Tommy Fleetwood’s Wife Clare Fleetwood – Net Worth, Bio, Career

Clare Fleetwood: Net Worth, Bio and Career Of Tommy Fleetwood’s Wife

Behind every successful man, stands a great woman. But who is the woman behind Tommy Fleetwood?  

Clare Fleetwood is one of the main reasons behind her husband’s acclaim. She has stood by him as his manager, friend, and wife. 

This article gives an overview of her personal life, career, family, and much more. 

Clare Fleetwood Quick Facts 

Before going into details about Clare Fleetwood, here are some quick facts about her: 

Full Name Clare Fleetwood 
Previous Name(s) Clare Craig Clare Caudwell 
Date of Birth 1971 
Age 52 years 
Height 5ꞌ 6ꞌꞌ 
Weight 143 lbs 
Place of Birth Manchester, England 
Place of Residence Southport, England 
Spouse Tommy Fleetwood Andy Craig (ex-husband) 
Children Mo Craig Oscar Craig Franklin Fleetwood 
Career Vice-president of Hambric Europe Personal Manager for Tommy Fleetwoods 
Net Worth Unknown 
Annual Salary $35,000 – $42,000 

Clare Fleetwood Bio and Personal Life 

In 1971, Clare Fleetwood was born in Manchester, England. Little is known about her early life except that she was known as Clare Caudwell at birth. 

Before Fleetwood, Clare was married to Andy Craig. She has two beautiful boys from this marriage: Mo and Oscar Craig. 

Clare Fleetwood Career 

Before assuming the position of Fleetwood’s personal manager, Clare Fleetwood was the vice president of Hambric Sports Europe. Her job mainly involves representing professional golfers in Europe. 

In addition, Clare is involved in charitable activities. For instance, Clare Fleetwood has long been a trustee of the Richard Burns Foundation

Clare assumed this position at Richard Burn’s Foundation because of her friendship with Burns himself. She worked for him for a couple of years after they were introduced in 1997. 

She started as Burn’s assistant and went on tours as his personal assistant. Her job entailed public relations and general logistics. 

After Richard Burns died of a brain tumor, she was one of the first people to establish a foundation in his name to help other people suffering from brain tumors. 

Clare Fleetwood’s Net Worth 

Clare Fleetwood’s net worth is unknown. Some assume she has the same net worth as her husband. 

However, considering her personal earnings, she gets an annual salary between $35,000 and $42,000.  

This salary is an estimate of her job as Fleetwood’s manager alone. We assume she makes more money from her other posts. 

Clare and Tommy Fleetwood’s Relationship 

Clare Fleetwood’s career path made her come in close contact with professional golfers. In 2015, she crossed paths with Tommy Fleetwood and became his manager. 

In fact, Tommy Fleetwood has mentioned more than once that Clare is a key reason for his success. She has a great influence on him both as his manager and his wife. 

Later, their relationship developed, and they got a lot closer. The couple dated for some time before they decided to get married. 

In December 2017, 46-year-old Clare and 26-year-old Tommy Fleetwood tied the knot. It was a dreamy wedding in the Bahamas with only family and close friends.  

The ceremony was the perfect after-party for the Hero World Challenge in which Tommy participated. 

Franklin Fleetworth 

In September 2017, just a few months before their wedding, Clare and Tommy Fleetwood received their son, Franklin. 

Franklin Fleetworth is Tommy’s firstborn and Clare’s third son. Upon the arrival of their baby, Tommy Fleetwood dropped out of the British Masters to care for his wife after birth.  

Now, Tommy and Clare live in Southport, England with the baby and Clare’s two sons from a previous marriage. 

Although Tommy Fleetwood isn’t the biological father of Oscar and Mo, they all get along well. He has managed to maintain a solid relationship with the boys. 

Age Difference 

Perhaps the first thing you noticed about the couple is the huge age gap between them. This fact doesn’t seem to bother them in any way. 

When asked how they managed to live this happily, Tommy Fleetwood replied jokingly that “he just does what he’s told.” 

Despite the 20-year age gap, Clare looks radiant and doesn’t appear much older than her husband. 

Social Media 

Clare Fleetwood doesn’t consider herself a public figure. She’s not publicly active on social media. 

Although she has social media accounts with thousands of followers, you have to be in her close circle to see her updates.  

However, you can still learn about her news from the media, thanks to her husband’s fame. 

Media Exposure 

Clare Fleetwood lives up to the position of a famous athlete’s wife. She understands and accepts being in the limelight alongside her husband. 

However, she doesn’t expose much information to the media. She prefers to lead a private life. She also helps her children live normal lives away from the media. 

Despite all this, Clare doesn’t like being called a WAG, an informal term that refers to an athlete’s spouse. She rather considers herself as much of an athlete as her husband is. 


Clare Fleetwood is the wife and manager of the professional golfer, Tommy Fleetwood. She was born and raised in Manchester, England.  

Clare and Tommy were married in 2017 shortly after the birth of their son, Franklin Fleetworth. They, now, live with their baby and Clare’s two sons from a previous marriage in their house in Southport, England. 

Interestingly, the 20-year age gap doesn’t affect their relationship. They live as a happy family under the spotlights. 

Clare has a significant influence on Tommy Fleetwood’s career and personal success. 

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