Inside the Winning Mindset: What’s in Justin Thomas’s Bag

Imagine standing on the edge of a pristine golf course, the early morning dew still fresh on the greens. In your hand, you hold the same club that Justin Thomas, one of the world’s top golfers, wields to dominate the game. What’s the secret to his consistent success?

The answer may just lie within the confines of his meticulously packed golf bag. In this exclusive feature, we’re going to take you on a rare journey to unlock the mysteries behind the equipment that fuels Justin Thomas’s mastery.

Time is ticking, and each moment you wait could be a moment lost in improving your own game. So, let’s delve in and uncover the magic hiding in his bag.

Are you ready to elevate your game to the next level?

Justin Thomas Clubs: What’s in the Bag?

Driver: Titleist TSR3 (10 degrees loft, Mitsubishi Diamana ZF 60TX shaft)

Fairway Woods:

Titleist TS3, 3 Wood (15 degrees loft, Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Blue 85 TX shaft)

Titleist 915FD, 5 Wood (19 degrees loft, Fujikura Motors Speeder VC 9.2 Tour Spec X shaft)


Titleist T100 4-iron (True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shaft)

Titleist 621.JT 5-9 irons (True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts)


Titleist Vokey Design SM9 (46º-10F at 47.5º, True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shaft; 52º-12F at 52.5º, 56-14F at 57º, True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts)

Titleist Vokey Design WedgeWorks (60-T at 60.5º, True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shaft)

Putter: Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 Tour Prototype (SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour grip)

Golf Ball: Titleist Pro V1x

Golf Shoes: FootJoy Premiere

Driver: Titleist TSR3

If you’ve ever watched Justin Thomas effortlessly launch those booming drives down the fairway, you’ve probably thought he had some kind of magic wand. But the secret behind his powerful drives isn’t magic, it’s the result of carefully crafted golf technology – the Titleist TSR3 driver.

Justin’s journey with drivers has seen him test several models. He started out with the TS3, dabbled with the TSi2 driver, but it’s the TSR3 that has earned a permanent spot in his golf bag. Why the TSR3? This driver is noted for its exceptional adjustability and forgiveness, even by Titleist’s impressive standards.

Imagine having the ability to fine-tune your shot shape simply by sliding a weight back and forth. If your shots are veering too much to the right, slide the weight to the heel for a draw.

If they’re hooking too much to the left, add more weight on the toe for a fade. This is the beauty of the TSR3’s SureFit adjustable hosel and performance-tuned CG track system.

And the final piece of the puzzle? The Mitsubishi Diamond ZF 60 TX shaft completes the setup of this driver. It’s not just about the club head, but also about having the right shaft.

But don’t just take it from us. The results are there for all to see in Justin’s drives. The way he uses the TSR3 is a testament to its potential and capabilities.

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Fairway Woods

When it comes to those challenging par-5s and elusive par-4s, Justin Thomas knows the importance of precision and distance. That’s when his trusty fairway woods, the Titleist TS3 3-wood and the Titleist 915FD 5-wood, shine.

The TS3 3-wood, featuring a 15-degree loft and a Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Blue 85 TX shaft, offers the perfect balance of power and control. It’s his go-to when aiming to conquer the green in just two strokes.

The 915FD 5-wood, on the other hand, combines a 19-degree loft with a Fujikura Motors Speeder VC 9.2 Tour Spec X shaft. This club is the epitome of precision and versatility, making it an ideal choice for those demanding lay-ups or when a driver isn’t the best fit.

These clubs are more than just functional tools – they’re marvels of golfing technology and design. Their exceptional performance is a testament to Titleist’s dedication to innovation.

So, the next time you’re grappling with a difficult fairway, remember the potential power of these fairway woods.

If they can do wonders for Justin Thomas, they might just elevate your game too.

Irons: Titleist T100 4-iron, Titleist 621.JT 5-9 irons

When it comes to Irons, Justin Thomas has a special place in his bag for the Titleist T100 4-iron and his custom-forged Titleist 621.JT 5-9 irons. These clubs are more than just equipment; they’re his trusted allies on the course.

Justin’s T100 4-iron, a true masterpiece of engineering, is renowned for its forgiving nature and striking performance.

It’s his weapon of choice when tackling long par-3’s or those tricky par-5’s where reaching the green in two becomes a tantalizing possibility. The combination of distance, accuracy, and playability makes this club a favorite for Justin.

As for the 621.JT 5-9 irons, these aren’t your average clubs. Custom ground with minimal offset, they’re the embodiment of precision and control.

Forged to perfection, they offer an unrivaled feel and a striking consistency that is essential on the PGA tour. When these clubs are in Justin’s hands, birdies aren’t just a hope; they’re an expectation.

It’s the perfect blend of craftsmanship and performance, designed for those who demand excellence from every shot.

