Josh Cassell Golf Caddie Net Worth, Wiki, and Bio

With over 20 years looping for champions and winners, Josh Cassell is easily one of the most respected and highest-paid caddies.

How did he manage to build such an impressive career?

This article will dive into the caddie Josh Cassell’s net worth, wiki, and bio, from his early caddying days to working alongside stars like Justin Rose.

Josh Cassell’s Profile: Key Facts

To get started, we’ll check out an overview of some facts about Cassell:

  • Profession: Pro golf caddie
  • Nationality: American
  • Hometown: Fountain City neighborhood in northern Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Education: University of Tennessee (didn’t graduate)

Josh Cassell’s Early Life and Background

Joshua Cassell was raised in the Fountain City neighborhood of Knoxville, Tennessee, graduating from Central High School in 1995.

During his teenage years, he developed an affinity for golf, playing recreationally on his high school team. He never got to play competitively at the collegiate level, though.

He did entertain the dream of walking onto the University of Tennessee golf team. Ultimately, he didn’t pursue college golf. As Cassell tells it, he got sidetracked joining a university fraternity, closing the door on his competitive golf aspirations.

After attending the University of Tennessee for some time without graduating, a burnt-out Cassell moved to Wichita in the 1990s, aiming for a change of pace. 

That’s when he started getting into golf again as he took a job at the acclaimed Flint Hills National Golf Club.

Then, in 2000, an opportunity arose that would reshape Cassell’s career trajectory. A mutual contact offered him a one-week trial as a caddie for the Australian professional golfer Paul Gow.

Of course, he took the chance, and this fateful experience marked the beginning of Cassell’s over two-decade-long career in caddying.

It’s worth noting that his favorite aspect of caddying is getting to make a meaningful difference in a player’s tournament performance. And sure enough, Cassell’s guidance and insights have helped many golfers capture career-highlight tournament wins.

Highlights From Josh Cassell’s Caddying Career

Throughout his long career as a touring caddie, we’ve seen Josh Cassell carry bags for some of golf’s biggest names, including Senden and Horschel.

Here’s a glimpse of the most notable partnerships in Cassell’s career:

New Beginnings With Paul Gow

Cassell got his big break in 2000 when Australian Paul Gow gave him a one-week trial on the Tour.

Though the pair didn’t set any records that week, they made the cut, and Gow was impressed enough to offer Cassell a full-time job. With his parents’ support, Cassell took the plunge and joined the golfer in his next event.

That said, Casell’s early days as a looper on the tour called for quite some thriftiness. He had to rely on cheap fast-food restaurants for most of his meals.

Nevertheless, the partnership laid the foundations of Cassell’s caddying career.

John Senden and a Mutual Split

In 2003, Cassell began working with John Senden. The duo steadily improved, making 22 cuts out of 33 events in their first season together.

One notable win for the caddie-player team came at the 2006 John Deere Classic.

Overall, they had great chemistry.

Yet, their successful partnership dissolved amicably after working on the CIMB Classic in Malaysia.

Replacing Kevin Baile as Jason Dufner’s Caddie

After spending the bulk of 13 seasons with previous caddie Kevin Baile, the four-time PGA Tour winner, Jason Dufner switched caddies and hired Josh Cassell.

The two met through a mutual friend, but Cassell didn’t comment on how things ended between Durner and Baile. He just said that it wasn’t a matter for him to address.

Regardless of the reasons, Dufner and Cassell did miss the cut in Phoenix. However, plenty of tournaments remained for the duo to find their groove.

Predictions and Rumors With Billy Horschel

One incredible highlight of Cassell’s caddying resume came in 2017 when he boldly predicted that Billy Horschel would win the Byron Nelson, even though his streak of missing cuts indicated otherwise. Sure enough, Horschel pulled through in a playoff against Jason Day. 

The duo’s time together wasn’t always smooth sailing, though.

An infamous video clip shows Horschel angrily tossing his club into his bag near Cassell’s vicinity. Of course, the video attracted negative attention on social media.

However, Horschel later stated that it appeared worse on camera than the cordial dynamic that was actually present on that day.

Joining Daniel Berger After the Lockdown

When the tours resumed following the 2020 lockdown, Cassell seemed to have taken up a partnership with Daniel Berger. But the pair didn’t work together long.

Recent Partnership With Justin Rose

The start of 2023 saw Cassell team up with decorated English pro Justin Rose. 

Cassell came on board as Rose’s full-time caddie ahead of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, which Rose sensationally won. 

It looks like Rose is looking forward to going back to his long-time caddie, Mark Fulcher, though.

Josh Cassell’s Net Worth and Earning Estimates

Cassell has been a caddie since 2000 and has become an integral part of some of the most prestigious tournaments in the game.

While his exact net worth remains unknown, estimates from Sportskeeda put the figure somewhere around the one million mark.

Keep in mind that, according to the standard payment structure, caddies receive up to 10% of a player’s tournament winnings. Considering the millions awarded to PGA Tour victors every year, these bonuses can be quite substantial over time.

Caddies also typically receive a regular weekly paycheck, regardless of their player’s finishing position. This provides financial stability between the highs of victory payouts, which is really important, given the fluctuating nature of pro golf.

Final Words

As any golf fan knows, the best caddies don’t just carry bags—they carry the weight of entire tournaments on their shoulders.

So, when a looper like Josh Cassell consistently appears on the biggest stages for over 20 years, you know he’s doing something right.

Hopefully, he’ll keep making a difference with even more players for years to come!

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