Garmin Approach S70 Golf Watch and Review – Best on the Market?

As someone who’s always been on the lookout for the latest gadgets, especially in the realm of sports, the buzz around the Garmin S70 caught my attention. And trust me, it lives up to the hype.

When I play a round of golf, I want data, and I want it fast. Let’s not forget it has to also be accurate.

Garmin, a brand synonymous with precision and innovation, has outdone itself with the S70, especially when you consider the success of its predecessor, the Garmin Approach S62.

After sporting the S70 on my wrist for a few months, I’ll fill you in on the positives and negatives, and whether or not I would recommend investing in the Garmin Approach S70. 

Garmin Approach S70 GPS Watch Review

Garmin Approach S70 - Premium GPS Golf Watch

Garmin Approach S70 Specifications

Display1.3-inch AMOLED, 260 x 260 pixels
Dimensions47 x 47 x 14.8mm
Water Resistance5ATM
Battery LifeSmartwatch mode: Up to 16 days typical use – GPS Mode: Up to 20hr. typical use
Golf Courses Pre-loadedOver 43,000
Virtual CaddieProvides club recommendations based on playing history and current conditions
Green MapsDetailed maps of greens (optional upgrade)
PlaysLike DistanceCalculates distance considering factors like slope, wind direction, and weather conditions
Club StatsTracks average distance and dispersion of each club
ScorekeepingIntuitive mode with options for edits and updates
Pin Pointer FeatureShows direction of the flagstick for blind shots
Music StreamingYes, including platforms like Spotify
Fitness TrackingYes, for activities like cycling, running, and walking
ConnectivityBluetooth, Wi-Fi
Other FeaturesGarmin Pay, Pulse Ox sensor, Garmin Connect compatibility, smart notifications
Price$650 for 42mm size, $700 for 47mm size

Design and Build Quality

Garmin Approach S70 Brand new

At first glance, the Garmin Approach S70 looks sophisticated. At first, I was a little worried about the premium look and using it on the golf course. 

The ceramic bezel gives it a sleek finish, making it not just functional but also a stylish accessory on and off the golf course.

Available in two sizes, 42mm and 47mm, it caters to a broader audience, ensuring a comfortable fit for all.

The vibrant AMOLED display is a game-changer. 

Whether you’re under the bright sun lining up for a putt or checking your stats in dim light, the screen remains crisp and clear.

This is a significant upgrade, especially when compared to its predecessor, the Garmin S62.

But it’s not just about looks. The Garmin S70 is built to endure. Whether it’s a splash of water while washing hands or the sweat from a summer round of golf, you won’t notice any issues with your Garmin Approach S70. 

The comfortable rubber strap further adds to its durability, making it suitable for various activities beyond golf.

Key Features – Garmin S70 Golf GPS Watch

  • Battery Life: Up to 20 hours in GPS mode and up to 16 days in smartwatch mode.
  • Virtual Caddie: Insights and recommendations based on past performance.
  • PlaysLike Distance: Accurate distance measurement considering uphill and downhill shots.
  • CourseView Maps: Over 43,000 preloaded course maps.
  • Activity Profiles: Versatility beyond golf – running, cycling, swimming, etc.
  • Smart Features: Smartphone notifications, music controls, Garmin Pay, and more.
  • Health Monitoring: Heart rate, energy monitoring, and other health metrics.

On-Course Performance

Pre-loaded with over 43,000 golf courses, the Garmin Approach S70 will be ready for any tee time you have. I’ve yet to find a course where the Garmin Approach was not already preloaded with accurate course information. 

AI Virtual Caddie

Having used the AI Virtual Caddie extensively, I can tell you it’s probably one of my favorite features. In the past, I did a bit of second-guessing when choosing a club, but I truly trust the AI Virtual Caddies. 

It’s like having a seasoned golfer (or Caddie!) whispering personalized advice based on your strengths, weaknesses, and playing history.

The virtual caddie makes your game more strategic, and you will find yourself second-guessing your club choice much less often.

Shot Detection

The watch’s shot detection feature, especially when enhanced with the optional CT10 sensors, is a game-changer.

It accurately captures swing data, helping you understand your game and improve.

You’ll get much more out of this if you have time to work on your game outside the course.

GPS and Course Maps

Garmin Approach S70 Map and Shot tracking

The precision GPS enables accurate distance measurement to greens and hazards, while the detailed Green Maps provide insights into breaks, tiers, and other nuances. The S70 has been a reliable on-course companion.

All golf GPS should be accurate at this point; with the level of technology we have, you won’t be disappointed with the Approach S70.

Club Stats

By tracking club distances and dispersion, the S70 empowers you to make better club selection decisions. After just five rounds, it builds a profile tailored to your game.

When compared to other watches, the S70 shines for on-course performance. The Virtual Caddie and Green Maps provide more detailed insights than the older version of Garmin S62.

Garmin Approach S70 Golf Stats

The PlaysLike distance calculation also factors in more variables for superior accuracy. For profiling club distances, the S70 requires fewer rounds than watches like the Garmin Fenix 7.

