What Club Should You Use from 100 Yards?

Scoring is everything in golf – especially what you do inside 100 yards.

So, what club would most golfers likely hit from 100 yards? Or, what are the best golf clubs under 100 yards? 

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Finding a 100 yard golf club depends on a number of factors, including your swing, experience level, type of lie, pin position, wind, and more. 

However, there are some general guidelines that can help you choose the right club. 

100 Yard Golf Shot

TaylorMade RBZ Sand Wedge

To answer the question, “what club should I use for 100 yards” let’s start by evaluating your golf club set.

First, if you’re a beginner it’s important to have easy to hit golf clubs that are built for forgiveness and distance. 

Most golfers will have an iron set that is made up of 3-PW, 4-PW, 5-PW, and might include a matching gap wedge too.

Golf Iron Loft

What Club Would Most Golfers Likely Hit From 100 Yards

For most golfers a 100 yard shot will be a 9 iron, pitching wedge, or sand wedge.

It’s important to spend time on the driving range to understand each golf clubs yardage. Then it’ll make the 100 yard golf shot automatic on the course. 

But wind, weather, and other conditions might change it up so we’ll need a few options. 

Factors That Determine Best Club for 100 Yards

The club you choose for a 100 yard shot depends on several factors as your swing speed and ability level play a big role. 

The lie or location of your ball is also important. If the ball is sitting down in the rough you might need to take more club to hack it out.

If the ball is sitting up in the rough, you might need less club if you catch a flier lie. 

Cobra Forged TEC X Tungsten

Weather conditions impact club selection as well. If you’re downwind you might have to club down to accommodate for the wind. If you’re hitting into the wind you might need to use more club and flight it lower. 

In some cases you’ll need to account not only for the wind and lie but also elevation and temperature as well. This is why it’s so important to understand golf course management

When you are standing on the tee box you should always think about where you want your golf ball to end up and make a plan on how you are going to get it there.

This golf tip is important because too often golfers will blindly choose a golf club without any real game plan.

Many beginner golfers aim for more distance and quite often hit shots that end up in the woods or in the water.

It is much better to focus on golf shot accuracy by picking a more conservative golf club choice that you are comfortable with and hitting it solidly.

How to Hit Common Clubs Used for 100 Yard Shots

Depending on your skill level these are the most common clubs used for shots inside 100 yards.   

Pitching Wedge

This golf club is generally used for golf shots that are 100–125 yards from the green. A lot of times amateurs will use their 9 iron instead of their pitching wedge.

PXG 0311 Iron

Pitching Wedge Quick Specs:

Club TypePitching Wedge
Loft AngleTypically 44-48 degrees
MaterialTypically stainless steel
ShaftSteel or graphite
LengthStandard: 35-36 inches
Average Yardage90 – 120 yards

Approach Wedge | Gap Wedge

The approach wedge or gap is an essential club for hitting approach shots between 80 – 110 yards depending on skill level. 

With lofts typically ranging from 50 to 54 degrees, a gap wedge launches the ball high while still providing spin and control.

Golf Iron Nice Background

Approach Wedge Quick Specs:

Club TypeApproach Wedge
Loft AngleTypically, 50–54 degrees
MaterialTypically, stainless steel
ShaftSteel or graphite
LengthStandard: 35–36 inches
Average Yardage80 – 110 yards

This golf club is essential for those 100 yard shots that demand more distance than a sand wedge can provide, yet require greater finesse and precision than a pitching wedge allows.

Sand Wedge

While the sand wedge is known for getting out of bunkers, it can also be an effective and versatile club from 100 yards and in.

TaylorMade RBZ Sand Wedge

With lofts typically between 54 – 58 degrees, a sand wedge launches the ball high with plenty of spin – ideal for sticking close shots on the green.

The wide sole glides smoothly along the turf and is one of the easier clubs to hit. 

