Wilson Dynapower Driver Review: Performance, Price, and Lineup

If you’re looking for a lower price driver that is made for beginners, you’ll love this Wilson Dynapower driver. 

As a beginner golfer, distance is everything! 

If I could go back and tell my younger self one thing it’d be to focus on distance more than accuracy. While some instructors might tell you otherwise, studies have shown that the shorter the approach shot you have into the green, the lower average score you will make.

I’d rather hit a pitching wedge from the rough than an 8-iron in the fairway. Needless to say, distance is key, especially as courses get longer and longer. 

The Wilson drivers can help beginners add effortless distance and make this game a little less challenging. 

Wilson Dynapower Driver Price and Specs

If you watch a lot of the PGA and DP World Tour you won’t see a ton of guys with Wilson golf equipment.

While some players use their irons, not a ton of them use their woods and drivers as they’re more geared for beginner golfers. But just because your favorite professional golfers don’t play them doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider them.

Wilson currently has two new drivers in 2023 – the Wilson Dynapower with titanium or carbon design. Titanium has been used in pretty much every driver for the past few decades until last year when more brands switched to carbon (like the TaylorMade Stealth). 

Carbon is a lighter clubhead and a lot of companies use the lighter design to redistribute the weight to other areas of the club. This allows golf manufacturers to make drivers more forgiving, higher launching, and longer off the tee.

The Wilson drivers are $429 – $499 and available in three loft options; 9, 10.5, and 13 degrees. These drivers also have a six-way adjustable hosel to change loft and lie angle so it matches your swing. 

Each driver has a 460 cc clubhead (the maximum size allowed) and is 45.75 inches long. This is to help increase speed and total distance. 

These drivers are only available for women in the titanium model and neither come in a left-hand model. Depending on which driver head you choose, there is one stock shaft for each:

  • Wilson Dynapower Titanium: The titanium model comes with a TT HZRDUS smoke red RDX shaft.  It’s available in A, R, and S flex – regardless of flex all shafts are only 53 grams.
  • Wilson Dynapower Carbon: The carbon model comes with a Fujikura Ventus Blue graphite shaft that is about 10 grams heavier and more stable. Available in A, R, and S flex. 

Unfortunately, you can’t choose from different shafts like a lot of drivers. But each driver does have pretty decent stock shafts and each comes with a high-quality Lamkin Crossline 360 grip. 

Wilson Dynapower Driver Review 

Looks and Feel

While I’m disappointed by the lack of ability to tweak the hosel or weights in the driver, I can’t deny they look good. Like a lot of new drivers these are great looking addresses with a minimalist design at the top of the driver. There is a single logo for alignment but otherwise, the top of the club head is a clean design. 

Feel wise they are very lightweight and make it easy for golfers to add speed. The Carbon model is very different from the titanium which we’ll cover below. 


These Wilson drivers are built for maximum forgiveness and distance thanks to faster ball speeds. 

“Dynapower AI analyzed thousands of permutations to find the perfect thickness for each section of the club face, resulting in the fastest ball speeds and maximum forgiveness.”

Don’t forget, more speed means more distance (and shorter approach shots). 

Technology and Features

The technology changes drastically based on the model you buy. The titanium design has a 16-gram rear weight with CG positioned low and on the back of the driver. As they said on their website,

“Rear weighting produces a high MOI driver head with a deep, rear CG that delivers forgiving, higher launch angles with a neutral to draw bias.”

While the carbon version is more of a low spinning driver that is catered to lower handicap golfers. 

“Lightweight carbon panels on the crown and sole move the CG low and forward to create a lower spinning driver head with neutral ball flight tendencies.”


Most driver brands offer 3-4 different heads to suit all types of players. But since Wilson is typically made for beginner golfers who don’t need as much customization, there are only two head options. 

Let’s review the new lineup… 

Wilson Dynapower Driver (Titanium)

The Dynapower titanium is the model that is best for the everyday golfer who wants more distance without speed training or swing changes. Its lightweight design encourages a high launch and more spin to increase carry distance. 

The titanium driver also is more forgiving and makes it easier to straighten out your slice (or maybe even hit a draw). This model is better for golfers of 15 or higher handicap due to the clubhead design. 

Wilson Dynapower Driver (Carbon) 

The Dynapower carbon is geared more towards mid-handicap golfers who want slightly less spin. There is also an 8-degree loft option which is great for faster swinging golfers who don’t need a high launch angle.

This driver is also a neutral flight bias and easier to work the ball in both directions. Plus, the shaft is 10 grams heavier than the titanium model and can add more stability (accuracy). 

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to hit drivers with an emphasis on speed. 
  • The 13-degree loft option is great for beginners who want a higher launch. 
  • Six-way adjustable hosels allow you to easily change the loft and lie angles. 


  • No sliding weight tracks to make it more draw biased. 
  • Only one stock shaft option is available which is surprising for the higher than normal price tag. 

Alternate Driver Options

The Wilson Dynapower driver definitely isn’t for every type of golfer as they’re geared towards beginners with slower swing speeds. Here are some of the best alternatives from Wilson and other top brands.

Wilson D9 Driver

Let’s face it, drivers are expensive. Most of the ones we review are $500 and some are up to $800 (or more depending on the shaft). But if you’re a beginner golfer you don’t (and shouldn’t) spend that type of money on a single club.

But obviously the driver is an important club so the D9 is a great option. It’s now half the price of the Dynapower and only $199. This makes it one of the most affordable drivers and a great option for beginner golfers who want an upgrade.

Despite the low price, you won’t sacrifice any distance though. As Wilson said,

“Every millimeter of the D9 driver has been honed for performance. By dividing the face into a series of fractal zones, each tuned for explosive distance, our Peak Kinetic Response Face optimizes both forgiveness and ball speed.”

These drivers are worth every penny and can help you gain distance off the tee. Click here to buy now. 

Tour Edge Exotics

Another low-cost alternative to the Wilson driver is the Tour Edge Exotics. This is a beginner golf club that is budget friendly and has tons of features to improve distance.

Click here to read our full review now. 

Ping G430 Driver

The final alternative to the Wilson Dynapower driver is the Ping G430 which is a top-seller in 2023. These drivers are very long and great for all types of golfers thanks to multiple clubhead designs. 

Not to mention they have a HL (high launch) option which is great for beginners who need more help with distance. Every part of the HL drivers – including shaft, grip, and clubhead – is designed to increase launch and total distance… even with a slower swing speed. 

Click here to read our full review. 

Wrap Up 

The Wilson Dynapower drivers are a good option for mid to high-handicap golfers. They’re focused on improving ball speed for more distance and are very forgiving drivers.

The titanium model is the more lightweight version with a built-in draw bias. While the carbon model is a lower spin model that is geared toward faster swinging golfers. Both have the adjustable hosel that helps customize it to your ideal shot shape. 

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