Callaway Ai Smoke Max Driver 

AI technology in golf clubs is almost just expected at this point. However, Callaway has done a pretty good job of setting themselves up as the leader in this industry.

Their latest Callaway Ai Smoke Max driver is already getting some recognition as being one of the fastest and most forgiving on the market right now.

We got a chance to try it and wanted to share our review of the Callaway Ai Smoke Max Driver. 

Callaway Ai Smoke Max Driver: TLDR

The Callaway Ai Smoke Max Driver has more forgiveness than the Paradym and a more lightweight head, which helps to gain some extra distance.

If you want to see what Ai can do to a golf club, this is it. It comes in four different models, so find one that works for your game. 


We know Callaway uses Ai, but what exactly did they do with the Callaway Ai Smoke Driver? You’ll see a much smarter face and the 360 degree Carbon Chassis. 

  • Adjustable perimeter weighting in the clubhead allows for 19 yards of shot shape correction; if you slice it, this type of correction can get you back in the fairway. 
  • Micro deflections enhance launch and spin on off center shots; there is more than one sweet spot. 
  • Ai Smart Face Technology uses player data that Callaway collected to help improve forgiveness across the entire face. 

What Makes the Callaway Ai Smoke Max Driver Worth It? 

Like any new driver on the market, the Callaway Ai Smoke Max Driver comes with a large price tag. If you are willing to pay for a mix of distance and forgiveness, you’ll find it with the Ai Smoke Max. 

Tight Dispersion 

I’m not sure about you, but I want a driver who stays straight down the middle of the fairway for the entire round. I’ll even give up a few yards for it.

The Callaway Ai Smoke Max driver had very impressive dispersion rates when we tested it; the golf ball was easy to get in the fairway. 

You Can Miss And It Still Works Out 

If you miss the center of the clubface often, the Callaway Ai Smoke Max could be a good fit. Callaway went in and actually created more than one sweet spot area on the face.

They took player data and then fine tuned the most forgiveness into the areas where amateurs miss it the most. 

Did I notice it being much more forgiving than the Paradym? No. 

However, it’s more forgiving than the Mavrik. 

Improved Weight Distribution for More Distance 

You’ll notice that a lot of the technology in 2024 is all about forgiveness. That’s a great thing, but we don’t want to forget distance either.

Callaway made sure to improve overall weight distribution making it easy to swing the Ai Smoke with plenty of speed. 

What’s New With The Callaway Ai Smoke Max Driver?

If you just purchase the Callaway Paradym driver, don’t be too disappointed that the new Ai SMoke is now on the market. THere have been some improvements but nothing that makes your driver obsolete. 

The biggest changes that you’ll find in the Ai Smoke Max driver are the increased sweet spot area and a club head that is 15% lighter than previous releases. 

I wouldn’t recommend upgrading unless your current driver is 3+ years old.


The Callaway Ai Smoke Max driver has more pros than cons. It’s long, straight, and we even liked the feel better than some previous Callaway releases. 

  • Optimized launch conditions and tight dispersion 
  • Several sweet spots 
  • Adjustability 
  • Four different models to choose from 


It’s hard to say too many bad things about one of the longest and straightest drivers that Callaway has ever produced. 

  • The adjustment tool doesn’t come with the purchase 
  • Pricing is going to be high for a while 

Callaway Ai Smoke Driver Models

We have tested both the Max and the Triple Diamond in the new Callaway Ai Smoke driver. However, there are four models to choose from. This table should give you the basic differences between each of them. 

ModelIdeal ForProfileHead SizeLoft Offerings
Paradym Ai Smoke MAX DriverMost players; maximum distance and forgiveness with shot shape adjustabilityDistance & Adjustability460cc9°, 10.5°, 12°
Paradym Ai Smoke MAX D DriverPlayers who struggle with a slice off the teeDistance & Forgiveness460cc9°, 10.5°, 12°
Paradym Ai Smoke MAX Fast DriverAnyone who wants an easy launch with lightweight, easy-to-swing performanceDistance & Forgiveness460cc10.5°, 12°
Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond DriverBetter players looking for more workability off the tee,   the one they use on the PGA Tour. Distance & Workability450cc8°, 9°, 10.5°

Who It’s For

Now that you have the insider scoop on what the Callaway Ai Smoke Max driver has to offer, here’s who we think should be putting this one in the bag. 

Any golfer that wants the latest and greatest: if you really love advanced technology and you want the latest that Ai has brought to golf, this club will do it. 

Players who struggle to keep the ball in the fairway: if forgiveness is your primary issue, the Callaway Ai Smoke Max driver is the one to go with. The only one that we found more forgiving was the Ping G430 Max 10K. 

If you are afraid to give up distance, we get it. The idea of forgiveness sometimes makes us all question whether we also have to sacrifice distance. With the Callaway Ai Smoke Max Driver, you won’t. It’s long. 

Golfers with mid to high handicappers: the low handicappers will probably like the refined look and workability of the Callaway Ai Smoke Triple Diamond. Everyone else can make due just fine with the Max. 

Final Thoughts 

Callaway made some adjustments to the new Ai Smoke Max Driver when it comes to forgiveness.

However, the impressive distance benefits and overall great feel are the same as we found in the Paradym series last year.

If you haven’t upgraded in a few years and you are wondering if the new technology will work for your game, chances are it will.

This is about as premium and high-tech as you can find in a driver right now. When we tested it, it was easy to determine that right away. 

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