TaylorMade Stealth HD Driver Review          

Like many other golfers, you fight a slice and are in the market to find the golden ticket to fix that problem.

Throughout the years, equipment companies have been looking at ways to help amateur players combat the issue of the dreaded slice.  In 2022, Taylormade built the most forgiving draw-biased driver to date, the Stealth HD.

The Stealth HD driver is for the player that struggles with a Slice or over cut as their miss.  It is for the player looking for a high ball flight with higher spin that wants to hit the ball straighter with maximum forgiveness. 

Within this article, we intend to share our first-hand encounter with the Stealth HD driver. Our aim is to provide an outline of its attributes, encompassing aspects like forgiveness, distance, auditory and tactile perceptions, advantages and disadvantages, available shaft selections, and ultimately, our informed recommendation.

TaylorMade Stealth HD Driver

The Taylormade Stealth HD exhibits a striking similarity to the Stealth head. Much like its counterparts the Stealth and Stealth Plus drivers, the Stealth HD proudly features a 60x carbon twist face.

Resembling the Stealth, the Stealth HD distinguishes itself by taking a step further and advocating for a draw bias, a concept we’ll delve into further below.

This driver offers various loft options – 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees – catering to right-handed players, while left-handed golfers can opt for between 9 and 10.5 degrees.

The club maintains a standardized length of 45.75″ and is equipped with a stock swing weight of D4/D5.

Sounds, Look and Feel

During our testing, we observed that compared to previous TaylorMade models like the SIM 2, the three TaylorMade Stealth drivers, HD delivered a duller sound and more subdued feel.

Personally, as players inclined towards a deeper sound and richer feel, we weren’t particularly drawn to this head in that regard. However, if sound and feel aren’t your primary concern, it’s worth giving these a shot.

The Stealth HD features a matte black crown complemented by a vivid red face, a combination we found appealing. The matte black crown served to counteract sun glare, and the red face enhanced our ability to establish a consistent setup at the address.

The underside of the Stealth HD head features an entirely black base adorned with “Stealth” lettering in white. 


The design of the Stealth HD integrates a 60x carbon twist face, a technological leap that granted Taylormade the capability to redistribute weight from the clubface towards the edges and rear of the head.

Notably departing from the norms of other draw-biased drivers available, the Stealth HD was ingeniously crafted to boast the highest Moment of Inertia (MOI) among the Stealth driver range.

In an industry where numerous draw-biased models compromise MOI due to a raised center of gravity, Taylormade has impressively achieved the remarkable feat of retaining substantial MOI while simultaneously optimizing spin through the design of this draw-oriented head.


Beyond its forgiveness attributes, the inclusion of the 60x carbon twist face provided TaylorMade with the means to push ball speeds to the brink of the USGA’s allowable limit.

Alongside the carbon face, the Stealth HD driver also incorporates a through-slot speed pocket strategically positioned behind the clubface.

This precisely engineered milled cup contributes to enhancing the face’s pliability, resulting in elevated ball speed and an overall heightened performance level.

The convergence of these two characteristics, coupled with the added roll gained through the draw-promoting feature, significantly contributed to augmenting distance during our testing.

Shaft Options 

              Air Speeder 45

*To learn more about specific specs please CLICK HERE.

Pros and Cons


●       Maximum forgiveness

●       High launch and high spin to get the ball in the air and keep it in play

●       Draw bias for players that need help fighting a slice


●       Dull sound and dull feel

●       Higher launching than some players may need

●       Draw bias is not right for everyone

Other Options in the Stealth Lineup

TaylorMade Stealth

Very similar to the Stealth HD but less draw biased is the Stealth. This innovative driver stands out as the first in the market to showcase a complete carbon face, underlining TaylorMade’s pioneering spirit.

The driver is available in various options to cater to different player preferences. Right-handed players can select from 9, 10.5, and 12-degree versions, whereas left-handed players have the choice of 9 and 10.5 degrees.

Boasting a standard length of 45.75″ and a stock swing weight of D4/D5, the Stealth driver delivers both adaptability and top-notch performance.

TaylorMade Stealth Plus

Geared for the lower handicap golfer looking for a lot of adjustability from its sliding weight, low launch, and low spin; the Stealth Plus is a great option.

Similarly, it boasted a cutting-edge 60x carbon face, setting an industry precedent.

The driver includes 8, 9, and 10.5-degree options for right-handed players, while left-handed players can opt for the 9 or 10.5-degree versions.

Sporting a conventional length of 45.75″ and a stock swing weight of D5, the Stealth Plus driver upholds performance standards.


Through extensive rounds of testing on both the golf course and driving range, our team collectively reached a unanimous verdict: the Stealth HD driver stands as one of the premier clubs available for high handicap players seeking to counteract their tendency to slice shots.

The integration of the 60x carbon twist face provided Taylormade with a platform to optimize not only forgiveness—an achievement that deviates from the norm due to the requisite elevated center of gravity in draw-biased drivers—but also to leverage the carbon face in conjunction with the thru slot speed pocket. This powerful combination aids golfers in maximizing ball speeds, pushing them to the upper limit set by the USGA.

If you happen to be a high handicap golfer in search of comprehensive forgiveness, heightened launch, increased spin, and assistance in mitigating a slice, the Stealth HD is a must-add to your bag.

We trust that this evaluation aids your decision-making process, as our team is in unanimous agreement that there exists no superior driver in the market tailored to players of your caliber.

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