Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore Wedge Review

Apart from the Titleist Vokey wedges, no other brand in the realm of golf commands as much recognition for its wedges as Cleveland.

This rich legacy continues with their latest innovation, the RTX 6 ZipCore series, which pushes the boundaries of wedge design even further.

In this thorough review, we’ll delve into the impressive new key technologies introduced by Cleveland this year, explore their range of loft and bounce options, and conclude by identifying the ideal candidates for these wedges.

You will have everything you need to make an informed purchasing decision after your read.

Key Technologies

The ZIPCORE Compound revolutionizes wedge design by strategically replacing steel with a lightweight aluminum-silicate compound, saving 21 grams.

This weight redistribution enhances the wedge’s moment of inertia (MOI), aligning the center of gravity with the sweet spot for improved stability and reduced head rotation on off-center strikes.

Unlike traditional designs, it prioritizes increasing high-to-low MOI, ensuring consistent flight and distance on shots hit low or high on the face.

By catering to the vertical mishits prevalent in wedge play, it offers unmatched consistency and predictability, setting a new standard in short-game performance.

Cleveland’s HydraZip technology is meticulously crafted to address the challenges of spin generation in damp playing conditions.

Through the implementation of laser patterns and a specialized blast finish, Cleveland engineers have created a new face design that significantly enhances friction, thereby optimizing spin performance.

Recognizing the distinct impact dynamics between lower and higher lofted wedges, Cleveland has taken a tailored approach by offering three distinct finishes to affect spin profile based on loft categories.

With specific finishes catered to low (46 and 48 degrees), mid (50 and 52 degrees), and high lofts (54 through 60 degrees), Cleveland ensures that each wedge is finely tuned to deliver maximum spin control and consistency across the entire loft spectrum. Lower lofted wedges are equipped with a smoother finish and fewer extra laser-etched grooves while high lofts feature a rougher finish and more extra micro grooves.

Cleveland’s Intentional Groove Design represents a strategic approach to optimizing spin performance across a variety of lies.

By spacing the grooves closer together and refining their top edge to be sharper than traditional designs, Cleveland enhances the wedge’s ability to effectively grip the cover of the ball upon impact.

This meticulous groove configuration ensures maximum spin generation, enabling golfers to exert greater control over their shots, regardless of the lie or playing conditions.

Moreover, Cleveland’s grooves feature a slightly more V-shaped wall angle and greater depth, facilitating the efficient channeling of moisture and grass debris away from the contact area.

This innovative feature not only promotes cleaner contact between the clubface and the ball but also minimizes the potential for interference that could compromise spin consistency.

Loft And Bounce Options

Loft (Degrees)GrindBounce Options (Degrees)
54Low+, Mid, Full8, 10, 12
56Low+, Mid, Full8, 10, 12
58Low, Mid, Full6, 10, 12
60Low, Mid, Full6, 10, 12

Low Grind

The LOW grind is the ultimate choice for golfers with a shallow attack angle, who frequent courses with firm conditions, and favor opening the face around the green for delicate shots.

Its design boasts a C-shaped sole with relief on the heel, toe, and trailing edge, showcasing unparalleled greenside versatility. Available in both 58 and 60-degree heads, this grind features an incredibly low bounce of 6 degrees, facilitating effortless maneuverability and enabling players to easily get the leading edge under the ball for precise execution

Low+ Grind

The LOW+ grind emerges as a premier choice for golfers seeking enhanced versatility and sand performance, specifically tailored to Sand Wedge lofts.

Distinguished by its C-shaped sole design, it features 2° more bounce than the standard LOW grind, responding directly to feedback from Cleaveland’s tour staff, who desired a blend of adaptability and forgiveness in the sand. Ideal for players accustomed to firm conditions, preferring to open the face around the green, and executing shots with a shallow attack angle, the LOW+ grind delivers optimal performance.

Mid Grind

The MID grind stands out with its V-shaped sole and trailing edge relief, offering stable performance on full swings while maintaining a low leading edge for open-face shots. Designed to deliver all-around performance, it’s the perfect choice for golfers seeking versatility, including the occasional open-face shot. Suited for all turf conditions, this grind caters to players with a neutral attack angle, ensuring consistency and reliability in various playing environments.

Full Grind

The Full Grind epitomizes stability on full shots while providing additional bounce for increased forgiveness, especially when opening the face in challenging conditions like sand or thick rough. Crafted for golfers seeking a traditional sole design that excels in softer conditions and around the greens, it offers reliability and performance in various situations.

Tailored for players who frequent softer turf with a steep attack angle, the Full Grind ensures confidence and precision, allowing golfers to navigate any challenge with ease and finesse.

Although there isn’t a 64-degree head option available, the inclusion of a six-degree bounce on the high-lofted heads is a rarity. This feature provides a significant advantage for skilled players navigating tight conditions.

Who This Wedge Is Good For?

The Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore wedge delivers versatile performance tailored for players across all skill levels. With its ZIPCore technology, this wedge offers enhanced forgiveness, ensuring a consistent trajectory even on high and low-face strikes.

Whether you’re a novice honing your skills or a seasoned professional seeking reliability in pressure moments, this wedge proves to be an excellent choice.

Additionally, its design excels in early morning dew, ensuring optimal spin and control even in damp conditions. If you find yourself playing early in the mornings often, you should highly consider this as an option.

For advanced players looking for precision in their short game, the extremely low bounce option proves invaluable, particularly in firm and tight conditions where traditional higher bounces may struggle.


  • High level of forgiveness on high or low-face strikes, aiding in consistent trajectory control.
  • Eight different loft options to allow for proper gapping.
  • High level of spin control in wet conditions.
  • Low bounce option for advanced players looking for precision in firm conditions.


  • Does not offer a wide variety of multiple grind options like other companies.
  • Does not offer a 64-degree loft option.

Key Takeaways

Cleveland’s Legacy

Cleveland’s reputation in the golf industry, rivaling even Titleist Vokey wedges, underscores their commitment to wedge excellence.

The RTX 6 ZipCore series exemplifies their dedication to innovation and performance.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

The RTX 6 ZipCore wedges introduce groundbreaking technologies like ZIPCORE Compound, HydraZip, and Intentional Groove Design.

These features enhance forgiveness, optimize spin performance, and promote consistent shot-making, setting new standards in wedge design.

Tailored Options

Cleveland offers a range of loft and bounce options catering to various player preferences and playing conditions.

Eight different lofts allow for proper gapping and three different bounce options in the high-lofted wedges allow for proper setup through all conditions and playing styles.

Optimal Spin in Damp Conditions

The HydraZip technology ensures optimal spin and control, even in the early morning dew, making it a preferred option for players who frequently encounter damp playing conditions or live in a wet climate.

Precision for Advanced Players

The low bounce option offers precision in firm and tight conditions, making it particularly beneficial for advanced players seeking maximum control in their short game.

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