Who Is Cameron Young’s Caddie? Paul Tesori Net Worth, Wiki, Bio

Renowned for his remarkable caddying skills, Tesori has played pivotal roles in the success stories of golfing luminaries like Vijay Singh, Sean O’Hair, and Webb Simpson.   

He’s currently lending his expertise to guide Cameron Young, a rising star on the PGA Tour. This recent collaboration marks a new chapter in Tesori’s illustrious career, as he imparts his wealth of knowledge to nurture the promising talent of Young. 

In this exploration of Paul Tesori’s net worth, wiki, and bio, we delve into hidden facets of his career and personal journey. 

Quick Facts

  • Date of Birth: Mar 21, 1956
  • Wife: Michelle Tesori
  • Professional Career: Caddies for Vijay Singh, Jerry Kelly, Sean O’Hair, and Webb Simpson, and currently caddying for Cameron Young
  • Education: Central Alabama Community College (1990-92), University of Florida (1992-95)
  • Philanthropy: Founder of the Tesori Family Foundation in 2009. Actively involved in charitable activities, focusing on children with special needs.

Early Life and Education 

Paul Tesori hails from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, where he spent his formative years developing a likely affinity for the sport. 

Graduating from St. Augustine High School as part of the Class of 1990, Tesori’s early education played a role in shaping his character. 

His journey continued as he pursued higher education and showcased his golfing prowess at Central Alabama Community College from 1990 to 1992. 

Subsequently, he furthered his education and golf career at the University of Florida from 1992 to 1995. 

Professional Career 

Tesori’s notable caddying career began with prominent players such as Vijay Singh, Jerry Kelly, Sean O’Hair, and Webb Simpson. 

His 12-year partnership with Webb Simpson stands out, during which they achieved significant success, including victories at the 2012 U.S. Open and the 2018 Players Championship. 

Throughout their partnership, Tesori has intermittently served as a swing coach for Webb Simpson, showcasing a depth of understanding of the game beyond the responsibilities of a traditional caddie.

One of the defining moments in Tesori’s career came in March 2023 when he and Webb Simpson, after a successful 12-year partnership, decided to part ways

This decision was not driven by Simpson’s recent struggles but rather by a confluence of life events and an opportune moment for both individuals to explore new directions.  

In March 2023, Tesori embarked on a new chapter in his career by partnering with Cameron Young, the 2022 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year. 

Despite the challenges presented by Tesori’s back injury, he continued to guide and support Young during tournaments, showcasing his dedication to his role as a caddie.  

Philanthropic Efforts: Tesori Family Foundation

The Tesori Family Foundation, established in 2009 by Paul Tesori and his wife Michelle, is a testament to the couple’s commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of children in need. 

Originating in Northeast Florida, the foundation expanded its reach across the United States, particularly focusing on children with special needs, including those with Down Syndrome, inspired by the birth of their son Isaiah in 2014.

The foundation’s mission revolves around lending a helping hand, providing hope, and healing hearts for children. 

The Tesoris support various causes, including childhood homelessness, battered women’s shelters, children battling diseases like cancer, and animal rescue charities such as the Jacksonville Humane Society. 

Their vision is clear: to impact children’s lives one at a time, fostering a cycle of hope that leaves a lasting legacy of love for generations to come.

Personal Life 

Beyond the golf course, Paul’s personal life is shaped by his role as a husband to his wife, Michelle, and as a father to their son, Isaiah.  

Michelle, a Vermont native and graduate of the University of Vermont, brought her love for fitness and sports to the Tesori Family Foundation. Her commitment to wellness is evident in her role as a certified personal/group exercise trainer, known for her challenging “Torture Tuesday” classes in Ponte Vedra.

Michelle’s dedication to fitness extends beyond the local community, as she shares workout routines on her website, Body By Robes, connecting with fitness enthusiasts outside the Jacksonville area.

Paul Tesori’s support undoubtedly plays a significant role in championing Michelle’s endeavors, showcasing a collaborative commitment to well-being and fitness to the community surrounding them.

Outside caddying, Paul’s hobbies span a wide spectrum. His interests range from studying the Bible and enjoying fatherhood to fishing and engaging in recreational activities like Golden Tee. 

During the offseason, Paul resides in Ponte Vedra, Florida, further highlighting his connection to his home state. 


Paul Tesori currently grapples with a debilitating back injury. 

During Young’s impressive return to the PGA Tour, Tesori found himself absent from the bag, nursing his back and contemplating the prospect of a microdiscectomy. 

X-rays unveiled damage to his arthritic knee and four discs in his back, shedding light on the severity of his condition. 

The intricate nature of the ruptured disc, compounded by multiple fragments, has made the decision-making process regarding surgery a complex and challenging one for Tesori.

Amid Young’s stellar performance, Tesori engaged in consultations with a surgeon to explore potential solutions. 

The surgeon’s prognosis is cautiously optimistic, suggesting a 75% chance of the body healing the disc naturally. Despite this, Tesori remains hesitant about surgery, considering the overall health of his back and the intricacies of the disc condition.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his recovery timeline, Tesori expresses a strong desire to return to the course, aiming to resume caddying duties for Young at the RSM Classic, the final FedEx Cup Fall event.

Net Worth

Paul Tesori is reportedly among the highest-earning caddies, earning over $500,000 annually. While this figure represents his annual income rather than his net worth, it does indicate that he commands a substantial salary in his role as a caddie.


With an illustrious journey that includes partnerships with renowned players such as Vijay Singh, and Sean O’Hair, and a significant 12-year tenure with Webb Simpson, Tesori has left an indelible mark on the sport. 

His contributions played a pivotal role in securing victories at prestigious events like the U.S. Open and the Players Championship.

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