What Is an Albatross in Golf?

To drive the ball from the tee and inside the hole in as few swings as possible is an all-time challenge that all golf players dream of.

In this context, if you’re a golf fan, you may have stumbled upon the term “albatross” once or twice. But what is an albatross in golf? And what is its significance in the game?

How Do Players Achieve an Albatross?

To fully understand the concept of the albatross in golf, you first need to understand the idea of “par.” It’s an estimation of the number of moves needed for the level of the players to goal.

Golfers on the green

The number of pars in every game depends on the distance of the tee from the hole, as well as the obstacles in between them, though it can vary based on some other factors.

Simply put, an albatross is a feat where the golf player sinks the ball inside the hole with the fewest strokes possible relative to the par number of the game.

Specifically, you must move the ball into the hole in “three strokes under par” to accomplish an albatross. Three strokes under par simply mean three moves lower than the set par number.

For example, a typical golf course has 3, 4, and 5 par. In a game with par 3, an albatross is not possible, as the first stroke would leave you with two strokes under par.

In a game with par 4, you need to land the ball into the hole in a single stroke to manage an albatross. Finally, in par 5, you need to goal in two strokes to pull it off, and so on.

How Rare Is an Albatross in Golf?

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Albatross isn’t common during a game. In fact, it’s a feat so rare that only a handful of extremely skilled players managed it in professional games.

The first person to hit an albatross in the history of golf is Gene Sarazen, a famous player who won four major golf titles during his time. He did it in a master’s tournament way back in 1935.

The most recent players who made history with an albatross are Nick Watney during the 2012 US Open and Louis Oosthuizen in the 2012 Masters tournament.

Quick Facts About the Albatross

Costa Rica Golfers
Costa Rica Golfers

Now that you know what an albatross is, here are some quick facts to tell your golf buddies:

  • It’s one of the rarest achievements a golf player can get.
  • Albatross is also called the “double eagle.”
  • There have only been 18 individuals who managed it.
  • According to the Double Eagle Club, the odds of pulling an albatross during a golf game is 16 million to one.

Final thoughts

To sum up, albatross is when you strike the ball inside the hole within a specific number of strokes. It’s an extraordinary feat that only skilled players in golf have been able to pull off.

This rare achievement requires skill, practice, and talent. Although, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible and you can’t try achieving it!

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