Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch Review

The much-awaited release of the Garmin Approach S62 GPS watch got both golf and non-golf enthusiasts revving with excitement. Everything you need on and off-course, right on your wrist.

In this honest review, we have listed Garmin Approach S62’s significant features and benefits, and let’s assess whether the new watch is worth its value.

Garmin Approach S62 Premium GPS Golf Watch

The Garmin Approach S62 Premium golf watch is an excellent choice for golfers of every level. It boasts a sleek design, pre-loaded course maps & detailed performance metrics to help you improve your game!

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Product Overview

The all-new Approach S62 Premium Golf Watch, produced by the most-preferred GPS watch brand for golfers, Garmin, was released in February 2020.

About the Company

Garmin Ltd is a 33-year-old company that creates, develops, produces, and sells products with GPS functionality.

Garmin claims that its devices feature cutting-edge technology, interesting features, and remarkable ease of use.

Product Description

The new Approach S62 is a water-resistant GPS golf watch that offers increased tracking accuracy with access to thousands of preloaded courses.

Equipped with functions made specifically for golf players, the new S62 boasts a broader display of 1.8 inches, that’s 17% bigger than the previous S60 model.

It also features a high-resolution touchscreen that’s bright and visible even under bright sunshine.

The watch is upgraded to a sturdy gorilla glass screen and scratch-proof ceramic bezel.

The battery capacity is exceptional. On a full charge, I can use my watch for 20 hours or more with GPS turned on and up to two weeks on standby.


  • The watch feels comfortable and lightweight, despite the larger display
  • The watch is durable and less prone to dents and breakage
  • Longer battery life
  • No need to struggle and squint when looking down at your watch during long games under the scorching sun


  • The S62 can be too pricey for people who only care about high GPS accuracy features or a more basic golf watch
  • Activating other features like fitness tracking speeds up battery consumption
  • While the S26 features a notification feature, you cannot answer the call through your watch, and you’ll have to run to your phone
  • The bands are pricey

General Features

It’s commendable that Garmin paid close attention to consumer complaints about the previous model’s shortcomings and upscaled them.

1.   Over 41,000 Course Maps

You’ll have access to thousands of golf courses around the world.

They’re in full color which allows better navigation.

2.   Green View Function

When playing on courses for the first time, this function displays the actual geometry of the putting area, which comes in handy.

3.   Customizable Watch Faces

You can enhance your watch’s look and vibe.

4.   Touchscreen Display

The display is easy-to-read and fingerprint-proof.

5.   Fitness Tracking

The S62 is also the ideal watch for proactive people with Advance Sleep Tracking, SpO2 measurements, and Body Battery, which now comes with the new heart rate monitor.

6.   Smartwatch Features

Notifications and responding to texts and calls.

7.   Garmin Golf App

Your metrics are uploaded to the app for post-round performance analysis.

8.   Quick-Release Bands

Easily switch your watch strap to match your style.

Special Features

This is the first thing that I look for before considering a purchase, and Garmin does not disappoint with the latest selection of features on their S62.

Read further to explore the fresh features of the Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch.

1.   The Virtual Caddie

The Virtual Caddie analyzes your stats and helps you come up with an intuitive strategy.

It recommends you an aim direction and gives prediction data like the number of strokes for a particular hole

Caddie will also suggest which club to use to approach that hole.

2.   Hazard View

This gives us a better overview of the course. This feature allows you to see the location and characteristics of the hazards and holes.

3.   Wind Speed and Direction

This is another beneficial feature that helps improve the player’s aim.

The Virtual Caddie also considers this when recommending directions and calculating your prediction data.

4.   Heart Rate Monitor

This is an exciting new feature that can be enticing to people who are conscious about their heart health.

5.   Garmin Pay

With just your watch and Garmin Pay, you can make quick and effortless purchases.


The price of this watch is around $500. Despite the amazing new features, the product may be too pricey for people who only care about the GPS and golf features.

For those who prefer an all-in-one watch, the S62 is the better option, if compared to competing brands and smartwatches.


The Approach S62 GPS watch is loaded with useful features that are perfect for golf players, and people who love the outdoors and staying fit.

With the Virtual Caddie, you’ll receive insights that will help improve your performance.

Approach S62 exceeded my expectations with its upgrades and new features. Even if we’re going to compare it with other brands, this watch remains top-tier.

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