Best Golf Balls for Low Swing Speed – Tested On Course 

It’s one thing to put a golf ball on a launch monitor and collect data; it’s another to get some information about this golf ball on the golf course.

We always feel like there’s a lot of pressure to pick the best golf balls.

There are so many options out there, and each one can have a significant impact on your game.

We took these golf balls to the course, tested them against data, and found the best golf balls for low swing speed players. 

What Are The Best Golf Balls for Low Swing Speed Golfers? 

If you don’t have time to read through our entire guide, here are the best golf balls for low swing speed golfers.

We broke these up into categories that are the easiest to understand when choosing your next box of golf balls. 

  • Bridgestone Tour BRXS- Best Low Spin 
  • Titleist Pro V1x- Best High Spin 
  • Vice Pro Plus- Best Driver Distance
  • Callaway SuperSoft – Best Iron Distance
  • TaylorMade TP5 – Best Wedge Spin 
  • Maxfli Tour S – Best Value 
  • TaylorMade Tour Response – Good Feel and Performance for the Price 

Bridgestone Tour BRXS – Best for Low Spin

Bridgestone Golf Ball
Best Low Spin

The Bridgestone Tour BRXS is a three piece golf ball with a soft urethane cover, known for helping to increase distance.

It’s a lower compression ball – the core specifically is low compression making it easier even for low swing speeds to get those extra yards of roll.

Good distance even with slower swing speeds
Soft cover helps with greenside control
Not high spinning on iron shots – some may roll through the green


The Srixon Soft feel is a cheaper low compression soft feel golf ball that could work instead of the Bridgestone Tour BRXS.

In our experience the Bridgestone does give you a more premium greenside feel and a little more distance off the tee.

Whos’ It For: If distance is your main concern and you want all the roll, you’ll like the low spinning Bridgestone Tour BRXS. Another perk here, and what you get for the extra cost – is a softer greenside feel. 

Titleist Pro V1x – Best High Spin

Titleist ProV1
Best High Spin

The Titleist Pro V1x is known to be one of the best golf balls in the game.

However, you don’t often hear about it being a good choice for the slower swing speed players.

If you want more distance, you need a slightly higher compression, and if you want spin, you need this premium spin control offered in the Pro V1x.

I’ll warn you: the distance you get with your irons will be impacted. 

Excellent spin control around the green
Premium tour level performance
Priced higher
Extra spin may exaggerate some errors off the tee


If the Pro V1x is a little more expensive than you want to spend, or you are worried that this ball is too advanced for your game, try the Wilson Staff Duo Professional.

It’s not the same as a Pro V1x, but you do get some better greenside spin.

Who’s It For: If your swing speed is low but you still want lots of spin and that premium professional feel on the course – this is your golf ball. 

Vice Pro Plus – Best Driver Distance

Vice Pro Plus
Best Driver Distance

The number one complaint of low swing speed golfers is their driver distance. It’s just hard to get distance when you don’t swing the club all that fast.

The Vice Pro Plus may fix that for you.

This is a four piece golf ball with a dual casing for extra distance and a lower trajectory. It’s designed to maximize distance but it does have some greenside spin. 

Strong distance off the tee
Also, there is decent distance on the irons
Great price point compared to other premium golf balls
It’s a little firm
Not the highest spinning ball on wedge shots


If the Vice Pro Plus isn’t a good fit, the Titleist AVX also offers some great distance off the tee.

It’s a little more expensive but focuses on the same concept of lower spin, lower trajectory, and more distance. 

Who’s It For: We were impressed when we tested these Vice Pro Plus golf balls. In fact, some of them compared very closely to the most premium golf balls in the game.

The covers hold up well, so we will call this a great value golf ball with tons of distance from the tee. 

Callaway SuperSoft – Best Distance Irons

Callaway SuperSoft

Callaway SuperSoft are very affordable golf balls with an ultra-low compression core.

Essentially, this is one of those golf balls that it’s no surprise that it’s for slower swing speed players.

The SuperSoft has a very soft feel on all shots, and it’s really easy to get extra iron distance with this ball in place. 


  • Very soft feel 
  • Improved greenside control 
  • Long distance on iron shots 


  • Some golfers find it too soft on the greens 
  • It is not as long off the tee as other golf balls 


The Bridgestone e6 is known for its soft feel and straight distance. It’s a good choice for an alternative to the SuperSoft and it doesn’t feel quite as soft. With this one, you may also get a little more distance from the tee. 

Who’s It For: Not all distance golf balls will maximize your distance on the iron shots. If you want something that works for adding distance on those iron approach shots, the Callaway Supersoft is a great choice. 

TaylorMade TP5 – Best Wedge Spin

TP5 pix

If you are a low swing speed golfer who struggles to get the ball to respond and stop the way you want it to, maybe a five piece golf ball like the TaylorMade TP5 is what your game is missing.

This golf ball features a dual-spin cover that really helps its responsiveness around the green.

The TP5 also has a softer feel which only helps improve the responsiveness and your ability to adjust on the course. 


  • High level spin with wedges 
  • Feel and performance from 150 yards and in 


  • Premium price golf ball 
  • Spins a lot, even on the driver! 


If the TP5 provides too much spin, consider Callaway Chrome Soft. It still has great greenside performance and a slightly softer feel. 

Who’s It For: If you struggle to stop the shorter shots around the green, try switching to a great wedge spin ball like the TP5 and see if it does the trick. Just pay close attention to how it impacts your tee shots. 

Maxfli Tour S – Best Value

Best Value

The Maxfli Tour S is the best value golf ball for low-swing-speed players. It offers an impressive distance off the tee and even comes with a soft urethane cover, which is more expensive than most urethane-cover balls.

Spin rates here are about average around the greens and low enough from the tee to get you enough distance. 

Very good value for what you get
Soft feel
Impressive spin rates for the price
More of a good all-around ball instead of a top performer in any one category


Another great value golf ball that we found for the low swing speed players was the Kirkland Signauture Performance. It’s a cost-effective ball, some people compare it to the Pro V1, and it’s a smart choice for any amateur player on a budget. 

Who’s It For: If you are a low swing speed player who has never paid all that much attention to the golf ball you play with, you may want to invest in something like the Maxfli Tour S. THe golf ball offers tremendous benefit, we were very impressed with the feel and it’s a fair price. 

TaylorMade Tour Response

TaylorMade Tour Response

The TaylorMade Tour REsponse doesn’t have a perfect category that we can fit it into.

Instead, we found it to be good enough to earn a spot for feel and overall performance. At first, we were a little skeptical, considering TaylorMade golf balls don’t always perform as well as Titleist.

However, this three-piece ball features a soft urethane cover, impressive control, and a great feel. 


  • Excellent green side control for a 3 piece ball 
  • Soft feel 
  • Alignment aid option on the golf ball 
  • Fair pricing 


  • It won’t spin as much as the TP5 
  • Longer with the irons than with the driver 


You may also want to consider the Srixon Z Star if you want this all-around balance of feel and distance with great feel. It’s worth the price. 

Who’s It For: If you don’t quite have the budget for the TP5 but want a softer ball that offers decent spin around the greens, this one will do the trick. 

Final Thoughts 

Any slow swing speed golfer could easily put any one of these golf balls into play and see some benefits in their game.

The key is to narrow down exactly the area of your game that needs the most help and pick a golf ball that really focuses on that area.

You’ll be surprised how much 5 or 10 yards of distance, or a little extra spin can impact your golf game. 

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