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Mac Boucher has become an Instagram sensation over the last couple of years, amassing over 330,000 loyal followers who tune in daily for his entertaining golf tricks and travels. 

The 33-year-old Canadian native originally tried to make it as a professional golfer but realized he didn’t quite have the skills to compete at the highest level. However, his creativity and knack for captivating social media fans have led to major opportunities off the course.

Boucher now has lucrative partnerships with brands such as TaylorMade, BMW, and Primo Golf. His income from Instagram and his work with sponsors has afforded him a comfortable lifestyle traveling the world and playing at beautiful golf courses. 

Let’s take a closer look at Boucher’s background, career, net worth, and personal life details.

Early Life and Background

Boucher grew up in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada where he played the typical Canadian sports like hockey and soccer in his youth. His exact date of birth isn’t confirmed. 

However, everything changed at age 17 when doctors discovered a large cyst in his brain. The health scare meant Boucher could no longer safely play high-impact sports due to recurring migraines.

Looking for a new athletic outlet that was lower intensity, Boucher turned to golf. He picked up the game later than most but used it as a way to deal with his health issues. 

The slower pace of walking and swinging also alleviated any headaches he experienced from strenuous activity. 

Though Boucher wasn’t initially drawn to the placid nature of golf coming from faster-paced sports, it soon became his passion.

Golf Career

After honing his skills as an amateur, Boucher first attempted to play golf professionally. He played on a few lower-level tours and notched some mini-tour victories in Ontario early on. 

However, Boucher gradually realized he couldn’t consistently compete at the level necessary for sustained success. Wrist surgery in 2016 was the final signal and he decided to retire from professional golf pursuits.

Not willing to leave the industry he loved behind altogether, Boucher pivoted to golf instruction instead. He relocated to New Zealand for his first teaching job opportunity before returning to Canada for roles at clubs like Foxbridge and Tour Experience Golf (TXG). 

Boucher’s creativity and engaging style translated well to golf coaching and he also got his first taste of being an on-camera personality with TXG’s growing YouTube channel.

Rise to Instagram Fame

Boucher saw his profile take off even higher when he captured lightning in a bottle with a single swing of the club. 

While playing in Abu Dhabi in early 2021, he hit a long bending shot over water that landed just inches from the hole. 

Boucher posted the epic shot to his modest Instagram account and it immediately went viral after being shared by several big golf pages.

Practically overnight he gained over 7,000 new Instagram followers. For Boucher, it was the breakthrough moment he needed to inspire consistently posting entertaining trick shots and course vlogs to feed the social media machine. 

His account exploded to over 330,000 Instagram followers at last count, making him Canada’s most-followed golfer.

Partnerships and Income

With a massive Instagram audience established, Boucher began attracting attention and sponsor dollars from golf brands. 

One of his first major deals came from TaylorMade for branded Instagram content and use of their equipment. Additional blue-chip partnerships followed with global names like BMW and Primo Golf Apparel.

Boucher’s income comes from both his various sponsor contracts and revenue generated directly by his social media channels. 

Though exact net worth figures are not publicly known, it’s likely in the low to mid-six-figures given his substantial reach. 

The income afforded by his “Instagram golfer” career allows Boucher to maintain his jet-setting lifestyle playing and posting from golf destinations around the world.

Other Golf Media Ventures

Beyond flashy Instagram content, Boucher is also working hard to establish himself as an entertaining golf media personality beyond just viral clips. 

He collaborates frequently with other growing YouTube golfers, appearing in instructional videos and podcasts for partners like Andy Carter Golf.

Boucher also operates his own “Mac Boucher” branded YouTube channel with around 12,000 subscribers at present. 

The channel provides Boucher room to display more of his engaging personality that his Instagram fans respond so well to.

Giving Back to Grow the Game

While Mac Boucher has achieved a great deal of fame and fortune through his golf media exploits, he has not forgotten about helping others learn the game he fell in love with. 

Boucher makes a strong effort to create instructional content accessible to golfers of all skill levels rather than only flashy entertainment.

On his YouTube channel, Instagram page, and collaborations with other golf influencers, Boucher provides actionable tips to help viewers legitimately improve. 

His unconventional hand positions and body motions are seemingly wild but often incredibly effective for those willing to apply them.

Boucher also exudes an infectious childlike enthusiasm for golf that makes the game seem exciting, not stuffy. 

Kids watching his wacky challenge videos come away feeling like they too can have fun playing rather than being intimidated. 

By breaking down barriers, Boucher breeds the next generation of passionate golfers.

Personal Life Details

Details are scarce regarding Boucher’s relationship status or any children. He prefers keeping that side of life private.


In the rapid rise social media world we live in today, personalities with that special “it factor” can gain notoriety quicker than ever before. 

For Mac Boucher, consistently delivering unforgettable golf entertainment to the Instagram masses has earned him hundreds of thousands of enamored followers. 

The social clout led to equipment sponsorships most pros would envy and allowed Boucher to fund the globetrotting golf lifestyle he loves.

While Boucher initially set out to play golf for a living, his on-camera charisma and modern creative style forged an entirely different career in golf media. 

As Boucher expands his YouTube presence and explores other personal projects, his popularity on and off the course looks destined to reach even greater heights.

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