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The more you test and study golf clubs, the more apparent it is that Cleveland makes some really great equipment at a fair price. When we completed our best drivers lineup we always add the Cleveland Launcher XL in as a fair priced option for the mid to high handicap golfer. 

However, you should know some specifics about the Cleveland Launcher XL technology. As great as the price tag can look on this club, it’s certainly not for everyone. Here’s what we discovered when we tested the Cleveland Launcher XL Driver. 

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver: TLDR

This is not the best golf driver on the market for all golfers. However, it’s one of the most advanced that Cleveland has produced. It’s very forgiving and has good ball speed.

It doesn’t have a pure feel (like you get with the Ping G430 Max 10K), but it offers very consistent performance.

If you are on a budget, have a higher handicap, and have a slower swing speed, you’ll like the Cleveland Launcher XL Driver and what it brings to the table. 


Although Clevleand may not advertise as much of their technology like Callaway and TaylorMade do, these clubs are still packed with- top of the line advancements that can help your game. Here’s a few that may matter to you. 

  • The club head is large and offers a very high launch; they don’t call this XL for anything! 
  • Rebound frame technology features alternating zones of flexibility and rigidity to help transfer more energy into the ball at impact (you’ll get more speed and distance)
  • Action Mass CB is an 8 gram counterbalance weight to help improve control and balance 
  • An adjustable hosel with 12 positions for improving launch and trajectory, it’s adjustable in .5-degree increments. 

What Makes The Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Worth It? 

If golf were all about finding the lowest-priced drivers and making them work for your game, things would be easier. However, that’s not the case. The Cleveland Launcher XL Driver may be low-priced, but that’s not what makes it a good fit for some players. 

Take a look at more of the specifics and what makes this one stand out. 

Action Mass CB 

Before testing the Cleveland Launcher XL driver, I was a little nervous about how this counterbalanced weight would affect the way the driver feels. Although it may not seem like 8g of weight is a lot, it’s a good amount to add to the grip end of a club. 

I was impressed with the way the counterbalanced weight improved the driver’s control. 

Sometimes, with a lightweight club, you sacrifice a bit of control. 

That’s not the case here. 

In fact, I think it’s why the Clevleand Launch XL Driver was one of the most consistent of the drivers we tested. If you want a traditional build, you can do that, but the Action Mass CB is what makes this one stand out. 

Forgiveness is Strong 

The overall forgiveness of the Cleveland Launcher XL Driver is high. You won’t have trouble with getting this one to fly straight. In fact, I would even recommend it for golfers who struggle with a bit of a slice. 

It’s forgiving enough to get the ball down the fairway. 

Adjustability is a Positive 

We know that adjustability adds a bit of weight to a golf driver, which is why Cleveland has avoided it in the past. However, I like the ability to fine-tune this Cleveland Launcher XL driver to my needs. 

If your game is changing a bit and you don’t know if you need a 10.5 or 11 degree driver, you won’t have to make that decision. Just find something that allows for adjustability for both of those lofts. 

It saves money and frustration purchasing an adjustable golf driver. 


As long as you are a slower swing speed golfer with a mid to high handicap, you’ll love everything about the Cleveland Launcher XL Driver. The only real issues are when lower handicappers try to hit draws and fades or want to maximize distance and workability. 

  • Higher ball speeds than previous models
  • Very stable and consistent at impact 
  • Very forgiving due to the XL head design and high MOI 
  • Launch angle and trajectory are adjustable 


If you are a lower handicap golfer who is looking for the most advanced technology on the market, you may stay away from this one. It’s not that it’s a poor driver, it’s just not built for your game. 

  • Head size is very large, not all that workable 
  • Counterbalance design is not a fit for all players 
  • Ball speeds don’t get quite as high as other brands (Cobra, Ping, etc.) 

Who Should Play With the Cleveland Launcher XL Driver? 

If you think the Cleveland Launcher XL Driver could be for you, double-check here to ensure it has everything you need. Here are the golfers that will have the most success with this club. 

Slower swing speed players: if you are looking for more distance, the Cleveland Launcher XL is light enough and hot enough off the face to provide it. 

Golfers who need consistency: one of the most consistent drivers we tested, if you want to find the center of the clubface more often this is the club to do it with. 

Any player seeking forgiveness at a fair price: the Cleveland Launcher XL is a very fairly priced driver that has a large sweet spot and extra large clubhead. It’s forgiving! 

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, at this point, you have a better idea of whether the Cleveland Launcher XL could be a good fit for your golf game. We were impressed after testing the driver how well it can compete against the competition at a really fair price.

Also, Cleveland has done well by adding adjustability into this clubhead; for so many years, they stayed away from adjustability, but it’s a great benefit to have it back.

Finally, the Action Mass CB is a unique feature that helps Cleveland stand out among other brands, give this one a try. 

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