Cobra LTDx vs. Cobra Air-X Irons: A Thorough Comparison

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the right set of irons can make a massive difference in your golf game.

Unfortunately, most golfers spend a lot of time and money on their driver but neglect their irons, which makes it hard to have confidence on approach shots. However, it’s important to find a set of irons that are right for your game so you don’t waste shots after great drives. 

Cobra has a few new sets of irons and we think they’re both awesome choices for most golfers. Keep reading to compare the Cobra LTDx vs. Cobra Air-X irons to learn how they might transform your game and shoot lower scores. 

Cobra LTDx Irons Overview

Since their release, Cobra’s LTDx irons have piqued the interest of many golfers as several cutting-edge technologies were used in the production of these irons. Plus, they’ve made a lot of high-performing drivers lately and golfers want to see how the irons perform as well. 

We were quite impressed by the Cobra LTDx irons the moment we laid eyes on them. They have that super sleek look that makes you feel confident on any type of approach shot. While they’re not cheap, they’re definitely a solid looking set of irons. 

These clubs are praised by fellow golfers for their lightweight and extreme forgiveness too. They’re intended to mitigate the impact of poor swings, allowing you to hit more greens and improve your mishits drastically. 

This is largely due to the smart positioning of the center of gravity (CG), high moment of inertia (MOI), and the PWR-COR technology. 

The Cobra LTD line stands for “Longest Total Distance,” and they’ve certainly lived up to their name. The LTDx features an advanced milled face and clubhead design that allows for faster ball speeds to produce longer distances with every club in the set. 

Let’s get into some pros and cons of each set of Cobra irons: 


  • Solid feel.
  • Extreme forgiveness.
  • Relatively lightweight.
  • Developed with high MOI design.
  • High levels of control and accuracy.
  • Promotes a higher launch and faster ball speed.


  • Quite pricey
  • Some people may find the club head to be bulky

Cobra Air-X Irons Overview

The Cobra Air-X irons provide excellent performance at a competitive price. We simply love the minimalist aesthetic of these clubs as the lightweight design leads to more effortless and accurate swings.

The Cobra Air-X is one of those models that’s dedicated to improving launch and adding speed. Don’t forget, the face of the club impacts the ball’s speed and distance, regardless of whether it made center contact or not.

These irons have a cavity-back design that ensures consistency on all of your shots as they’re much more forgiving. 


  • Competitively priced.
  • Incredibly lightweight. 
  • Delivers consistent shots
  • Produces a high, straight launch.
  • Offers a decent level of forgiveness.


  • Doesn’t have innovative technologies compared to other models

Cobra LTDx vs. Cobra Air-X Irons: Key Differences

Overall we loved both sets of irons but it’s about finding the right ones for your unique swing. Here are five key differences when comparing the Cobra iron sets: 

1.   Clubhead

Let’s start with the easiest difference – the clubhead itself. Cobra seemed to put far more thought into developing the LTDx clubhead than it did the Air-X irons.

The LTDx iron clubface is milled using Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machining. This is the method of creating putters directly from a block of steel. CNC milling is a go-to choice for any golfer who values consistency, optimized spin, and high levels of accuracy.

The LTDx model also incorporates Cobra’s PWRSHELL technology. It’s well-known for enhancing the shaft’s flex and improving launch. After using a launch monitor, we were able to confirm that this iron promotes high launches which is great for slower swing speed players.

The Air-X irons club heads are much simpler in design than the LTDx, but they’re still pretty a great looking and high-performing club. They provide great consistency as the face is also very forgiving on off center hits. 

2.   Offset

The LTDx irons have a slightly less offset than the Air-X irons. 

Which one is better? That’s entirely dependent on your skill level and personal preference. 

Offset is a design feature in which the club’s neck is positioned in front of the clubface. It was created primarily to help golfers get their hands ahead of the ball when striking to avoid slices and make better contact. 

If you struggle from the dread slice that plagues so many golfers, the Air-X irons are probably a better fit for you. They have more offset than the LTDx irons and make it easier to hit it straighter and hopefully have more birdie putts. 

If you’re a lower handicap golfer with a more consistent swing, you won’t need as much offset. The Cobra LTDx has the perfect amount of offset so they’re forgiving but still a good look at address position. 

3.   Speed and Distance

Ball speed and distance are directly related in golf; the more speed, the greater the total distance. It’s been found that for every 1mph of ball speed equals approximately two yards of distance covered with an iron (it’s closer to three yards with a driver).

Of course, your swing technique and fundamentals have a significant impact on the total speed. Also, did you know that you can use smart insoles to analyze your swing to improve your ball striking? 

Regardless of your form, the irons you’re using also have a strong influence on the ball speed. 

In this Cobra iron comparison the Air-X irons produce fast shots even for slow swing golfers. However, the LTDx’s innovative features result in a more powerful hit that maximizes the ball’s speed and distance traveled.

Even though the Air-X can increase ball speed even when it’s off-center, it lacks the PWRSHELL face mentioned earlier in the LTDx. This advanced face cup is considered Cobra’s largest, with a 23% larger surface area. This extra space is dedicated to boosting ball speed even when you miss the sweet spot. 

4.   Forgiveness

Both the LTDx and the Air-X are generous with their forgiveness that it was almost a tie. They’re both capable of turning a bad shot into a decent or even a good one. As Ben Hogan said, “Golf is a game of misses and the winners are those who have the best misses.” There’s no doubt these clubs can help. 

When comparing the two we couldn’t help but notice that the LTDx improved mishits a little more. These irons have more forgiveness thanks to the PWR-COR technology.

The basic idea behind this system is to place a steel core bar inside a polymer-injected casing to position the CG behind the hitting zone. This assists in transferring more power to the ball from various angles, as well as increasing its speed.

The second distinguishing feature of the LTDx is its high MOI design. This design essentially relies on adding extra mass in the heel and toe parts to give the iron and thus your swing more stability.

5.   Price

Finally, don’t forget about the price too as a new set of irons isn’t cheap. 

Due to the extra design features, the LTDx costs more than the Air-X irons.That’s why if you’re new to golf and don’t want to make a large investment in irons, we highly recommend going with the Air-X.

Cobra LTDx vs. Cobra Air-X Irons: Key Similarities

After going over all the differences between LTDx and Air-X irons, let’s compare two things they have in common. 

1. Sound and Feel

The sound and feel of the LTDx and Air-X irons are almost identical. When hitting the ball, both produce a satisfying, mid-pitched sound that some golfers may describe as muted.  

In terms of feel both of these irons provide a smooth and responsive feel at impact. You can tell the materials used were carefully chosen to provide you with superior comfort and control with every swing. 

2. Weight

To achieve an ideal swing weight, you must select a well-balanced and lightweight iron. The heavier the iron, the more difficult it’ll be to hit the ball far. But it is needed for faster swinging golfers to hit it straighter and improve accuracy so it’s about finding a balance of the two. 

The LTDx and Air-X irons are made of high-quality, lightweight materials that allow you to hit long shots with ease. Yet, it’s important to note that the Air-X model is slightly lighter than the LTDx making it better for higher handicap players with less swing speed. 

Wrapping Up

After reading our Cobra LTDx vs. Cobra Air-X irons comparison, we hope you have a better idea of which set is right for your swing. 

If you’re a low-handicapper looking for professional-quality irons, the LTDx is your best bet. But if you’re just starting out in golf or want a taste of professional performance without breaking the bank, we recommend sticking with the Air-X for more forgiveness. 

Overall, we think you’ll love either one and will help your approach shot game to shoot lower scores. 

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