Harry Diamond Net Worth, Wiki, and Bio – Caddie for Rory McIlroy

Some caddies work with a long list of pro golfers, one after the other. But Harry Diamond isn’t one of them.

The Irish golfer has only looped for one golf player over the years, and that would be his childhood friend, Rory McIlroy.

How did the two end up working together? What else is going on in the caddie’s life? That’s what we set out to find here by looking at Harry Diamond’s net worth, wiki, and bio.

Key Facts: Harry Diamond’s Profile at a Glance

First things first, let’s take a quick look at the caddie’s profile:

  • Age: 39 (around five years older than Rory McIlroy)
  • Nationality: Irish
  • Hometown: Holywood, Co Down

Harry Diamond’s Background

Harry Diamond’s history with golf traces back to his upbringing in Northern Ireland’s County Down. As a kid, he joined the Hollywood Golf Club, which set the stage for a remarkable journey that would intertwine his fate with that of one of golf’s biggest names, Rory McIlroy.

McIlroy also used to play at the same club, so the two quickly became friends. Diamond, who was 12 at the time, was like an “older brother” to the young golfer. 

Over the years, the friendship got stronger—so much so that Diamond was McIlroy’s best man at his 2017 wedding to Erica Stoll. He even helped organize the golfer’s bachelor party!

Pro Golf

It looks like Diamond had the talent to potentially pursue a professional golf career, winning the prestigious 2012 West of Ireland Championship, which earned him a spot in that year’s Irish Open. He also made it to the finals of the 2011 North of Ireland Championship.

However, Diamond ultimately chose not to pursue a career as a professional golfer.

Personal Life

Outside of golf, there is little we know about Harry Diamond’s personal life. The little we do know comes in the context of his friendship with McIlroy. For instance, we know he’s married and has two kids because he took a brief break from caddying when his kids were born.

Harry Diamond’s Journey as Rory McIlroy’s Caddie

Harry Diamond and Rory McIlroy’s partnership has evolved over many years. What started as occasional looping has transformed into a full-time professional relationship marked by trust and respect.

Let’s take a closer look at Harry Diamond’s caddying career.

It All Started With Occasional Looping

Well before becoming McIlroy’s permanent caddie, Diamond had stepped in to carry the bag for his best friend at tournaments occasionally. 

This included the 2005 Irish Open when 15-year-old Rory McIlroy was still an amateur.

Going Full-Time to Replace J.P. Fitzgerald

For around eight years, McIlroy enjoyed a partnership with caddie J.P. Fitzgerald. 

However, leading up to the 2017 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, McIlroy decided it was time for a change and parted ways with his longtime looper. 

It doesn’t look like the decision to part ways with Fitzgerald was fueled by irreconcilable differences but rather a need for a new perspective.

However, McIlroy did admit that he was very hard on his caddie. The golfer said that he would get frustrated and take it out on Fitzgerlad.

Regardless of the reason behind the split, McIlroy needed a new looper.

Needing to fill the sudden vacancy fast, McIlroy selected his trusted friend, Diamond, as a replacement. The two quickly discovered they loved working together, and Diamond soon transitioned into the full-time caddie position.

Admirable Caddie-Player Chemistry

McIlroy sees Diamond first as a close friend before considering him a caddie. Their lifelong friendship translates into an inspiring chemistry where McIlroy feels comfortable being himself without getting angry or frustrated.

In fact, McIlroy did hit back against criticisms of his caddie and best friend, calling them “unfair.”

Clearly, the two have an unshakeable bond. Recently, one of Diamond’s video messages left McIlroy in tears at the Ryder Cup Team Europe meeting!

Reaping the Fruits of the Partnership

With Diamond carrying his clubs full-time since late 2017, McIlroy has enjoyed significant success, including multiple PGA victories and two FedEx Cup titles. 

Notably, Diamond’s advice and guidance have directly led to tournament wins.

A prime example was the 2021 Wells Fargo Championship. On the daunting final hole, Diamond convinced McIlroy to take a penalty drop rather than attempt a fairway. The decision paid off with a dramatic one-shot victory over Abraham Ancer!

Brief Breaks From Caddying

The only times Diamond has not been by McIlroy’s side were during the births of Diamond’s children. For these breaks, McIlroy had the Irish golfer and former rugby player Niall O’Connor as a capable fill-in.

It’s worth noting that O’Connor is also one of McIlroy’s personal friends, so the dynamic must have been great, too.

However, Diamond soon got back to the field and resumed his role as McIlroy’s caddie.

Harry Diamond’s Earnings and Net Worth Estimates

Quantifying a caddie’s net worth can be a nuanced task, as it all depends on the success of the player they loop for.

In the case of Harry Diamond, it would be safe to assume that he’s doing better than plenty of low-tier players on the PGA Tour. After all, McIlroy is on a roll, currently in second place on the official world golf rankings, right behind Scottie Scheffler.

If we take a look at McIlroy’s triumphant FedEx Cup win in 2022, we’d see that the golfer won a staggering $18 million prize. Diamond might have gotten $1.8 million based on the standard caddie percentage!

Keep in mind that there’s more contributing to Diamond’s net worth than just his caddying career. He’s rumored to own a few businesses as well.

Final Words

A friendship forged at Hollywood Golf Club in Northern Ireland helped Harry Diamond shape his career as a caddie.

Maybe he will consider caddying for other golf players later on. But for now, we’ll enjoy the inspiring dynamic of Diamond and McIlroy working side-by-side!

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