TaylorMade Qi Iron Review

Every year, TaylorMade ignites excitement in the golf community with the unveiling of its latest product line. Players eagerly rush to test the new drivers, hopeful for improved distance off the tee.

This season, TaylorMade takes a deliberate step back in the pursuit of sheer distance with their Qi10 club lineup.



If you’re a high-handicapper seeking a straighter ball flight and maximum forgiveness on mishits, these irons merit serious consideration.

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The irons follow suit, boasting the motto “Straight distance is the best distance” for this year’s game improvement collection.

Designed for players seeking forgiveness and precision, these irons feature a game improvement head engineered to deliver unparalleled accuracy and distance control.

In this comprehensive review, we delve into the new Qi irons, providing insights into their sound, appearance, feel, forgiveness, and cutting-edge technologies.

Our goal is to equip you with all the necessary information to make an informed purchasing decision.

TaylorMade Qi Irons Review

TaylorMade’s Qi irons represent their flagship game-improvement offering for 2024.

Traditionally catering to higher handicap players seeking assistance in launching the ball and mitigating mishits, the Qi irons have garnered positive feedback from our testing team.

TaylorMade has notably enhanced the already impressive Stealth head, resulting in a compelling game improvement iron.

Available for both left and right-handed players, the Qi irons span from four iron through sand wedge, with an additional 59-degree lob wedge exclusively for right-handers.

Notably lightweight, the four through gap-wedge boasts a C2 swing weight, while the sand wedge is a C5 and the lob wedge a C4.

Sound, Look, and Feel

The Qi irons by TaylorMade embody a sleek aesthetic that seamlessly blends elements of a game-improvement iron with a refined, modern design.

At address, the clean topline presents a reassuring appearance, boasting ample offset without appearing bulky or cumbersome.

The combination of black, white, and silver hues contributes to a crisp and contemporary look, with the Qi and TaylorMade seamlessly fit in to the back of the club.

One of the standout features of the Qi irons is their ability to provide responsive feedback, enhancing the golfer’s connection with each shot.

Upon impact, golfers are greeted with a distinct sensation that effectively communicates the location of the ball’s contact on the clubface.

Well-struck shots elicit a satisfying feel, while off-center hits are readily identifiable, allowing for adjustments and refinement in technique.

While the Qi irons deliver notable performance across the board, our team observed a slight variance in feel among the shorter clubs.

In line with the characteristics of game-improvement clubs, there is a discernible hollow sensation present, though perhaps more pronounced than in comparable irons we’ve tested previously.

Despite this, TaylorMade’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in their refinement of the irons’ sound profile.

Utilizing HYBRAR Echo® Dampers within the clubhead effectively minimizes unwanted vibrations, resulting in a resonant “crack” upon impact that enhances the overall sound which is very solid and satisfying.


Forgiveness takes center stage in the Qi series of irons by TaylorMade. These irons are not only geared for distance but are specifically engineered with forgiveness in mind.

TaylorMade emphasizes their aim to eliminate common mis-hits for both right and left-handed players. They claim to significantly reduce a 27ft right miss to just 3ft for right-handed players, targeting the most frequent miss seen in higher handicappers’.

The design features of the Qi irons contribute to their forgiveness. The back cap design shifts the center of gravity further back in the head, boosting the moment of inertia (MOI) and enhancing forgiveness.

Additionally, the FLTD CG strategically positions the center of gravity lowest in the long irons and gradually shifts it higher throughout the set.

This setup optimizes launch and playability in the long irons while providing increased control in the scoring clubs.

The longer harder to hit clubs are engineered for higher launch, while the shorter clubs are tailored for shorter launch trajectories.

In our team’s testing, we found these irons to be highly forgiving while maintaining impressive distance.

Their ability to keep shots straight was particularly notable, showcasing their forgiveness and playability.



If you’re a high-handicapper seeking a straighter ball flight and maximum forgiveness on mishits, these irons merit serious consideration.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Key Technologies

The TaylorMade Qi irons integrate multiple advanced technologies aimed at providing outstanding speed, distance, launch, feel, and, above all, forgiveness.

