOI value showed in our testing that the Qi10 is exceptionally resistant to twisting on off-center hits, providing players with maximum forgiveness and stability.

Both the Stealth 2 and Qi10 drivers exhibit great forgiveness, thanks to their advanced weighting technologies. However, the Qi10 distinguishes itself by introducing a free-flowing crown design that not only enhances the visual aesthetics but also allows for weight redistribution, resulting in the most forgiving driver TaylorMade has ever built.


Below are some actual numbers from testing, both drivers are very similar:

DriverClub SpeedBall SpeedCarryTotal
Stealth 2111.2162.6264.4283
The same shaft and grip were used on both clubs.

As you can see, even though the Qi10 is designed with forgiveness in mind, TaylorMade still did a great job at increasing ball speed and distance. Most of this can be attributed to added forgiveness on off-center hits as those shots still got out there with good distance compared to the Stealth 2.

Shared Key Technologies

The Qi10 and Stealth 2 share a lot of the same key technologies that make them both a great driver.

60x Carbon Twist Face

Utilizing the third generation of 60X Carbon Twist Face®, the Qi10 driver incorporates a significantly lighter face compared to traditional titanium constructions.

This engineering advancement results in a reduction of forward weight, maximizing energy transfer at impact. The lighter face allows TaylorMade to redistribute weight lower and farther back on the club to increase MOI.

An evolved support structure of the Carbon Face Technology effectively bonds the face and protects ball speeds, ensuring consistent performance across the clubface.

Through Slot Speed Pocket

A Through Slot Speed Pocket is located behind the club face. This pocket plays a crucial role in maintaining ball speed, especially on off-center and low-face strikes. By strategically placing the Through Slot Speed Pocket, the driver ensures that even mis-hits deliver consistent and reliable ball speeds.

This technology contributes to overall forgiveness and performance, making the Qi10 a reliable choice for golfers seeking precision and playability in their drives.

Adjustable Loft Sleeve

This innovative technology allows players to fine-tune the loft and face angle with a 4° loft sleeve. The flexibility provided by the Adjustable Loft Sleeve empowers golfers to customize their driver settings, optimizing performance according to their preferences and play style. Additionally, the sleeve allows for an upright setting, providing further customization options to cater to individual preferences.

It is important to note that increasing loft using this feature will slightly close the face and decreasing loft will slightly open the face.

Unique Stealth 2 Key Technologies

In this matchup, the Stealth 2 does not include any features that the Qi10 leaves off making it an extremely smooth transition from 2023 to 2024 for TaylorMade.

Unique Qi10 Key Technologies

The unique feature that sets the Qi10 driver apart is the infinity carbon crown which is what helps it add forgiveness for 2024.

Infinity Carbon Crown

The Regular Qi10 driver features an Infinity Carbon Crown that covers an impressive 97% of the total crown area. This design offers a strategic advantage by redistributing mass effectively, leading to enhanced forgiveness.

At address, the Infinity Carbon Crown provides a sleek and clean view, complemented by subtle alignment cues. This not only contributes to a visually appealing driver but also sets the stage for increased confidence and success on the course.

Key Takeaways

  1. Stealth 2 Driver:
    • Unveiled in 2023, the Stealth 2 driver marked a significant advancement in forgiveness, playability, and distance.
    • The 60x Carbon Twist Face technology contributed to increased forgiveness by redistributing weight and optimizing the club’s center of gravity.
  2. Qi10 Driver:
    • The Qi10 series represents a strategic shift for TaylorMade towards heightened forgiveness, deviating from the traditional emphasis on sheer distance.
    • The Qi10 introduces the Infinity Carbon Crown, covering 97% of the total crown area, contributing to enhanced forgiveness through strategic weight redistribution.
  3. Sound, Look, and Feel:
    • Both drivers feature a traditional-looking head with a square setup at address.
    • The Qi10’s free-flowing crown and clean alignment stripe set it apart visually, with a broader range of stock color options compared to the Stealth 2.
    • Sound and feel are almost identical between the two drivers, producing a mid-pitch crack and offering good feedback on center and off-center hits.
  4. Forgiveness:
    • Both drivers are highly forgiving, benefiting from advanced back and perimeter weighting technology.
    • The Qi10’s innovative crown design, with an absence of a centimeter-thick aluminum strip, allows for weight redistribution, resulting in an impressive 10,000 MOI—the highest ever for TaylorMade.
  5. Distance:
    • Actual testing showed that both drivers are very similar in terms of club speed, ball speed, carry, and total distance.
    • The Qi10, designed with forgiveness in mind, still delivers excellent ball speed and distance, showcasing TaylorMade’s commitment to improvement for 2024 in all areas.
  6. Shared Key Technologies:
    • Both drivers share key technologies, including the 60x Carbon Twist Face, Through Slot Speed Pocket, and Adjustable Loft Sleeve, contributing to consistent ball speed, forgiveness, and customizable performance.
  7. Unique Qi10 Key Technology:
    • The Qi10 stands out with the introduction of the Infinity Carbon Crown, covering 97% of the crown area and contributing to enhanced forgiveness through strategic weight redistribution.


  • While the Stealth 2 remains a very good driver for most players, the Qi10 is superior in all aspects, with the Infinity Carbon Crown setting it apart as TaylorMade’s most forgiving driver ever.
  • The $100 price difference is justified by the Qi10’s advancements, making it a worthwhile investment for golfers seeking the latest technology and maximum forgiveness while still picking up some distance.
  • The clean look at setup, bold design, exceptional forgiveness, and consistent distance make the Qi10 the preferred choice for players looking to improve off-the-tee in 2024.
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