Angela Akins Garcia: A Deep Dive into Her Net Worth

Angela Akins Garcia, a prominent sports journalist and golfer, has certainly made quite a name for herself over the years.

With an impressive career in journalismgolf accolades from her high school days, and marriage to professional golfer Sergio Garcia, it’s no wonder that many are intrigued by Angela’s net worth.

In this blog post, we will delve into her life journey and discuss Angela Akins Garcia’s net worth in 2023—which is estimated at over $3 million—exploring factors such as salary earnings and endorsements.

Key Takeaways

  • Angela Akins Garcia’s estimated net worth in 2023 is over $3 million, with her successful career as a sports journalist and endorsement deals contributing significantly to her wealth.
  • Her background in golf, including winning ten tournaments in high school and being the 2015 women’s club champion at Spanish Oaks Golf Club, has helped build her brand within the sport and pave the way for potential investment opportunities.
  • Angela’s marriage to professional golfer Sergio Garcia has likely added to their combined net worth through shared investments and real estate ventures.
  • Overall, Angela Akins Garcia stands out as a notable figure within the world of golf both on-and-off the greens due to her passion for sports journalism, success on the course, and smart financial decisions that have contributed to her impressive net worth.

Who Is Angela Akins Garcia?

Angela Akins Garcia is a sports journalist and golfer who has made her mark in the industry by winning 10 golf tournaments in high school and building a remarkable career around it.

Early Life And Background

Angela Akins Garcia was born on October 25, 1985, in Marble Falls, Texas. Growing up in a family that held sports close to their hearts, Angela had no shortage of athletic inspiration.

This athletic heritage translated into success for Angela early on as she excelled at golf throughout her high school years. As captain of her school’s golf team, she went on to win ten tournaments during this time.

Career In Journalism

Angela Akins Garcia embarked on her journalism career with Fox Sports Southwest, where she covered college football and co-hosted programs like Fox Football Friday.

In 2015, Angela joined the Golf Channel as a reporter and on-air personality, mainly covering the prestigious PGA Tour. Her keen insights into the world of golf have allowed her to connect with both seasoned professionals and amateur enthusiasts alike.

Notably, she was also crowned women’s club champion at Spanish Oaks Golf Club in Austin, Texas in 2015. As a result of these accomplishments , Angela has amassed an impressive following on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Marriage To Sergio Garcia

Angela Akins Garcia’s marriage to professional golfer Sergio Garcia has been a significant part of her life, and it is worth exploring how their relationship has influenced her career trajectory.

Relationship And Family Life

Sergio Garcia and Angela Akins Garcia first crossed paths at the University of Texas while he was playing for his college golf team, and she was reporting for the Golf Channel.

Their connection blossomed into a love story and strong bond, eventually leading to their marriage on July 4th, 2017, in Texas.

Their family life has been filled with joy through the addition of two beautiful children – Azalea and Enzo. Angela often shares heartwarming moments from her life as a wife and mother on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Sergio too hasn’t shied away from expressing his admiration for his wife – crediting her unwavering support during major tournaments as an essential factor contributing to his success on the course.

Angela Akins Garcia’s Net Worth 2023

Angela Akins Garcia’s net worth is estimated to be over $3 million in 2023, thanks to her successful career as a sports journalist and her marriage to professional golfer Sergio Garcia.

Salary And Earnings

Angela Akins Garcia has had a successful career as a journalist and sports reporter, which has contributed significantly to her estimated net worth of over $3 million.

Her salary ranges from $24,000 to $72,000 per year as a journalist for Golf Channel. However, Angela’s primary source of income is not her journalism career but through her investments and endorsements deals with companies like Adidas, Callaway, and Taylormade.

With the help of her husband Sergio Garcia’s connections in the golf world, she also owns several properties in prime golfing locations worldwide.

Endorsements And Investments

Angela Akins Garcia’s net worth growth can be attributed to endorsements and investments. While the exact details are not disclosed, they are likely significant contributors to her financial success.

The table below highlights some potential sources of income contributing to her net worth.

Source of IncomeDescriptionImpact on Net Worth
Endorsement DealsAngela Akins Garcia has endorsement deals with various companies, although the specifics are not public knowledge.These deals likely contribute to her overall net worth, providing financial support and exposure for her personal brand.
Golf-related InvestmentsWith a background in golf, including being the 2015 women’s club champion at Spanish Oaks Golf Club, Angela may have opportunities to invest in golf-related ventures.These investments could potentially yield significant returns and further increase her net worth.
Social Media InfluenceAngela is highly active on her social media accounts, which may open the door to more endorsement deals or investment opportunities.As her following grows, so does her potential to monetize her influence and increase her net worth.
Real Estate InvestmentsWith her husband Sergio Garcia expressing interest in investing in real estate, particularly in Spain, Angela may contribute to these investments.Real estate investments can offer significant returns, potentially boosting the couple’s combined net worth.
Media OpportunitiesAngela’s journalism background and connection to the golf world may lead to future opportunities in media or golf-related ventures.These opportunities can help increase her net worth and expand her professional portfolio.


In conclusion, Angela Akins Garcia is a successful sports journalist and former golfer with an estimated net worth of over $3 million in 2023.

Her marriage to professional golfer Sergio Garcia has undoubtedly added to her wealth. Through her career as a golf reporter for Fox Sports Southwest and the Golf Channel, she has earned significant recognition and built up an impressive social media following.

Additionally, her investments in real estate and golf course design could potentially add to her net worth in the future.

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