Ping G425 Max Driver Review

The Ping G425 driver may not be the newest release to the market, but it still has plenty of relevant technology to consider in your search for a new driver.

When we tried the Ping G425 driver when it first came out, it was one of our favorites ever from Ping. Even as the new Ping G430 and G430 Max 10K have come to market, we still recommend players look at purchasing the G425.

In our Ping G425 review, we will show you what to expect from the Ping G425, why it’s such a great club, and exactly who should have one in the bag. 

Ping G425 Max Driver: TLDR

The G425 from Ping is not the newest driver in the lineup, but it’s still one of the best they ever made.

If you can find one of these in the specifications you need you’ll save money but be left with a club that produces long distance drives with plenty of accuracy.

As much as we love the consistency here, the feel really sets Ping apart. When you get a good one, there’s nothing quite like it. 


The Ping G425 Max is a highly advanced driver featuring adjustability, increased MOI and an optimized CG.

Even if it’s not a release in 2024, it still has many of the same technological components we see in the latest drivers from Ping. 

  • 26 gram Tungsten Movable weight with a setting for neutral draw or fade 
  • Dragonfly Crown Technology improves overall forgiveness 
  • T9S+ Forged face allows for very high ball speeds and extra distance 
  • Aerodynamic Design with Turbulators reduces the drag and makes it easier to increase your swing speed 
  • Trajectory Tuning 2.0 features an adjustable hosel sleeve in addition to the movable weight 

What Makes The Ping G425 Max Driver Worth It? 

When we test drivers, we form our own opinions. However, before testing the Ping G425, it was hard not to hear all of the chatter about this being one of the best clubs Ping has put on the market. After testing, we see why! 

Forgiveness Mixed With Feel 

Forgiveness in a driver is great. However, a really forgiving driver that has a poor feel or sound can make the playing experience much less enjoyable.

You won’t find that problem with the Ping G425 driver. 

It’s easy to hit this consistently down the center of the fairway without having to sacrifice feel or forgiveness. 

Consistent Distance – Not Just Distance 

I’m not a huge fan of a driver that gives you 30 yards more with one drive than it does with the next. The Ping G425 will give you consistent distance.

With consistent distance you should have an easier time with course management. 

There’s something nice about hitting each shot 250 yards instead of one 255 and the rest 235. 

Better Pricing 

The Ping G425 has dropped in price from its initial release. This is rare in the Ping clubs.

It takes them a while to drop the pricing so if you see a Ping driver for less than $500 or in this case less than $400, it’s a great time to purchase. 

A Model for Every Player 

The Ping G425 Max may be considered the standard model. However, there are other options out there, depending on the type of player you are.

The G425 LST is the pro model; it has low spin and a smaller clubhead for workability. The SFT is the straight flight option that helps to correct a slice and hit your golf shot down the center. 

FeatureG425 MAXG425 LSTG425 SFT
DescriptionMost forgiving, suitable for allLow spin Corrects a slice with draw bias
Head Size460ccSmaller, around 445cc460cc
WeightMovable 26-gram tungstenFixed weight, low spinFixed 23-gram tungsten, draw bias
Loft Options9°, 10.5°, 12°9°, 10.5°10.5°, 12°
Target PlayerAll levelsPlayers needing low spinPlayers correcting a slice

How Does The Ping G425 Compare to the Ping G430? 

The Ping G430 has a few upgrades to it that you don’t find in the Ping G425. Improvements were made to the sound and feel (which we thought were pretty good in the G425).

In addition, the clubhead now features more carbon to help improve MOI. 

If you haven’t upgraded your driver in a very long time, the Ping G425 is a great upgrade.

If you have something just a few years old, it may make sense to go with the G430 to get slightly newer technology. 


Aside from the fact that this is no longer a new release, the Ping G425 has mostly positives: 

  • High forgiveness 
  • More distance with the forged face and turbulators 
  • Customizable trajectory 
  • Pricing has recently dropped 
  • Great sound and feel 


Here are some negatives we found when testing the Ping G425.” 

  • It’s not the best choice for those looking for an extremely lightweight clubhead 
  • Some players don’t like the look of the Turbulators (they didn’t bother us) 

Who Should Play The Ping G425 Max Driver? 

The Ping G425 driver can work for a variety of players. The perfect golfer for this club is the average player. If you are in the 12 to 20 handicap range, the Ping G425 Max was made for you. 

Golfers looking for more accuracy, the Ping G425 is really easy to keep in the fairway, even if your swing is not perfect. 

Anyone who needs adjustability, the highly adjustable club head of the Ping G425 makes it a great fit if you are working on improving your game. If your handicap fluctuates, the G425 will help ensure you reach your goals. 

All golfers are looking for consistency in performance from the tee. One straight drive is good, but when they can all end up in the middle of the fairway, that’s a game changer. 

Final Thoughts 

The Ping G425 driver is a great club. If I had to put this one in my bag to play with it, the decision would be easy. If your driver is more than 7 years old and you want to introduce some new technology this season, this is the club to go with. You’ll find better launch, more consistency, and greater distance. 

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