Ping G430 Driver Review

 If you want to make golf easier, you need a driver that is right for your game. 

The new Ping G430 drivers are some of the most forgiving, high-launching, easy to hit clubs on the market. They should help you hit more fairways, increase driving distance, and hopefully have more fun on the golf course. 

Let’s dive in to see what makes these clubs such a great option for golfers. 

Ping G430 Driver Price and Specs

The Ping G430 is one of the most popular drivers out there thanks to its sleek design, extreme forgiveness, and different head models. It doesn’t matter what type of golfer you are, these clubs can help your driving performance. These clubs aren’t cheap though and range between $549 – $789 depending on which shaft you choose. 

The new Ping G430 drivers are available in 9, 10.5, and 12-degree loft options with 1.5 loft adjustment. Technically these can go as low as 7.5 and up to 13.5 degrees. The SFT and MAX heads are 460 cc, while the LST is a more compact head at 440 cc. 

All drivers are 45 ¾ inches long with an average lie angle of 58.50. If you adjust the loft and different settings it will directly impact lie angle as well. 

Ping offers a variety of shafts to make sure it’s perfectly suited for your ideal trajectory:

  • Ping Tour 2.0 Chrome – mid-launch. 
  • Mitsubishi Kai’Li White – low launch.
  • Ping Alta CB Black – mid to high launch.
  • Project X Hzrdus Smoke Red – high launch.
  • Ping Tour 2.0 Black – low launch and only a good idea if you have 100+ mph swing speed. 

You can choose from the Golf Pride 360 Tour Velvet or the Tour Velvet Cord for extra traction. While the HL version of the driver comes with a more lightweight Lamkin UTX lite grip to make the club as light as possible. 

Ping G430 Driver Review 

Looks and Feel

These clubs are super simple which is quite appealing for a lot of golfers. All the driver heads offer a clean all black design and not a “loud” look like the TaylorMade Stealth 2 or Cobra AEROJET. They feel good in your hands and the design should give you tons of confidence when standing over the golf ball. 


These Ping drivers are long, forgiving, and easy to hit (especially the SFT model). Optimizing spin is key to improving total distance and Ping does that with their Spinsistency technology. 

“A variable roll radius creates less loft low on the face to improve performance by reducing spin, resulting in faster speeds that generate consistently longer drives.”

Technology and Features

What makes the new Ping G430 driver so great is the optimized T9S+ forged face. This is a shallower, variable thickness face to help generate faster ball speed for all types of golfers. The result is more distance than ever before. 

While the SFT model (straight flight technology) helps improve accuracy thanks to the sliding back weight. All heads have improved sound engineering, trajectory tuning 2.0, and spinsistency technology. 

The adjustability in the loft and lie is one of the biggest perks to these new Ping drivers too. As Ping said, 

“Trajectory Tuning 2.0 utilizes a lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve that provides eight positions to customize your trajectory for maximum distance and accuracy.”


Like other Ping drivers, there is a model for every type of golfer. Whether you’re shooting in the 70s, 80s, or 90s, they have a club that is for all skill level players. 

Let’s review the new Ping G430 lineup… 

Ping G430 MAX

The MAX version of this new Ping driver is the most forgiving driver yet. It’s optimized for high launch, fast ball speeds, and an unbelievably pleasing sound. My friend has one of these clubs and we both can’t get over how good the ball sounds coming off the face. 

The G430 Max also has a 26-gram moveable back weight to change the center of gravity to influence shot shape. This makes it easy to adjust the shot direction by up to 8 yards thanks to the draw, fade, and neutral settings. 

Ping G430 SFT (Draw Driver)

If you’re a golfer who wants some help hitting the ball straighter, this is the best Ping G430 driver for you. The SFT has a back weight that you can shift to make it a draw biased driver and change the curvature up to 20 yards. 

If you’re tired of a weak slice off the tee, this is a great way to fix it to find more fairways. The only downside to this club is that it’s only available in 10.5 degrees of loft (but you can adjust the hosel 1.5 degrees). 

Ping G430 LST 

The Ping G430 LST model is a great fit for faster swinging players who tend to shoot lower scores. This model is different from the other two as the head is 20 cc smaller (440 cc) and ideal for golfers who need to minimize spin rates. It also has a newly updated Carbonfly Wrap that is only available in the LST model to also help reduce spin and increase total distance. 

Ping HL Drivers

Also, Ping offers something that most brands don’t – a high launching (HL) version of their drivers in the SFT and LST model. The club is custom-built with a lighter back weight, lightweight shaft, and even a different grip to help slower swing speed golfers. This club is lighter in every way to make sure slower swingers can generate plenty of clubhead speed and increase total distance. 

Pros & Cons


  • Trajectory tuning 2.0 to easily adjust the loft and lie.
  • Smaller head option available for more advanced golfers.
  • Three driver head options plus a high launching custom build option as well. 


  • Not as much customization as TaylorMade Stealth 2. 
  • No arrow or logo to line up the ball in the middle of the face.

Wrap Up 

The new Ping 430 driver is no doubt one of the best options if you’re looking for a new driver in 2023. With four models to choose from it’s never been easier to find a model that is suited for your swing to help you get better at golf

Make sure you find the one that is right for your swing speed and check out the HL version too. Paired with the right shaft, these drivers will help you hit bombs and hopefully go low on the course. 

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