Wedges: Titleist Vokey Design SM9, Titleist Vokey Design Wedgeworks

There’s a unique aspect of Justin Thomas’s golf bag that fans and golf enthusiasts might find particularly intriguing – his wedges. He carries four of them – Titleist Vokey SM9’s at 47, 52, and 57 degrees, and a special 60.5-degree WedgeWorks design.

These wedges aren’t just known for their performance; they also carry a personal touch. Each one has the nickname ‘Radar’ stamped on it, a tribute to his junior golf days when he was admired for his uncanny ability to hit the target.

In a nutshell, Justin’s wedges are a testament to his precision and control on the course. T

he Vokey SM9’s are known for their exceptional spin control and versatility, while the WedgeWorks design offers customized performance for those particularly tricky shots.

It’s this attention to detail and commitment to personalized equipment that helps make Justin Thomas one of the top golfers in the world.

Justin Thomas Putter: Scotty Cameron T-5 Prototype

In the world of professional golf, the putter is often considered the most personal club in a player’s bag, and for Justin Thomas, it’s no different. While he briefly reconnected with an old favorite, the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 prototype, his mainstay on the greens is the Scotty Cameron T-5 Prototype.

The Newport 2 prototype did make a brief appearance in his bag. Thomas revealed that he often travels with this putter, finding it useful for practice despite not always intending to use it in competition.

However, the Scotty Cameron T-5 Prototype has taken center stage in his game. This particular putter, known for its unique fang-shaped mallet design, seems to suit Thomas’s putting style perfectly.

Renowned for its balance, precision, and consistency, the T-5 Prototype aligns with Thomas’s finesse and strategic approach on the greens, making it an integral part of his golfing arsenal.

Justin Thomas’ Golf Balls: Titleist Pro V1x

Every great golfer knows that the choice of golf ball can be as crucial as the clubs in their bag. For Justin Thomas, the Titleist Pro V1x is his ball of choice, and it plays a pivotal role in his success on the course.

The Pro V1x is known for its exceptional performance, delivering both impressive distance and consistent flight. But it’s not just about raw power.

The Pro V1x also shines when it comes to control, providing low long-game spin and high trajectory, a combination that gives Thomas the confidence to attack pins from any distance.

Moreover, this ball is famous for its soft feel, giving Thomas the finesse he needs around the greens.

Whether he’s driving for show or putting for dough, the Titleist Pro V1x is an indispensable part of Justin Thomas’s game, helping him maintain his status as one of the top golfers in the world.

Justin Thomas’ Grips: Golf Tour Velvet Tour Cords and Superstroke Pistol GT Tour

In golf, the connection between a player’s hands and their clubs is absolutely crucial, and that’s where Justin Thomas’s choice of grips comes into play.

He trusts the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips for his clubs, a choice that reflects his need for superior control and responsiveness in all weather conditions.

The cord material in these grips provides excellent traction, allowing Thomas to execute precise shots even in challenging conditions.

For his putter, Thomas opts for the Superstroke Pistol GT Tour grip. This grip is known for its superior feel and control, offering a blend of traditional style and modern technology.

The no-taper design promotes even grip pressure, which can lead to improved putting consistency.

Together, these grips contribute to Thomas’s performance, providing the feel and security he needs to play his best game.

Justin Thomas’ Shoes: Footjoy Golf Shoes

Footwear is an essential aspect of a golfer’s gear, providing the stability and comfort needed for those long hours on the course. Justin Thomas places his trust in Footjoy, a brand renowned for its high-quality golf shoes.

Footjoy golf shoes are recognized for their exceptional balance of performance, comfort, and style. These shoes offer excellent stability, allowing Thomas to confidently transfer his weight during his swing without losing balance.

The robust cushioning ensures comfort through 18 holes and beyond, while the waterproof design keeps his feet dry in all weather conditions.

But it’s not just about functionality for Thomas. The sleek design and sharp look of Footjoy shoes match his style, ensuring he looks the part of a champion golfer as he navigates the course.

In essence, Footjoy shoes give Justin Thomas the grip, comfort, and confidence he needs to perform at his best.


In conclusion, the contents of Justin Thomas’s golf bag provide a fascinating insight into the mind of this champion golfer.

From the trusted precision of his Titleist clubs, the custom grind of his Irons, and the unique design of his Scotty Cameron T-5 Prototype putter, to the reliable performance of his Titleist Pro V1x golf balls, each item is a testament to his dedication to the sport and the meticulous attention to detail that is required at this elite level of competition.

His equipment choices reflect not just his skill level, but also his personal style and preferences. The ‘Radar’ stamped on his wedges harks back to his junior golf days, while his Footjoy shoes and Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips add a touch of personal flair and comfort to his game.

Whether you’re an aspiring golfer or a seasoned pro, there’s much to learn from the contents of Justin Thomas’s bag. The right equipment can not only enhance your game but can also provide the confidence and comfort needed to perform at your best.

As evidenced by Justin Thomas, every detail counts when you’re playing at the highest level of golf.

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