Who Is Jon Rahm’s Caddie? Adam Hayes Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, and More

Adam Hayes is a prominent figure in the world of professional golf, best known as the longstanding caddie for Jon Rahm. His most notable achievements include guiding Rahm to victories in prestigious tournaments such as the U.S. Open and the Masters.

With a career spanning over two decades, Hayes has evolved into one of the most respected caddies on the PGA Tour. Before his association with Rahm, he lent his expertise to several accomplished players like Vaughn Taylor, Jason Dufner, and Webb Simpson.

In this article on Adam Hayes’s net worth, wiki, and bio, we’ll explore his journey from his early days in collegiate golf to his transition into the professional scene. 

Quick Facts

  • Date of Birth: Not publicly available
  • Education: Graduated from the University of Central Florida with a business degree
  • Professional Career: Caddied on the LPGA Tour from 2000 to 2004, worked with players like Vaughn Taylor, Webb Simpson, Jason Dufner, Ben Crane, and Russell Henley. Current caddie for Jon Rahm since mid-2016
  • Financial Standing: Estimated net worth of $3 million
  • Annual Income: Approximately $520,000
  • Family: Married to Brandy Hayes with two sons
  • Residence: Based in North Carolina

Early Life and Education

Adam Hayes, the accomplished caddie for Jon Rahm, hails from Rockledge, Florida. 

His collegiate journey began at Brevard Community College from 1995 to 1997 before he transferred to the University of Central Florida (UCF) from 1997 to 1999. 

During his time at UCF, Hayes played golf for the university and earned second-team All-Atlantic Sun honors. He graduated from UCF with a business degree.

Professional Career 

Adam Hayes has had a distinguished professional career as a golf caddie, working alongside some of the most talented players in the world. Here’s an overview of his professional journey:

Early Professional Years 

After completing his education, Adam Hayes embarked on a career in professional caddying. He transitioned to the LPGA Tour, where he spent almost four years from 2000 to 2004. 

During this period, Hayes gained valuable experience working with professional female golfers, honing his skills as a caddie and establishing himself in the competitive world of golf.

In 2004, Hayes made a significant move to the PGA Tour, signaling a shift to the highest level of professional golf. 

Notable Player Collaborations 

Throughout his career, Adam Hayes has been associated with several notable golfers on the PGA Tour. 

Before joining forces with Jon Rahm in 2016, Hayes worked with a roster of accomplished players, including Vaughn Taylor, Ben Crane, Jason Dufner, and Russell Henley. 

These collaborations allowed him to contribute to the success of various golfers and showcase his expertise as a caddie.

Long-standing Partnership with Jon Rahm 

Adam Hayes and Jon Rahm joined forces in the middle of 2016. At the time, Rahm was a highly sought-after amateur transitioning into the professional ranks. 

The decision to pair Rahm with Hayes was not arbitrary; it was a strategic move facilitated by a recommendation from fellow caddie Bones (Jim Mackay). This alliance would prove to be a transformative moment for both the player and the caddie.

The partnership has proven to be highly successful, marked by significant achievements such as Rahm’s victories at the 2022 U.S. Open and the 2023 Masters. 

One of the key elements binding the professional relationship between Rahm and Hayes is their shared competitive spirit. 

Both are described as “no-BS guys.” The professional relationship has weathered tense moments, such as a disagreement during the 2019 Players Championship about a strategic decision on the 11th hole. 

Even so, their collaboration showcases a dynamic where open communication and mutual respect take precedence over momentary disagreements. 

Rahm has emphasized the mutual desire for victory, stating that Hayes wants to win as much as he does. This shared competitiveness has been a driving force behind their successful collaboration.

Recognition and Earnings 

Adam Hayes’s contribution to the success of the players he has worked with has not gone unnoticed. In 2017, Forbes reported him as the eighth highest-earning caddie, underlining his financial success and standing in the professional caddying world.

Personal Life

Adam Hayes is a family man, married to Brandy Hayes. The couple shares the joys and responsibilities of raising their two sons. Together, they form a close-knit family that has been a source of support for Hayes throughout his professional journey.

The Hayes family has chosen North Carolina as their home base. Their appreciation for the outdoors and the proximity to Lake Norman influenced the decision to settle around Charlotte.

Stone Falls Farm 

Stone Falls Farm, managed by the Hayes family, represents a commitment to a life connected to nature and agriculture. The farm, as showcased on social media, is a place where the family engages in farming activities, emphasizing sustainable and diverse living.

Friendship With Jon Rahm

Beyond the competitive edge, Rahm and Hayes have developed a genuine friendship and chemistry that extends beyond the golf course. 

Rahm appreciates Hayes’s passion and intelligence, recognizing the value of having a caddie who not only understands the game but also shares a camaraderie that contributes to their success.

Net Worth 

As of recent reports, Adam Hayes is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million. Complementing this substantial net worth is an impressive annual income of approximately $520,000.

Hayes’ net worth is a culmination of various factors, including a percentage of the winnings earned by the golfers he has caddied for, endorsement deals, and other business ventures or investments. 

Rahm’s impressive performance in 2021, topping the money list with earnings of over $7.7 million, not only solidifies his standing as one of the top golfers but also translates into significant financial gains for his caddie, Adam Hayes. 

With the US Open victory alone yielding $2.25 million, Hayes, with his 10% share as the caddie, would have collected around $220,000 for his crucial role during that tournament at Torrey Pines.


Adam Hayes is a successful golf caddie with a net worth of $3 million and an annual income of about $520,000. 

He has played a crucial role in Jon Rahm’s victories and exemplifies dedication and excellence in his profession. 

Hayes’s story reflects the competitive nature of professional golf, and his enduring partnership with Rahm highlights the importance of a caddie in a golfer’s success.  

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