TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood Review

Fairway woods are some of the most challenging, yet satisfying clubs to hit in the bag. Even as a former college player and plus handicap, sometimes I struggle to find success when hitting my three wood.

They’re a staple in golf bags, often sticking around longer than other clubs due to the challenge of finding a replacement you truly feel confident with. That’s why I tend to explore older models first.

Fairway wood innovation doesn’t leap forward as quickly as driver tech, and if you’re struggling with your current three wood, why not experiment with a more affordable option?

So, I took the TaylorMade M4 fairway wood for a spin to see if its budget-friendly price compromised its performance compared to newer models like the Qi10.

This review covers everything from its sound, appearance, and feel to its forgiveness, specifications, and key features. Finally, I’ll share my verdict on whether it’s a worthwhile addition to your bag in 2024, offering savings without sacrificing quality.

TaylorMade M4 Fairway Woods

Making it to the market in 2018, the M4 fairway came with the slogan of, “straight distance.”

Offering slightly more forgiveness than its M3 counterpart, the M4 is designed for both pros and recreational players alike, giving them a perfect blend of speed and precision do to twist face and speed pocket technology.

This club is so popular that it is currently out of stock on TaylorMade’s website but can still be found at other golf retailers. For just $199.99, as you will see below, this is one of the best fairway woods I and our team have ever tested.

Sound, Look, and Feel

The appearance of the M4 fairway wood is purposeful.

Its silver and black crown design exudes simplicity while serving a functional role. I enjoyed the silver strip behind the club face, paired with a small indentation and the iconic TaylorMade logo behind the sweet spot. This configuration ensures a consistent setup with each swing without thinking about it.

Contrasting with the predominantly carbon black crown, a subtle red strip at the rear catches the eye, aiding in mental alignment and facilitating a smooth backswing.

At address, the head sits remarkably square while the face strikes a balance, appearing deep enough to deliver power yet shallow enough to make me feel like I can get the ball airborne from any lie.

Turning the club over reveals a subtly designed sole, showcasing the signature colors of the M4 – red, black, and white – along with the prominent M4 logo. Unlike its predecessor, the M3 fairway wood, the M4 opts for simplicity, omitting a weight track.

When it comes to sound, the M4 fairway wood delivers a sensation akin to striking a wooden baseball bat – resonant, authoritative, and deeply satisfying. This is from TaylorMade’s innovative Geocoustic technology, a fusion of precise head geometry and advanced acoustical engineering.

In terms of feel, the M4 fairway wood offers a remarkably solid feel for a 2018 club upon impact.

Center strikes undoubtedly felt great while off-center hits gave the feedback that I needed without hurting my confidence which can be attributed to the club’s long speed pocket and split internal weighting. The only time the feel left this club was when I got way out towards the heel or toe which is to be expected.

Overall, even compared to the newest fairway wood on the market, I think the M4 stacks up with them when it comes down to sound, look, and feel.


The slogan of “straight distance” holds true for the M4 fairway.

Due to the twist face technology, which helps shot hit high in the toe and low in the heel, curve back in play more often, I found that even mishits went straight.

In combination with this, the speed pocket and split internal weighting produced extremely consistent spin and launch angles, even on off-center strikes.

Is is the longer fairway wood I have ever tested? No — but I think it is up there with the newest on the market as far as straightness, forgiveness, and consistency.


HeadNumberLoftHandLieVolumeLengthSwing Weight
M4 Fairway315°RH/LH60°176cc43.25″D3
M4 Fairway518°RH/LH60.5°156cc42.25″D3
With this club being six years old, they just have the two most popular loft options available.
FlexWeightTorqueTip SizeLaunchSpinTip Stiffness
Stock shaft option for the M4 on TaylorMade’s website – more options available at affiliate.

Key Technologies

Twist Face

The Twist Face technology redefines the face curvature of the M4 driver to mitigate common mis-hits. Through extensive analysis of shot data, TaylorMade identified that most players tend to miss the center low in the heel or high in the toe. By increasing the face curvature in these areas, the Twist Face promotes straighter shots and minimizes the negative effects of off-center hits.

Speed Pocket and Split Internal Weighting

This innovation enables engineers to craft a thinner face while maintaining stability, resulting in faster ball speeds across a larger sweet spot. By optimizing the face’s flex, the Speed Slot ensures consistent performance even on off-center hits, providing golfers with greater forgiveness and distance.

Geocoustic Sound Technology

Geocoustic Technology revolutionizes the sound and feel of the M4 Hybrid. By curving the recessed section of the club’s sole, this design stiffens the sole structure, eliminating the need for internal ribs. As a result, the Geocoustic sole produces a crisp, satisfying sound upon impact and enhances the overall feel of the club.

Key Takeaways

  • Fairway woods, including the TaylorMade M4, present both challenge and satisfaction in hitting, even for experienced players.
  • The longevity of fairway woods in golf bags often stems from the difficulty in finding replacements that instill confidence, leading players to explore older models first.
  • Despite the rapid advancements in driver technology, fairway wood innovation progresses at a slower pace, making affordable options like the TaylorMade M4 worth considering.
  • The TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood, introduced in 2018 with the slogan “straight distance,” offers forgiveness and precision suitable for both professional and recreational players.
  • Its design features, including the Twist Face, Speed Pocket, and Split Internal Weighting technologies, contribute to straighter shots and consistent performance, even on off-center hits.
  • The club’s appearance, with a purposeful silver and black crown design, exudes simplicity and functionality, aiding in consistent setup and alignment.
  • The Geocoustic Sound Technology delivers a resonant, authoritative sound upon impact, enhancing the overall feel and satisfaction of hitting the M4 Fairway Wood.
  • While newer models may offer incremental improvements, the TaylorMade M4 stands out for its balance of performance, forgiveness, and affordability, making it a compelling choice for golfers seeking a reliable fairway wood.


I can not recommend the M4 Fairway Wood enough, especially for the price.

After testing this club I truly think it is one of the best designs TaylorMade has ever built. Between its consistent launch and spin to its forgiveness, for $199.99, you will not find a better deal on the market.

Patrick Stephenson
Patrick Stephenson

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