What Is Bogey in Golf? 

Learning how to golf isn’t just about perfecting your swing. You also have to be aware of certain terminology to play. 

So, what is bogey in golf? If you’re interested in finding out, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at the scoring system and what it means for your game. 

What Is a Bogey? 

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If you’ve spent time on a golf course, you’ve probably overheard players talking about a bogey. This is a scoring system that golfers use to track their points. 

To help you understand this, let’s dive into what par is. This is the number of strokes we expect an expert golfer to make at a particular hole or course. 

For example, on a par 5 course, an advanced player will only need to strike the ball five times. It’s also important to remember that each hole has its own par.  

A bogey is what a golfer scores when they need an extra stroke to drive the ball into a golf hole. 

Other variations of the score include: 

  • Double bogey: two strokes above par 
  • Triple bogey: three strokes above par 
  • Quadruple bogey: four strokes above par 

This is typically a common occurrence for beginners and intermediate players. For that reason, we call them bogey golfers. 

That term describes players who often score bogeys on a course.  

Is Bogey a Good Score?

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Players all over the world have different reactions to scoring a bogey. This will depend on their experience level and skills.  

Ideally, golfers want to score a par on any given golf hole, but this is tricky for newcomers. That’s why a bogey is an excellent score for beginners. 

It means that with a little practice, they can match their skill level to experts. 

However, in a professional game, golfers find a bogey disappointing. This is especially true for holes with a large par, like par 5. 

How to Score a Bogey?

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As an amateur golfer, learning how to score a bogey can be a great way to improve your skills. So, let’s take a look at how to make sure you don’t exceed the number of strokes. 

This process is all about being mindful of where the ball will land.  

Typically, to score a bogey, your ball needs to land on the green at least two strokes before par. For instance, if a hole is par 3, then the ball needs to land on the green in the first shot. 

That way, you have three extra shots to get the ball in the hole. You can even try putting the ball if it’s close enough to the hole. 

Wrapping Up 

What is a bogey in golf? A bogey is a type of score that you can achieve on a golf course.  

We determine this based on how many strokes it takes for an expert player to hole a ball. A bogey means that a player needed an additional stroke to drive the ball into the hole. 

This is a great score for beginners. 

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