Inside Look into the Stunning Net Worth of Michael Greller

Michael Greller is the caddy for professional golfer Jordan Spieth. He has worked as Spieth’s caddy since 2012 and has been a key part of his success on the golf course. 

Here’s everything you may want to know about his career, net worth, and personal life. 

What Is Michael Greller’s Net Worth?

Throughout his 10-year career as a caddy, Michael Greller earned a $10 million net worth. 

Michael Greller’s Profile

Michael Greller - Valero Texas Open
  • Gender: Male 
  • Age: 45 years old 
  • Birthplace: Grand Haven, Michigan, USA 
  • Height: 5’7” (170 cm) 
  • Weight: 145.5 lbs (66 kg) 

Michael Greller’s Professional Background

Here’s an overview of Greller’s career since the start of it: 

2006: The Beginnings of A Caddy

Michael Greller is a former sixth-grade math teacher at Narrows View Intermediate School in University Place, Washington. With his interest in golf, he first started carrying golfers’ bags in 2006. 

After that, he caddied as a way to make extra money. However, he quickly developed a passion for the sport, which made him decide to leave his teaching job and pursue a career as a full-time caddy. 

2012: First Contact with Jordan Spieth

In 2011, Greller was introduced to Jordan Spieth through Justin Thomas, whom Greller caddied for during the 2010 U.S. Amateur. Greller first caddied for Spieth at the 2011 U.S. Amateur, which Spieth went on to win.  

Michael Greller - WIth Son

2012: U.S. Open

The following year, Greller caddied for Spieth at the U.S. Open, where Spieth became a pro. The two formed a strong bond and have been working together ever since.  

2015: Road to Number One

In 2015, Greller helped Spieth win the Masters, the U.S. Open, and the Tour Championship, making Spieth the youngest player since World War II to win three legs of the modern Grand Slam in a single season.  

The same year, Spieth achieved his number-one position in the Official World Golf Rankings. 

2017: The Unstoppable Duo

During his time caddying for Spieth, Greller has also helped him win several other tournaments, including the 2017 Open Championship and the 2018 Travelers Championship. 

Greller is known for his ability to read greens and provide useful information on club selection and strategy. He is also respected for his ability to remain calm under pressure, which is one of the key traits of a successful caddy. 

Michael Greller and Jordan Spieth

Additionally, He has been credited by Jordan Spieth for helping to improve his game, both physically and mentally. Michael has been closely monitoring and working on Spieth’s swing and game for almost a decade now which has led to some of the most successful seasons of Spieth’s career. 

How Does A Caddy Make Money?

A caddy usually earns a percentage of the golfer’s earnings. The rates are typically negotiated between the golfer and the caddy, and may also depend on the golfer’s success and the caddy’s level of experience. 

On top of getting a percentage from the golfer’s earnings, some caddies may receive monthly or weekly salaries. They may also receive additional payments if they choose to work as an instructor at golf academies. 

Though uncommon, caddies can also work as individual contractors, which means that they work for multiple golfers. However, working with multiple golfers may lead to unsteady incomes, since caddies need to be aware of their schedules when taking in new clients. 

Michael Greller’s Family Life

Michael Greller Go Get That

Michael Greller married his now-wife, Ellie Greller, in 2013. Currently, they have one child who was born in 2017. 

It’s worth noting that being a caddy is not a regular 9-5 job. It is common for caddies to have families, and many caddies can balance their professional and personal lives. 

However, being a caddy requires a lot of travel, which can be challenging for those with families. Caddies may travel a lot with their clients and work during weekends and holidays. Sometimes they might be away from home for extended periods. 

Some caddies choose to bring their families with them on the road. Others may rely on the support of their loved ones at home to help them balance their busy schedules. 

For Michael and Ellie, Ellie decided to leave her job as a kindergarten teacher to accompany Greller on tour. Though challenging, they say that the opportunities and the success they have had so far helped a lot to strengthen their relationship. 

Quick Facts

  • Michael Greller works for Jordan Spieth, a professional golfer from the United States. Today, Spieth stands at number 15 in the Official World Golf Ranking.
  • Greller started as a middle school teacher earning a $55,000 annual salary. After the school season ended, he would caddy at the U.S. Open Course for $100 a bag. 
  • Michael Greller and Ellie Greller got married at Chambers Bay Golf Course in 2013.
  • Greller played golf when he attended Northwestern College, Iowa. He ranked as the number 2 golfer overall during the NAIA National Tournament. 

Wrap Up

Michael Greller Net Worth

Greller is one of the most successful and top-ranked caddies today. His window to success started when he crossed paths and caddied for Justin Thomas during the US Amateur in 2010.  

As a favor for Thomas, Greller became a caddy for amateur golfer Jordan Spieth in 2012. The chemistry and bond they built together were undeniable, and Greller became Jordan Spieth’s permanent caddy after a year. 

Before becoming a full-time Caddy, Greller had a 10-year teaching career. Along the way, he has acquired skills that he also applies when caddying. 

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