I like being able to play my round of golf and use the watch as much or as little as I would like.

Off-Course Features

The Garmin Approach S70 isn’t just a one-trick pony. Off the golf course, it transforms into a feature-packed smartwatch. If I’m investing in a watch like this, it’s nice to have the features off hte course as well. 

Garmin Connect Compatibility: Stay connected with the Garmin community, track your activities, and even challenge your friends.

Health Monitoring: With built-in features like the Elevate heart rate monitor and Pulse Ox sensor, the S70 ensures you’re always on top of your health metrics.

Smart Notifications: Never miss an important call or message. The S70 seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, ensuring you’re always in the loop.Garmin Pay: Go cashless with Garmin Pay. Whether it’s a quick snack at the clubhouse or shopping after a game, the S70 has got you covered.

Battery Life and Usability

One of the most critical aspects of any smart device is its battery life, and the Garmin Approach S70 doesn’t disappoint.

With up to 15 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, it ensures you’re powered through multiple rounds of golf without frequent charging.

This is a significant leap from other watches, like the Apple Watch, which often require nightly charging.

  • GPS Mode: When using the GPS feature extensively during your golf rounds, the S70 can last up to 20 hours. This ensures you’re covered even during those extended play sessions or tournaments.
  • Charging: The watch comes with a proprietary charging cable, ensuring a secure connection and quick charging times. A full charge can be achieved in just a couple of hours, ensuring you’re always ready to go. 

Battery Life with Multimedia: Naturally, streaming music does take a toll on the battery. While the S70 boasts impressive battery life, I noticed a quicker drain when I had my Spotify sessions. But even then, the watch comfortably lasted through my activities without leaving me high and dry.

User Interface and Experience

Play Golf with Garmin S70

What good are all of these features if you can’t actually benefit from them on the course? Usability in a watch is critical to me. I had no issues with the Garmin Approach S70; there’s a very short learning curve.

Touchscreen Display

The responsive touchscreen ensures smooth navigation through the various features and settings. Whether you’re checking your golf stats or changing the watch face, the experience is seamless.


The strategically placed buttons provide quick access to essential functions. 


One of my favorite aspects has been the ability to customize the watch face. With various options available, I can match the watch’s look to my mood or the activity I’m engaged in. Additionally, the Garmin Connect IQ store offers various apps and widgets to enhance the watch’s functionality.

Haptic Feedback

Gentle vibrations provide feedback for notifications, ensuring you never miss an important alert, even when the watch is on silent mode.

Quick Access Buttons

Strategically placed buttons on the side provide quick access to essential features, ensuring you don’t have to fumble around during critical moments in your game.

Multimedia and Connectivity

One of the standout features for me with the Garmin Approach S70 has been its multimedia capabilities.

As someone who enjoys music, especially during my practice sessions or while working out, the watch’s integration with Spotify has been a game-changer.

Spotify Integration

Having my Spotify playlists right on my wrist has been incredibly convenient. However, I did face a hiccup initially.

I had to re-download some of my music, which was a bit of a hassle, but once set up, the experience was seamless. Streaming music directly from the watch, especially during my golf rounds or runs, has been a joy.

Battery Life with Multimedia

Naturally, streaming music does take a toll on the battery. While the S70 boasts impressive battery life, I noticed a quicker drain when I had my Spotify sessions. But even then, the watch comfortably lasted through my activities without leaving me high and dry.


Pairing the watch with my headphones was straightforward. The Bluetooth connectivity is stable, ensuring uninterrupted music playback.

Additionally, receiving notifications and alerts directly on the watch, even when I’m out on the course, ensures I’m always connected and in the loop.

Fitness and Health Tracking

Play Golf with Garmin S70

Beyond golf, the Garmin Approach S70 has been my companion for various fitness activities. I remember using the watch extensively during a one-month Strava competition at work, which involved cycling, running, and walking.

Activity Tracking

The watch’s accuracy in tracking my runs, cycles, and walks has been commendable. The data insights provided, whether it’s distance covered, calories burned, or heart rate, have been detailed and precise.

Heart Rate and Pulse Ox Sensor

The built-in heart rate monitor has been consistently accurate, providing insights into my fitness levels. The Pulse Ox sensor, which monitors blood oxygen saturation, has been a bonus, especially during my high-intensity workouts.

Garmin Approach S70 42mm vs 47mm 

Having gathered insights on the 42mm version of the Garmin Approach S70, I can see the appeal it might have for those who prefer a slightly smaller form factor.

While I’ve been using the 47mm version, the 42mm offers a similar feature set in a more compact design. It’s perfect for those who might find the 47mm a tad too large for their wrists.

It’s important to mention that even with the larger face size the watch does not interfere with my golf swing in any way. 

