Michael Greller Net Worth, Wiki: Everything About Jordan Spieth’s Caddie

Michael Greller is well-known as the caddie for professional golfer Jordan Spieth. 

As Jordan Spieth’s caddy, Michael Greller has earned significant wealth and has a net worth estimated at over $10 million. 

Let’s take a closer look at Michael Greller’s net worth, career as a caddie, and his life outside of golf.

Who is Michael Greller?

Michael Greller is a professional caddie from Washington state.

He was born in 1978 to John Greller and Jane Greller and has two siblings, Katie and Tom Greller. Before becoming a caddy for Jordan Spieth, Michael Greller was a regular math teacher at a middle school. 

Michael Greller - Valero Texas Open

In 2011, Michael Greller left his teaching career to become the full-time caddie for then-amateur golfer Jordan Spieth.

When Spieth turned professional in 2012, Greller continued as his caddie. The caddie and golfer duo have achieved great success together, including winning the Masters Tournament in 2015.

Outside of caddying, Michael Greller is married to his wife Ellie Greller.

The couple exchanged vows with close friends and family at the Chambers Bay Golf Course in Washington.

How Did Michael Greller Become a Caddie?

Michael Greller developed a passion for golf from a young age. His passion for golf led him to become a caddie to make extra money.

Greller began his career carrying his golf bags at age 13. 

In 2009, Greller was carrying Justin Thomas’ bag at the 2009 U.S. Amateur. It was there that Greller met 15-year old amateur golfer Jordan Spieth who asked Greller to be his caddie. 

Greller accepted and continued carrying Spieth’s golf bag at various amateur events. When Spieth turned professional in 2012, Greller went with him to the PGA Tour.

What is Michael Greller’s Net Worth?

As Jordan Spieth’s caddy, Michael Greller has earned significant wealth. Greller’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million as of 2023.

Michael Greller - WIth Son

The bulk of Greller’s net worth comes from the prize money earned by Jordan Spieth in tournaments. On average, caddies receive 5-10% of the golfer’s prize money. 

Considering Spieth has earned over $50 million in prize money so far, Greller has likely earned around $5 million from Spieth’s winnings. Greller also earns a salary from Spieth that likely ranges from $100,000 to $1 million per year.

At just 45 years old, Greller’s net worth will likely continue growing as he remains Spieth’s caddie. He is already one of the highest-paid caddies on the PGA Tour.

Quick Facts About Michael Greller

  • Born: 1978 (Age: 45 years old)
  • Birthplace: Washington, United States
  • Parents: John Greller and Jane Greller  
  • Siblings: Sister Katie Greller, Brother Tom Greller
  • Wife: Ellie Greller (m. 2011)
  • Former Job: Math teacher at a middle school
  • Began Caddying: At age 13
  • Caddie For: Jordan Spieth (since 2009)
  • Est. Net Worth: $10 million
Michael Greller and Jordan Spieth

Michael Greller’s Caddying Career Timeline

Here is a quick timeline of the major events in Michael Greller’s caddying career:

  • 2009: Carried Justin Thomas’ bag at the U.S. Amateur
  • 2009: Became caddie for amateur Jordan Spieth 
  • 2010: Caddied for Spieth at the U.S. Amateur  
  • 2011: Left teaching job to caddie full-time 
  • 2012: Continued as Spieth’s caddie when he turned pro
  • 2015: Caddied Spieth to Masters Tournament win
  • 2015: Caddied Spieth to U.S. Open win 
  • 2017: Caddied Spieth to Open Championship win
  • 2023: Estimated net worth of $10+ million

What is Michael Greller’s Role as Jordan Spieth’s Caddie?

As Jordan Spieth’s caddie, Greller takes on many important roles:

Carries the Golf Bag

Greller carries Spieth’s bag which can weigh up to 50 lbs. He manages the 14 clubs and ensures Spieth has what he needs.

Provides Emotional Support

Greller keeps Spieth focused on the next shot. He provides perspective and reassurance during high-pressure moments. 

Recommends Clubs & Shots

Greller advises Spieth on which clubs to use, how to play shots, and reading greens. His advice is often trusted over Spieth’s own instincts.

Manages Logistics

Greller scouts the course, takes notes, helps with travel, and manages Spieth’s busy schedule.

Michael Greller Go Get That

Trusted Advisor

As a close friend, Greller knows Spieth well and can provide valued guidance on and off the course.

Clearly, Greller plays a pivotal role in Spieth’s incredible success on the golf course. He’ll continue to be an integral part of Spieth’s team for years to come.

How Much Does Jordan Spieth Pay Michael Greller? 

There is no public data on Greller’s exact salary and compensation from Spieth.

However, most successful PGA Tour caddies earn between $100,000 to $1 million per year from their player.

It’s likely that Greller earns at the higher end of that range, considering Spieth is a top money earner and they have a close friendship.

In addition to a base salary, Greller earns a percentage (around 5-10%) from Spieth’s prize money and bonuses.

Michael Greller Net Worth

For winning the 2015 Masters, Greller likely earned around $230,000 from Spieth’s $1.8 million payout.

Considering Spieth’s over $50 million in career earnings so far, Greller has earned millions over the years as his caddie.

Fun Facts About Michael Greller and Jordan Spieth

  1. Greller first caddied for Spieth when Jordan was only 15 years old. 
  2. Spieth’s family invited Greller’s wife Ellie to attend the 2015 Masters victory.
  3. Ellie Greller left her job as a teacher to attend Spieth’s tournaments.  
  4. Greller’s battle with Parkinson’s disease has inspired Spieth.
  5. Spieth, Greller and their wives often vacation together.
  6. Greller caddied in shoes borrowed from Spieth at the 2015 U.S. Open.
  7. Spieth trusts Greller’s advice more than his own instincts while playing.

Key Takeaways About Michael Greller

Michael Greller has an estimated net worth of $10 million as Jordan Spieth’s caddie since 2009.

He has earned millions in salary and prize money percentages from Spieth’s career earnings.

Greller left his job as a middle school math teacher to caddie full-time in 2011. 

He is married to Ellie Greller and is close friends with Spieth and his family.

As Spieth’s caddie, Greller provides club selection advice, emotional support, course management and trusted guidance.

At just 45 years old, Greller’s net worth will likely continue to grow as he remains part of Spieth’s team.

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