Mizuno ST-MAX 230 Driver Review

Mizuno is known for its irons, but the Mizuno ST-MAX 230 driver is not one to look past. If you are looking for a forgiving and stable clubhead, this is where you’ll find it. We were kind of surprised by the performance we got from this Mizuno club.

In fact, we never expected it to be as stable as it is at impact. If you want a unique option for a new driver that’s also pretty technologically advanced, this could do it. 

Mizuno ST-Max 230 Driver: TLDR

Not necessarily known as a top driver in the game, the Mizuno ST-Max flies under the radar but offers incredible ball speed, adjustability, and a ton of stability at impact. If you hit one drive left, and then the next right, give the Mizuno ST-Max 230 a try; it could straighten them all out. 


The Mizuno blade irons didn’t become the top pick for low-handicap golfers by accident. The technology Mizuno uses is very advanced. They consider performance but never give up on the idea of feel in the club head. Feel should not be underestimated when purchasing a driver. 

  • Cortech Chamber increases ball speed even when you miss the center of the face. 
  • Beta Rich Ti LFS Face is a new, lighter, and faster face material for increased distance. 
  • Maximum stability with 54g back weighting, it’s a highly predictable golf driver. 
  • Quick switch hosel provides 4 degrees of loft adjustability that fine-tunes both the trajectory and the appearance of the club. 

What Makes The Mizuno ST-Max 230 Worth It? 

It’s important to start by saying the Mizuno ST-Max 230 is designed for the mid to high handicap players. It’s probably not the option for the aspiring tour pro.

It’s a high MOI club and has adjustable features for a personalized setup. Here’s what we liked about the club. 

Very Stable At Impact 

At impact the driver needs to stay very stable if you want to maximize distance and keep it in the middle of the fairway. Unfortunately, some drivers are subject to twisting or turning and it creates issues with ball flight and control. 

When we tested the Mizuno ST-MAx 230, the thing that stood out the most was its stability at impact. Even when you don’t take your best swing, it’s so reliable when you get to the golf ball. 

Easy To Find The Center

The center of the clubface on the Mizuno ST Max 230 is really easy to find. The sweet spot is huge, and then you throw that extra stability in place, and it’s considerably easier to launch. 


The driver is an adjustable club. For mid to high handicappers, the ability to change the loft is great. It does not have an adjustable center of gravity because it was designed for maximum forgiveness. However, the Mizuno ST-G does if you think that’s something you need in your game. 


The biggest benefit of the Mizuno ST-Max 230 driver is the stability of the clubhead at impact. It helps it be one of the most forgiving golf drivers we tested. 

  • High MOI and very forgiving when you miss the center 
  • Adjustable loft 
  • High ball speed thanks to Beta Rich Ti face 


We didn’t love that the center of gravity isn’t adjustable in the Mizuno. Even if it’s done to make the driver incredibly forgiving, it’s still nice to be able to fine tune the club for your needs. 

  • Very forgiving, not the best for lower handicap golfers who want workability 
  • The wider-looking clubhead takes a bit to adjust to.

Who Should Play with This Driver

The Mizuno ST-Max 230 is perfect for mid to high handicappers. If you want forgiveness and are tired of hitting the slice or the hook off the tee box, you should find some help with the Mizuno in play. 

In addition, we really like the Mizuno ST-Max 230 for the new golfer. You can adjust the loft to work for your game but it has the right technology and performance to work while you move to a high and then mid handicapper. 

Comparison Table: Mizuno ST-MAX 230 vs. Mizuno ST-G

If the Mizuno ST-Max 230 isn’t for you, you may want to consider the Mizuno St-G. The ST-G is, without a doubt the better player’s model. It is very workable and has great control. The clubhead is slightly smaller and has a more compact top-down look. 

I would say if your handicap is less than a 10 you may want to look at the Mizuno ST-G instead. You’ll still get that same great Mizuno feel but you may find it easier to get the driver to do what you need it to do.

One thing we like a little better about the ST-G is the ability to move the center of gravity around and fine tune the ball flight. Again, that’s not the case with the ST-Max 230 simply because of the maximum forgiveness built in.  

FeatureMizuno ST-MAX 230Mizuno ST-G
Design FocusMax MOI and StabilityAdjustable CG for custom shot shaping
Key TechnologyCORTECH Chamber, Beta Rich Ti LFS Face, Max StabilityMoveable weights for CG adjustment, Beta Titanium Face
Ideal ForForgiveness and straight ball flightSkilled golfers seeking workability and control
Loft Adjustability4 degrees4 degrees
Clubhead Size460cc440cc

Final Thoughts 

Until you read through our review of the Mizuno ST-Max 230 did you think about investing in a Mizuno driver? These clubs don’t get nearly as much attention as the irons and wedges. The Mizuno putters sort of fly under the radar as well. 

However, if you are a mid to high handicapper who has tried some of the top options from Titleist, TaylorMade, and Callaway and you can’t find a fit, don’t leave out Mizuno. 

In fact, of all the drivers we have been testing, the ST-Max 230 is probably the most stable at impact. That stability should gain you some extra yards and a lot more consistency. 

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