TaylorMade Qi10 LS Driver Review

After watching Tommy Fleetwood and Rory McIlroy win the first two events of the DP World tour schedule in Dubai with the new Qi10 LS driver by TaylorMade, you might be considering making a purchase to kick off 2024 the right way.

TaylorMade has built a reputation as a pioneer in technological innovations and a brand synonymous with remarkable distance in the golfing world.

The Qi10 series is a testament to TaylorMade’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of its legacy. In a notable shift, the company is now emphasizing forgiveness and control with the Qi10 series.

The Qi10 LS is the head option in this lineup for better players with higher speeds. It is for the player who has no problem keeping the ball in play but wants to keep launch and spin down while maximizing distance.

Here, we explore the Qi10 LS driver, analyzing its sound, appearance, and feel. Our assessment encompasses a thorough review of its forgiveness, distance capabilities, and key technologies, along with an examination of the pros and cons.

This guide aims to assist you in determining whether opting for the Qi10 LS is a valuable decision to enhance your game this season.

TaylorMade Qi10 LS Driver

In 2024, TaylorMade introduced the Qi10 LS driver, catering to skilled players seeking a long, low-launching head for optimal distance. This model maintains a high level of forgiveness compared to its predecessors.

The Qi10 lineup overall prioritizes forgiveness more than any TaylorMade driver before. There are three distinct models: regular, Max, and LS.

Designed for players with higher handicaps, the Max head of the Qi10 series provides maximum launch, spin, and forgiveness to help keep the ball in play.

The standard Qi10 head offers a balanced combination of forgiveness and distance suitable for both low and high-handicap players, featuring a mid-launch with mid-spin characteristics.

On the other hand, the LS head is specifically crafted for skilled players prioritizing distance over forgiveness, ensuring a controlled launch and spin.

The Qi10 LS driver is available in 9 and 10.5-degree loft options for both left and right-handed players, while right-handers also have access to an 8-degree head.

Like the other models in the lineup, it features a D4 swing weight, considerably heavier than most drivers in the market.

Sound, Look, and Feel

During our testing, the Qi10 LS driver garnered admiration from our team for its aesthetic appeal.

The glossy, classically designed black crown maintains a perfectly square position at address, exuding a compact and visually pleasing feel.

The transition from the black crown to the deep blue carbon twist face is seamless, with a discernible white stripe providing a helpful alignment reference.

The compact head and deep face at setup particularly resonated with our team’s more skilled players.

The underside of the driver is impeccably designed, showcasing a clean aesthetic with a predominant color scheme of black, white, and grey.

A subtle touch of sophistication is added with a faint blue line and a yellow “LS,” representing TaylorMade’s signature colors for this year’s driver line.

The LS head incorporates a sliding weight on the club’s sole, positioned just behind the face, contributing to reduced spin and enhanced adjustability.

This functional feature not only improves performance but also elevates the driver’s appearance, imparting a sense of advanced design.

The Qi10 LS maintains a consistent experience in both sound and feel, reminiscent of the enhancements seen in the Stealth 2 Plus, a marked improvement over its predecessor, the Stealth Plus.

The refined use of a carbon face over the last three years has come a long way to produce great sound and reliable feedback.

When the Qi10 LS connects with the ball, it produces a classic mid-pitch cracking sound, devoid of any sense of muted feedback.

Well-executed shots result in a robust and satisfying feel off the face, while off-center strikes are easily distinguishable, emphasizing the driver’s responsiveness.


While the Qi10 and Qi10 Max drivers prioritize distance over forgiveness, the Qi10 LS remains true to TaylorMade’s longstanding commitment to innovation and distance.

Despite its focus on distance, the LS head stands out as the most forgiving among distance-oriented heads our team has tested.

The incorporation of the infinity carbon crown and 60x carbon twist face allows TaylorMade to redistribute weight to the club’s perimeter, boosting the Moment of Inertia (MOI).

This MOI increase plays a crucial role in stabilizing the club face on off-center hits, all without compromising launch and spin due to the substantial sliding weight positioned behind the clubface.

Among our team’s mid to high-handicap players, the LS head was perceived as less forgiving compared to the other Qi10 drivers but was still more manageable than the Stealth Plus from last year.

Conversely, our team’s more skilled players were impressed by the forgiveness offered by the LS head. They found it adequate for staying in play without sacrificing the desired distance and optimal launch conditions they seek.


The Qi10 LS excels in distance for players possessing sufficient speed and precision in consistently striking the club’s center.

This LS variant features a deep face and a compact head, combined with a substantial sliding weight positioned behind the face. This configuration is designed to achieve a low launch, minimal spin, and elevated ball speeds.

During our testing, individuals with swing speeds exceeding 105 experienced a notable gain of 5-15 yards compared to their existing drivers.