Back-Cap Design

The back cap design of the TaylorMade Qi irons represents a technological approach previously seen in the Stealth irons. It combining the strengths of a hollow-body iron with those of a classic cavity back.

By relocating weight low and towards the rear of the club head, this innovative construction achieves a low center of gravity and maximizes the moment of inertia (MOI).

This strategic placement of weight facilitates a high and straight ball flight, ensuring optimal launch and forgivness on the course.

Speed Pocket

Positioned directly behind the clubface on the sole, the speed pocket in the TaylorMade Qi irons serves as a crucial component enhancing forgiveness and distance.

This design element ensures that even off-center strikes receive ample distance, maintaining consistency and performance across a variety of shots.

HYBRAR Echo Dampers

The HYBRAR Echo® Dampers, strategically placed inside the clubface of the TaylorMade Qi irons, effectively minimize unwanted vibrations upon impact.

This integration contributes to the production of a desirable sound and feel, enhancing the overall sensory experience for golfers with each shot.

FLTD Center of Gravity

FLTD CG™, a key feature that employs a strategic approach to center of gravity (CG) placement.

It positions the CG at its lowest point in the long irons and gradually shifts it higher across the set.

This design ensures that the more challenging longer irons benefit from a higher launch profile compared to the shorter scoring clubs.

This innovation aids high handicappers in achieving easier elevation with their long clubs while maintaining ample control over the shorter ones, optimizing playability throughout the set.

Stock Shaft Options


The KBS Max 85 MT offers a steel shaft option for the Qi irons.

This shaft provides players with a lighter weight compared to other steel options on the market, while still delivering a high launch and high spin profile.

Players with moderate club head speed will benefit from this shaft, while those with slower speeds may want to consider the graphite option below.


The Ventus TR Blue HB shaft is the stock graphite selection for this year’s Qi irons.

Coming in at a lighter weight than its steel counterpart, it is perfect for the player witha slower swing speed looking for added distance.

The launch and spin prole is lower than the above KBS Max 85 but that is intentional since graphite shafts are inherantly higher launching than steel.


  • Incredibly striaight and forgiving
  • Clean look at address for a game-improvement iron
  • Easy to hit long irons and controled ball flight with the short irons.


  • Hollow sound and feel with short irons
  • Low spin and very hot lofts
  • Little advancements over last year’s Stealth irons.

Key Takeaways

Strategic Shift from Distance to Accuracy

TaylorMade’s Qi10 club lineup for 2024 prioritizes straight distance over sheer distance, catering to players seeking forgiveness and precision in their game improvement irons.

Sleek Aesthetic and Responsive Feel

The Qi irons boast a modern design with a clean topline and a sleek blend of black, white, and silver hues.

They offer responsive feedback upon impact, aiding golfers in assessing shot quality and making necessary adjustments.

Forgiveness as a Priority

Designed to minimize mishits, the Qi irons feature a back cap design and FLTD Center of Gravity, optimizing forgiveness across the entire set.

TaylorMade claims significant reductions in common mis-hits, particularly targeting the most frequent miss seen in higher handicappers.

Advanced Technologies Enhancing Performance

The incorporation of technologies like the Back-Cap Design, Speed Pocket, HYBRAR Echo Dampers, and FLTD Center of Gravity contributes to outstanding speed, distance, launch, and forgiveness.

These innovations aim to provide an enhanced sensory experience and consistent performance on the course.


If you’re a high-handicapper seeking a straighter ball flight and maximum forgiveness on mishits, these irons merit serious consideration.

They offer impressive length, high launch capabilities, and exceptional accuracy, even on off-center strikes.

As for their value proposition, the debate remains open. With a $200 higher price tag compared to last year’s Stealth irons, which share many similarities, the decision hinges on individual priorities and budget considerations.

However, if cost isn’t a primary concern, we lean towards recommending the Qi irons over their predecessor.

Both options excel in delivering maximum forgiveness throughout the set, but the Qi irons offer slight advantages, making them a compelling choice for those aiming to elevate their game.



If you’re a high-handicapper seeking a straighter ball flight and maximum forgiveness on mishits, these irons merit serious consideration.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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