Winter Swing Speed Challenge and Stack Swing Speed System Comprehensive Review

I am sure by now that you have seen the Stack swing speed system made famous by PGA Tour player Matthew Fitzpatrick after his win at the 2022 US Open.

Fitzy is not a big guy and he is still not the longest on tour coming in at 68th yards per drive for the 2022-2023 season. Granted he still hits it far averaging 304.1 yards per drive.

Since he made this debut on the PGA Tour Matt has been getting faster and longer each season and a large thanks to that lately has been thanks to his Stack swing speed training system.

In the 2018-2019 season, he carried an average club speed of 112.96 MPH which has since been increased to 116.97 MPH this season. This impressive feat is a testament to his unmatched work ethic and 21st-century technology.

As a former Division One college player and current +2.8 handicap still interested in competing at a high amateur level, I too am not a big guy coming in at just 5’7” and weighing just 160 pounds.

With the impending golf ball rollback in our future, I went out to purchase the stack system to increase my club head speed. I will be documenting my progress here over the next few months so you can see if it might be worth purchasing for yourself.

In this introductory article, I will be outlining what the Stack System is, what my current club and ball speed numbers look like, and what else I plan on doing in addition to the stack system to increase my speed.

What Is The Stack System?

Similar to speed sticks The Stack system features a weighted club that you swing using while getting speed readings from a nearby radar. I use the PRGR monitor which is remarkably accurate for under $300.

A yearly subscription also gets you access to The Stack’s cutting-edge app that tells you exactly when and what to do to get results.

The Stack Swing Speed Trainer, available as a Hardware + App Bundle for $349, is not just a product; it’s a result of meticulous research and development. The Stack Hardware includes 5 milled Stack weights, offering 30 weight combinations ranging from 0g to 300g.

This versatile system provides golfers with a customizable and effective approach to speed training.

The Brains Behind the Technology

At the forefront of this groundbreaking system is Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, golf’s leading biomechanist, renowned for his research and evidence-based approach to golf instruction and movement training.

As the mastermind behind the Stack System, Dr. MacKenzie employs the same tools, techniques, and nuances that he uses to train top-tier Tour players. His specialization in speed generation biomechanics sets the foundation for this innovative training methodology.

Working in collaboration with Marty Jertson, Ping’s VP of fitting and performance, TheStack is a comprehensive swing speed training system that empowers golfers to maximize their distance and enhance their clubhead speed.

Jertson, an accomplished engineer and co-founder of The Stack, brings his expertise to the table, having played in multiple Major Championships and recognizing the importance of driving the ball both long and straight.

For golf enthusiasts considering TheStack, the benefits are impressive. Marty Jertson notes that the average new user gains 6 mph in clubhead speed within six weeks, translating to a remarkable 15-20 yards of added distance.

The commitment required is minimal – just 15-20 minutes with the system, 2-3 times per week. After the initial six weeks, the app software guides users into a new program to sustain and further enhance their progress.

TheStack isn’t limited by age; it caters to all golfers, from juniors to seniors. Jertson himself attests to its effectiveness, estimating a substantial 10 mph increase in ball speed.

With its roots in biomechanics, scientific research, and the practical experience of top-notch golf professionals, TheStack Swing Speed System stands out as a comprehensive and proven approach to unlocking your full potential on the golf course.

Current Baselines

To hold myself accountable to you guys and give you raw results, I will be posting a monthly update on this section of The Golf Bandit’s website for you to see. Below are my current average ball and club speed numbers with the driver using a premium ball.

BallBall SpeedClub Speed
These bring us an average club head speed of 109 and an average ball speed of 161.2.

What Else Am I Doing In Addition To the Stack System?

In addition to swinging The Stack religiously when the app tells me to do so I also plan on lifting heavy in the gym 3-4 times a week while also training 3 days a week for an upcoming half-marathon in April.

My lifts will primarily consist of compound exercises like the deadlift, squat, and bench press. I will also focus heavily on mobility exercises for my hips during this period as I have found them to be a limiting factor in the past.

Key Takeaways

  1. Matthew Fitzpatrick’s Impact:
    • Like many, I’ve been inspired by Matthew Fitzpatrick’s success with The Stack after his 2022 US Open win.
    • Despite not being the biggest on tour, Fitzpatrick’s average of 304.1 yards per drive showcases The Stack’s influence on his game.
    • Notably, his club speed increased from 112.96 MPH in 2018-2019 to an impressive 116.97 MPH this season.
  2. My Decision to Embrace The Stack:
    • As a former Division One college player and a +2.8 handicap, I recognize the need for increased clubhead speed, especially with the anticipated golf ball rollback.
    • I’ve invested in The Stack System and committed to documenting my progress on The Golf Bandit’s website, offering transparency for potential buyers.
  3. Understanding The Stack System:
    • The Stack System, much like speed sticks, involves a weighted club and a radar (I use the PRGR monitor) to measure speed accurately.
    • The Hardware + App Bundle ($349) includes a versatile system with 5 milled Stack weights, offering 30 weight combinations (0g to 300g).
    • The Stack app, accessible with a yearly subscription, guides my training sessions, providing a structured and effective approach.
  4. Behind the Scenes with Dr. Sasho MacKenzie and Marty Jertson:
    • Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, a biomechanics expert, leads the research and development of The Stack System.
    • Collaboration with Marty Jertson, Ping’s VP of fitting and performance, highlights the system’s aim to maximize distance and clubhead speed.
  5. Results and Benefits for Users:
    • Initial reports suggest that average new users experience a 6 mph increase in clubhead speed within six weeks, translating to a significant 15-20 yards of added distance.
    • Commitment is minimal – just 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times per week, guided by the app’s instructions.
    • Age is not a limiting factor; TheStack benefits golfers of all ages, as demonstrated by Marty Jertson’s own 10 mph increase in ball speed.
  6. Setting Baselines for My Progress:
    • Monthly updates on The Golf Bandit’s website will showcase my journey, starting with current averages: 161.2 ball speed and 109 club speed.
  7. Complementary Training Approach:
    • In addition to The Stack, my training regimen includes lifting heavy in the gym (3-4 times a week).
    • Compound exercises like deadlift, squat, and bench press, along with targeted hip mobility exercises, aim to enhance overall performance.
    • I’m also gearing up for an upcoming half-marathon in April, integrating diverse training elements into my routine.

Let us get longer this offseason!!

Patrick Stephenson
Patrick Stephenson

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