However, players with lower club head speeds tended to achieve shorter distances with the LS model compared to the regular Qi10, primarily due to inadequate launch and spin characteristics.

For the right player, this driver is LONG.

Key Technologies

To help the Qi10 LS achieve its fast launch profile while still keeping forgiveness high, TaylorMade employees these key technologies that you should know about in their driver.

Infinity Carbon Crown

The Qi10 LS driver boasts an Infinity Carbon Crown, covering an impressive 97% of the total crown area. This strategic design effectively redistributes mass, resulting in improved forgiveness.

When addressing the ball, the Infinity Carbon Crown presents a sleek and uncluttered view, accompanied by subtle alignment cues. This not only contributes to the driver’s visual appeal but also fosters increased confidence and success on the golf course.

60x Carbon Twist Face

Employing the third iteration of the 60X Carbon Twist Face®, the Qi10 LS driver integrates a notably lighter face in contrast to conventional titanium constructions.

This engineering breakthrough leads to a decrease in forward weight, optimizing energy transfer upon impact. The lighter face enables TaylorMade to redistribute weight to lower and farther back on the club, enhancing the Moment of Inertia (MOI).

A refined support structure within the Carbon Face Technology effectively connects the face, safeguarding ball speeds and ensuring consistent performance across the entire clubface.

Through Slot Speed Pocket

The placement of a Through Slot Speed Pocket behind the club face plays a vital role in preserving ball speed, particularly during off-center and low-face strikes.

Through the strategic positioning of this Speed Pocket, the driver guarantees that even on mis-hits, golfers experience consistent and dependable ball speeds.

This technological feature significantly enhances overall forgiveness and performance, establishing the Qi10 as a dependable option for golfers seeking precision and playability in their drives.

Adjustable Loft Sleeve

This time-tested technology enables players to adjust the loft and face angle through a 4° loft sleeve.

The versatility offered by the Adjustable Loft Sleeve gives golfers the ability to personalize their driver settings, fine-tuning performance based on their preferences and playing style.

Furthermore, the sleeve provides an upright setting, expanding customization options to accommodate individual preferences.

It’s worth noting that utilizing this feature to increase the loft will subtly close the face while decreasing the loft will slightly open the face.

18-Gram Sliding Weight

The updated moveable weight system in the driver incorporates an 18g steel sliding weight within an innovative track system.

This redesign enables the weight to move farther forward and lower compared to its predecessor, the Stealth 2 Plus.

As a result, the driver delivers a more forgiving and low-spin experience. Additionally, the sole shape is optimized for improved aerodynamics and reduced turbulence.


  • Produced maximum distance and launch conditions for better high-speed players.
  • Is the most forgiving distance-oriented driver TaylorMade has ever created.
  • Provides ball-flight customization through an eighteen-gram sliding weight.
  • Features time-tested technologies that TaylorMade has refined throughout the years.


  • Not forgiving enough for high-handicap players looking for help on off-center strikes.
  • Slower players will not get enough launch and spin out of this head.

Key Takeaways

Designed for Skilled Players

The TaylorMade Qi10 LS driver is tailored for skilled players with higher swing speeds who prioritize distance over forgiveness.

It offers a controlled launch and spin for those who can consistently keep the ball in play.

Forgiveness and Control

Despite its focus on distance, the Qi10 LS stands out as one of the most forgiving distance-oriented drivers on the market.

The incorporation of key technologies, such as the Infinity Carbon Crown and 60x Carbon Twist Face, enhances forgiveness without compromising launch and spin.

Aesthetic Appeal

The Qi10 LS driver impresses with its aesthetic appeal, featuring a glossy black crown, a deep blue carbon twist face, and a clean design on the underside.

The driver’s compact head and deep face resonate well with skilled players.

Distance Performance

For players with sufficient speed and precision, the Qi10 LS excels in distance.

It features a deep face, compact head, and a substantial sliding weight behind the face, resulting in a low launch, minimal spin, and elevated ball speeds.

Key Technologies

The Qi10 LS incorporates several key technologies, including the Infinity Carbon Crown, 60x Carbon Twist Face, Through Slot Speed Pocket, Adjustable Loft Sleeve, and an 18-gram Sliding Weight.

These technologies work together to optimize forgiveness, energy transfer, ball speeds, and overall performance.


We recommend the TaylorMade Qi10 LS driver for skilled players with higher swing speeds who prioritize distance over control.

If you consistently keep the ball in play but desire a driver that maximizes distance with a controlled launch and spin, the Qi10 LS is an excellent choice.

Its forgiveness, combined with advanced technologies, makes it suitable for players seeking a high-performance driver that aligns with TaylorMade’s legacy of technological innovation.

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