Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

The Callaway Mavrik driver has recently dropped in price making it one ofthe more affordable options on the market. While the price is down and thre is still some inventory, this is a good one to grab.

We tested the Callaway Mavrik and put it in the bag for a while. Even though it’s not the latest release to the market, it holds it’s own against the newest golf drivers in the game. 

Callaway Mavrik TLDR

The Callaway Mavrik Driver features Artificial Intelligence-designed Flash Face SS20. The club delivers ultra-fast ball speeds across a larger area of the face. It just recently took a significant drop in price and it makes a smart purchase if you are looking to upgrade an older driver. 


The most important technological advancement in the Callaway Mavrik driver can be attributed to AI. With AI, Callaway has been able to test out a number of different designs and technologies in the clubhead and settle on what works best for the amateur player. 

A few of these include Flash Fase SS20, Traxial Carbon Fabric and more. Here are the basics of the Callaway driver technology and what you should know about it. 

  • Flash Face SS20: A.I. designed for increased ball speeds and expanded sweet spot.
  • Cyclone Aero Shape: Reduces drag for faster clubhead speeds and a shallower, flat-crowned silhouette.
  • FS2S Titanium Face: Enhances speed, forgiveness, and spin performance.
  • Jailbreak Technology: The famous Jailbreak remained in the Mavrik release. It helps stabilize and stiffen the face at impact to create a bit more power. 
  • Triaxial Carbon Fabric (TC2): Improves MOI, aiding distance and accuracy on mis-hits.
  • Acoustic A.I. Design: Internal titanium rib system fine-tunes sound and feel.

What Makes the Callaway Mavrik Worth It?

Now that we’ve got the technology out of the way, let’s look more at what it was like to hit the Mavrik. I’ve never been a major fan of Callaway drivers as I didn’t feel that they offered the same distance found in other clubs. 

The Callaway Mavrik changed my mind about that. In addition, the later releases like the Paradym and Paradym Ai Smoke have continued to push the distance factor, helping you get even more yards from the tee. 

AI Technology Helped Increase Distance and Forgiveness Simultaneously 

Callaway was one of the first to head down the AI road, and it certainly paid off. The Mavrik will help players increase distance and forgiveness at the same time. Even with the new Paradym being a little longer, the Mavrik still competes with the best in the game. 

It Sits A Little Open But Hit’s Straight 

One thing we noticed about the Callaway Mavrik is that it sits just a little open at address. Even when you adjust the clubhead a bit, the clubhead still sits open. The good news here is that the golf balls does not go right, you just have to get used to the look of the clubhead. For mid to low handicap players it may actually be preferred. 

It’s Adjustable and Fairly Priced 

The Callaway Mavrik driver is adjustable so you can easily set it to match the specifics of your game. If you are on a budget and need to upgrade your driver, this is a club you should be thinking about.

The Feel is Great 

If you think feel in a driver doesn’t matter all that much, think again. A driver with a hollow or harsh feel can really cause you to change your aggressiveness and make poor adjustments to your swing. We liked the sound and the feel of the Callaway Mavrik. 

If you can find a matching fairway wood, it has very similar feel and sound and transitions really nicely from the driver. On the shorter par 4’s or approach shots to longer holes the Callaway Mavrik line can give you the confidence you need. 


  • Enhanced ball speed and a larger sweet spot with an A.I.-designed face.
  • Improved aerodynamics for increased clubhead speed.
  • Superior forgiveness and spin control.
  • High MOI for consistent performance on off-center hits.
  • Exceptional sound and feel tailored by acoustic engineering.


  • Newer Paradym may go a little further 
  • May only come with stock shaft options since it’s an older model 

What’s New With The Callaway Mavrik Driver?

The Mavrik brought some new technology to the market when it first came out. If you have an older Callaway driver, here are a few things that you will benefit from by making the switch to the Mavrik. 

  • New A.I.-designed Flash Face SS20 for better speed and forgiveness.
  • Cyclone Aero shaping helps to reduce drag and increase overall speed. 
  • Enhanced Jailbreak Technology for added ball speed.
  • Advanced acoustic design for superior sound and feel.

Who Should Buy The Callaway Mavrik Driver?

The Callaway Mavrik is a great mid handicapper driver but it also works for both low and high handicappers. Here are a few examples where you will benefit the most. 

  • If you need to hit the ball in the center more: if your driver tends to trail off to the right of the fairway, the forgiveness in the Mavrik will help you straighten things out. 
  • You are a lower handicap player that doesn’t want to spend $550 on a new driver: low handicap players will like that the Mavrik is actually somewhat workable. 
  • New golfers trying to build out a great set: the Mavrik is the perfect first driver and it’s now offered at a price that makes sense for the beginner player. 
  • High handicap golfers: Yes, the Mavrik is versatile enough to work for the higher handicap golfers as well. 

Final Thoughts

The Callaway Mavrik Driver is a testament to Callaway’s commitment to innovation and performance. Offering a mix of speed, forgiveness, the Mavrik stands out as a top choice for golfers aiming to elevate their game. Its technology-driven design works for both low and high handicapper golfers. The key here is that the pricing has dropped, but the technology remains just as relevant. Grab one of these while you still have the chance. You won’t regret it. 

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