TaylorMade P-790 vs Titleist T-100 Iron Comparison Review

TaylorMade and Titleist produce two of the most popular iron models for discerning golfers – the TaylorMade P790 and Titleist T100.

This in-depth comparison reviews the key features and performance differences between these irons to help you decide which set best fits your game.

Designed as a game-improvement iron in the body of a tour club, the TaylorMade P790 irons are for the player looking for increased distance and forgiveness.

The Titleist T100 iron on the other hand is a tour iron and is for players looking for added control and versatility.

After extensive on-course testing, we will examine the sound, feel, forgiveness, distance, and overall playability of the P790 versus T100 irons.

Learn whether the P790’s innovative speed foam technology and distance-focused design or the T100’s precise control and tour-inspired look fits your playing style.

By the end, you’ll have the information needed to select the best iron option to lower scores and fit your preferences.

TaylorMade P790 Iron

Launched in 2017, the TaylorMade P790 iron series has evolved into its fourth generation, distinguished by its innovative design philosophy. From the outset, these irons were tailored individually within the P790 set to elevate player performance.

Over time, these iron heads have undergone substantial refinements, yet a consistent hallmark has been their incorporation of hollow and speed foam within the clubheads. This distinctive construction remains a foundational element of the P790 iron’s design.

The primary objective of the P790 irons is to provide game-improvement capabilities while preserving the tactile qualities of a player’s club.

They excel in achieving high, long shots with the longer irons while prioritizing control and precision for the shorter irons.

These versatile irons cater to both left and right-handed players, spanning from three-iron to gap wedge, with loft angles ranging from nineteen to fifty degrees.

The three-iron through nine-iron models maintain a stock D2 swing weight, while the pitching wedge and gap wedge feature a slightly heavier D3 swing weight.

Titleist T100 Irons

The Titleist T100 irons were launched back in 2019 as part of their T-series irons.

They are their most played iron on the PGA Tour and feature great technology to help better players get the most out of their game.

The newest rendition of the T100 head features a new back-weighted bar and refined milling process to position the center of gravity lower which helps on tight fairways.

The primary goal of the T100 irons is control and consistency. You won’t see any jacked-up lofts with these irons as the three iron comes in at 21 degrees and the gap wedge comes in at 50.

In comparison to the other T-series clubs, the T150, T200, T350, and T400, the T100 is the least forgiving and shortest of them all.

It is truly built for a scratch or plus handicap looking to be as precise as possible on approach shots.

Sound, Look, and Feel

Our team’s comprehensive testing unveiled our deep admiration for both the visual appeal and on-course performance of the P790 and T200 irons.

The P790 irons exhibit a sleek design within the realm of game improvement clubs. They feature an enticing topline and a blade length that appeals to proficient players.

Remarkably, they manage to avoid any unwarranted bulkiness, and at first glance, one might underestimate their playability.

In contrast, the T100 irons perfectly mirror their performance characteristics.

As the pinnacle of Titleist’s tour-level offerings, they showcase a slender topline, compact blade length, and a petite face.

While not as compact as Titleist’s muscle back irons, they convey the appearance of a tour-caliber club at address.

During our testing, the sound and feel of both iron sets were exceptional. The P790 incorporates an internal sound stabilizer bar in conjunction with speed foam, resulting in an impressively solid and gratifying auditory and tactile experience upon impact.

The T100, characterized by its solid forged material and dual cavity construction, provides effortless turf interaction, allowing the club to smoothly flow through impact.

We found that both iron sets effectively communicated feedback for both well-executed and off-center strikes.

Center hits delivered an exquisite sensation with each set, while off-center hits were distinctly identifiable in both the P790 and T100 irons.


The FLTD CG technology is a feature present in the P790 irons, offering distinct advantages, particularly in the longer irons. This technology effectively lowers the center of gravity and enhances the Moment of Inertia (MOI), resulting in significant benefits for golfers.

This engineering innovation empowers golfers to effortlessly achieve high launches with challenging long irons while upholding precision and consistency in their shorter clubs.

