Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver Review

Anytime Callaway uses the name Triple Diamond next to a product, you can expect it’s for the lower handicap player.

We recently tested the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond to see what it has to offer, why so many PGA professionals have this one in the bag, and whether or not it could be a good addition to your golf game. 

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver: TLDR 

If you are a golfer with a handicap of less than 10, the Paradym Triple Diamond Driver could be for you.

It’s a compact head (compact for today’s technology) that offers speed, precision and workability.

If it’s good enough for the guys on tour there’s a reason behind it. Also, the price has just dropped with the release of the new Ai Smoke. 


The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond driver may not be as new as the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke, but it has a lot of the same technology. In other words, you won’t be missing out on too much; this club is still very advanced. 

  • 360 degree Carbon Chassis to help maximize distance and properly distribute weight across the driver’s head 
  • A.I. designed jailbreak system for more stability at impact and lower dispersion rates 
  • A.I. optimization in the face to increase speed, launch, and lower the spin 
  • 450 cc shape lets the better player feel like they can work the ball a bit more and get a few extra yards from the driver’s head 
  • 14g back weight allows for adjustment of the workability 

What Makes The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver Worth The Cost? 

The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond was made specifically for the lower handicap player.

What a low handicapper does off the tee and what a high handicapper does is two different things. Here’s why the Paradym Triple Diamond works for these lower handicap players. 

More Workability In The Clubhead 

You’ll need a golf swing that can pull this off, but the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond is a highly workable golf driver. You’ll have no trouble getting it down the center; however, if you want to hit a fade or a draw, you can do so. 

Finding workability in a driver can be difficult, but it’s necessary to really attack the course and be in control off the tee. 

Sleek Compact Look 

You may not think that 10 cc makes a difference in the look of a clubhead, but it does. When you look down at the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond, you will see that it is, without a doubt, more compact. 

For golfers who feel it’s unnecessary to have that large driver head in front of them, the sleek and compact look of the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond can be a really good selling point. 

Plenty of Distance 

Most golfers who are shopping for the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond driver have quite a bit of clubhead speed. In fact, I would recommend leaving this one off your list unless you have at least medium to high clubhead speed. 

Once you reach those higher swing speed levels, you’ll see plenty of distance with the Paradym Triple Diamond. During our testing, we had no complaints about the total distance. 


The only real negatives that you will find with the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond is the fact that it’s more workable than other models. This means it’s less forgiving. As long as you hit the center of the face often you’ll be fine with this club. 

  • High energy transfer with the new Face Cup Technology to increase overall yardage 
  • Very stable at impact 
  • More workable clubhead with 450cc 
  • Adjustable weight for spin and workability customization 


There are only two stand out negatives about the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond. The first is the fact that it’s not as forgiving as the Callaway Paradym Max, the second is that Callaway doesn’t include the adjustment tool when you purchase the club. 

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond vs. Callaway Paradym 

If you are on the fence about whether your game is ready for the Triple Diamond version of the Callaway Paradym, this table should help. Having tested both drivers, the technology in both is very similar. If your game isn’t ready for it, you won’t be negatively impacted by going with the Callaway Paradym. 

Feature/AspectCallaway Paradym Triple DiamondCallaway Paradym
Head Size450cc 460cc
WeightingAdjustable, with a 14g back weight for customizationFixed, with internal weighting to increase forgiveness
Target PlayerSkilled players looking for precision and controlGolfers seeking distance and forgiveness
SpinLow spin designMid to high spin design
LaunchLower launch for skilled shot shapingHigher launch for easy distance
ForgivenessEnhanced workability, less forgivenessHigh forgiveness across the face

Who Is The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond For?

After testing the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond driver, these are the players who will do the best with this club: 

Low handicap golfers: if you are a lower handicap player looking for workability and control in your golf shots, the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond delivers. 

Golfers who create too much spin: go for a golf club fighting and if high spin rates are costing you distance and accuracy, the Triple Diamond is a low spin low launch design. 

Anyone bothered by larger clubhead sizes: if you still consider yourself a golf traditionalist and you can’t be bothered with the golf club head sizes that just keep getting bigger and bigger, you’ll like this one. 

Final Thoughts 

The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond has recently been updated with the Callaway Ai Smoke. However, this has helped improve pricing on the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond. If you have had your eye on this one for a little while, now may be the time to grab one. It’s nearly $100 less expensive, and the technology is still relevant. 

We really recommend this driver for anyone less than a 10 handicap. If you are in the 15-20 range take a look at the Callaway Paradym or the new Ai Smoke Max. Pushing yourself into the Triple Diamond because it’s what the pros are using, is generally not a good idea. 

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