Pros and Cons


  • Versatility: Not just a golf watch. Its fitness tracking, multimedia capabilities, and smartwatch features make it suitable for various activities.
  • Battery Life: The watch’s battery life is impressive. I can go up to 15 days without needing a charge, depending on usage.
  • AI Virtual Caddie: This feature offers invaluable insights, helping me make informed decisions on the golf course.
  • Design: Sleek, sporty, and comfortable to wear, even during extended periods.
  • Bright Display: The watch’s display remains visible even in direct sunlight, which is crucial during outdoor activities.
  • Spotify Integration: Being able to listen to my Spotify playlists directly from the watch, without needing my phone, is a game-changer for me. Though I did face some initial hiccups with re-downloading my music, once set, it’s been a smooth experience.
  • Golf Course Database: With over 43,000 golf courses pre-loaded, it’s a treasure trove of information for any golfer.


  • Learning Curve: For someone new to advanced golf watches, there might be a slight learning curve to fully utilize all its features.
  • Price Point: While packed with features, the watch sits at a premium price point, which might be a consideration for some.
  • Music Syncing Issues: As much as I love the Spotify integration, the initial setup and the occasional need to re-download music can be a tad cumbersome.
  • Card Payments: I was disappointed to find that I couldn’t add and use some of my debit/credit cards. Other smartwatches perform this function much better.

Price and Value

The Garmin Approach S70 is priced at $650 for the 42mm size and $700 for the 47mm size, undeniably placing it at a premium price point.

The bottom line here is that you have to commit to using the watch. If you are play golf once a month, I wouldn’t invest. 

Who Is The Garmin Approach S70 For? 

After having this watch in play for a month or so, these are the golfers I think would benefit most from having the Garmin Approach S70. 

Golfer Why the Garmin S70 is Ideal
The Data-Driven GolferWith features like Virtual Caddie, PlaysLike Distance, and Club Stats, the S70 is perfect if you can’t get enough data about your game. 
The Tech-Savvy GolferThe Garmin S70’s cutting-edge features like AMOLED display, detailed course maps of over 43,000 courses, and the ability to stream music or receive smart notifications make it a good choice if you like tech (like I do!) 
The Fitness Enthusiast GolferThe S70 excels on the course with features like shot detection and GPS precision and offers comprehensive fitness tracking for activities like cycling, running, and swimming. The fitness component helps offset the high cost of the watch. 
The Avid GolferThe Garmin S70’s AI Virtual Caddie and PlaysLike Distance helps refine strategy and club choice; if you want to go lower on the course, you should be able to do it with this watch. 

Is The Garmin Approach S70 Worth It? 

Considering the vast array of features and the value it brings to my golfing and fitness routines, I genuinely believe it’s a worthy investment.

Value Proposition: Beyond golf, the watch’s fitness tracking, multimedia capabilities, and smartwatch features make it a versatile gadget.

It’s not just a golf watch; it’s an everyday companion that enhances my activities, whether on the golf course or out for a run.

Whether you’re an avid golfer looking to up your game or seeking a versatile watch that caters to various activities, the Garmin Approach S70 is worth considering.


  • Learning Curve: For someone new to advanced golf watches, there might be a slight learning curve to fully utilize all its features.
  • Price Point: While packed with features, the watch sits at a premium price point, which might be a consideration for some.
  • Music Syncing Issues: As much as I love the Spotify integration, the initial setup and the occasional need to re-download music can be a tad cumbersome.
  • Card Payments: I was disappointed to find that I couldn’t add and use some of my debit/credit cards. Other smartwatches perform this function much better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does the Garmin Approach S70 compare to its predecessor, the S62?

The S70 offers several improvements over the S62, including a brighter AMOLED display, enhanced golf features, and better battery life. Additionally, the S70 comes with more advanced smartwatch capabilities and a sleeker design.

2. Can I listen to music on the Garmin Approach S70?

Yes, the S70 allows users to listen to music, including streaming from platforms like Spotify. You can store songs directly on the watch, eliminating the need to carry your phone on the golf course.

3. How long does the battery last on the Garmin Approach S70?

The battery life varies based on usage. In smartwatch mode, it can last up to 15 days, while in GPS mode, it can last up to 20 hours. Features like streaming music can impact battery life.

4. Does the Garmin Approach S70 come in different sizes?

Yes, the S70 is available in both 47mm and a smaller 42mm version, catering to different wrist sizes and preferences.

5. How accurate is the Virtual Caddie feature?

The Virtual Caddie feature provides club recommendations based on your playing history, current conditions, and course layout. While it offers valuable insights, it’s essential to combine it with your judgment and experience on the course.

6. Can I use the Garmin Approach S70 for other sports besides golf?

Absolutely! While the S70 is golf-centric, it also offers fitness tracking for various activities, including cycling, running, and walking.

7. Is the Garmin Approach S70 waterproof?

Yes, the watch is water-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor activities, including golf, even in wet conditions.

8. How does the Garmin Approach S70 compare to other watches like the Fenix 7 Pro and Garmin Epix Pro?

While each watch has its unique features, the S70 is specifically tailored for golfers, offering advanced golf features. However, it also provides many of the smartwatch and fitness tracking capabilities found in the Fenix 7 Pro and Garmin Epix Pro.

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