Furthermore, the P790 iron set incorporates an innovative attribute known as the “intelligent sweet spot,” a term coined by TaylorMade. This feature comprises a forged face with an ultra-thin measurement, as slim as 1.56mm at its thinnest point.

It’s crucial to emphasize that these forgiveness-enhancing elements are notably absent in the Titleist T100 irons.

As previously mentioned, the T100 irons are tailored for a tour-level experience, primarily intended for some of the world’s finest players.

The sole resemblance can be found in the dual cavity construction, which effectively lowers the center of gravity, facilitating higher ball flights, particularly beneficial for navigating tight lies typically encountered on the PGA Tour.

In this category, the P790 emerges as the clear frontrunner, as the T100 irons are not designed to offer the same level of forgiveness.


The combination of speed foam-filled clubheads and a strategically positioned low center of gravity in the long irons results in remarkable ball speeds and extended carry distances with the P790.

Notably, our team witnessed an astonishing improvement of up to two clubs in distance when using the P790 irons compared to their current clubs, signifying a substantial performance boost.

Conversely, the story is different with the T100 irons, primarily due to their unaltered lofts and the absence of distance-enhancing features.

During our testing, our team appreciated the consistent ball flight and workability of the T100 irons; however, most testers experienced a decrease of half a club to a full club compared to their current irons.

A significant portion of this reduction can be attributed to the loft difference between the T100 and TaylorMade counterparts.

Some of the Titleist iron heads feature lofts that are 3.5 degrees weaker, contributing to at least half a club’s worth of reduced distance.

Once again, it’s crucial to emphasize that the T100 irons are designed for control rather than distance, making the TaylorMade P790 the preferred choice for those seeking more power with their irons.

TaylorMade P790 Pros

  • Higher forgiveness in long irons and more precision built into short irons.
  • LONG, get ready to pick up at least one club of distance with these clubs compared to the T200s.
  • Consistent ball flight and distance on mishits.
  • Has the look of a player’s club with the benefits of a game-improvement iron.

TaylorMade P790 Cons

  • Ultra-thin face could cause faster-speed players to have inconsistent distance control.
  • Expensive, coming in at $1,399.99 (although worth it)
  • Long irons could be too high launching for high-ball hitters
  • Lower workability than the Titleist T100s

Titleist T100 Pros

  • Consistent fee, distance control, and workability
  • Compact and sleek look at setup
  • Higher lofts create more spin for added ball flight control
  • Titleist’s most popular iron on the PGA Tour

Titleist T100 Cons

  • Most players will lose distance compared to the P790 irons
  • Not enough forgiveness unless you are a plus handicap
  • Expensive coming in at $200 per club
  • Higher lofts could create too much spin for some players

Key Takeaways

TaylorMade P790 Irons:

  • Designed as a game-improvement iron with the aesthetics of a tour club.
  • Ideal for players seeking increased distance and forgiveness.
  • Incorporates FLTD CG technology for improved ball flight and forgiveness.
  • Features an “intelligent sweet spot” with a forged face for enhanced playability.
  • Offers versatile options for both left and right-handed players from three-iron to gap wedge.
  • Provides a solid and pleasing sound and feel upon impact.
  • Achieves remarkable distance gains, with players experiencing up to two clubs of improvement.

Titleist T100 Irons:

  • Part of Titleist’s T-series irons, designed for precision and control.
  • Intended for players seeking added control and versatility, prioritizing accuracy over distance.
  • Features a slender topline, compact blade length, and precise loft angles.
  • Incorporates dual cavity construction for a lower center of gravity and improved turf interaction.
  • Designed for players who prefer precision on approach shots.
  • Offers consistent sound and feel on well-executed shots.
  • Delivers a consistent ball flight but may result in slightly less distance due to loft differences.

In summary, the choice between TaylorMade’s P790 and Titleist’s T100 irons comes down to your playing style and priorities.

The P790 is an excellent option for those seeking increased distance and forgiveness, with impressive technology and distance gains.

On the other hand, the T100 irons cater to players who prioritize control, accuracy, and workability over distance, making them ideal for precision-focused golfers.

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