Sand Wedge Quick Specs:

Club TypeSand Wedge
Loft AngleTypically, 54–58 degrees
MaterialTypically, stainless steel
ShaftSteel or graphite
LengthStandard: 35–36 inches
Average Yardage65 – 80 yards

Lob Wedge

The lob wedge is used for golf shots that are hit from around the greens.

They have the most loft, between 60–64 degrees so they might not go more than 75 to 80 yards (at most). 

Instead, most golfers can hit their lob wedge between 50–75 yards. They’re also great for shots around the green too.

Lob Wedge Quick Specs:

Club TypeLob Wedge
Loft AngleTypically, 58–64 degrees
MaterialTypically, stainless steel
ShaftSteel or graphite
LengthStandard: 35–36 inches
Average Yardage50 – 65 yards

Expert Tips for Mastering Shots from 100 Yards

Sunshine on the Golf Course

Average golfers don’t realize how important it is to have proper wedge play. For amateur golfers, it is essential to learn how to control trajectory and distance with your wedges.

For Rickie Fowler, a full swing with a pitching wedge flies 140 yards, and a full lob wedge goes 90.

What all great wedge players can do, of course, is dial up the random “tweener” yardages the course throws their way—121 yards, 107 yards, 84—whatever’s awkward given how far their full wedges carry.

Because think about it… how often do you get perfect distances on the golf course?

Back/front pins, weather, and other factors lead to a lot of shots with an in between distance. 

Use a Rangefinder or Golf GPS 

Use rangefinders or GPS devices to eliminate distance guesswork. Apps like GolfShot Pro provide exact yardages and recommendations for each club. Knowing the precise distance for every shot boosts confidence.

Garmin Approach S70 Brand new

The other thing you can do is to invest in a good golf GPS system that will help you with yardages for different golf shots.

This will take the guesswork out of the golf shot and help you to be more accurate.

Smooth Tempo 

When hitting shots inside 100 yards focus on tempo above all else. You don’t need a fast or aggressive swing to get the job done. 

Stay within yourself and don’t overswing; making solid contact is more important than distance.

A smooth, balanced motion ensures you’ll hit the sweet spot consistently.

Hit Knockdown Shots 

For those in between distances sometimes you might need to choke down an inch on the grip for more control.

Practice hitting knockdown shots to keep the ball beneath the wind. A three-quarter backswing paired with an abbreviated follow through reduces air time.

Lean the shaft forward at address to de-loft the club can help as well. 

Buy the Right Wedges 

Invest in quality wedges for finesse shots too. 

Spin control comes from groove technology and bounce angles. Match wedges to your typical turf conditions. Or, carry one of each like a gap wedge with moderate bounce, sand wedge with high bounce and lob wedge with low bounce.

Or, consider a golf club fitting with a professional to see which wedges will help your game the most. 

Practice, Practice, Practice 

The best way to master your shots from 100 yards is to practice your short game as much as possible. I know it sounds basic but it’s what’s needed to take your game to the next level.

The driving range is my go-to spot where I spend most of my time practicing golf shots from different distances.

Sir Nick Faldo – 100 Yard Wedge Shot Tips

I try to hit the golf ball with the same club at least 10–15 times and make a note of the yardages I hit. After a few sessions at the range, you will get an idea of how far you hit each golf club.

Don’t forget about the short game area too. So many golfers skip this part of practice and make golf a lot harder on themselves.


The short game is all about feel and touch. The more you practice, the more confidence you will have when hitting golf shots from different distances.

If you have a backyard you can practice and hit the ball with wedges into a net too. This is a great way to get the feel of hitting different golf shots.  

The more you practice, the more confidence you will have on the golf course. Remember, you need to dedicate time to practice if you want to see your golf game improve.

Common Questions

What do you use 100 yards from the hole? 

The club that is right for the shot – which might be a sand wedge, gap wedge, pitching wedge, or short iron.

It’s important to analyze the shot based on wind, distance, weather conditions, and lie to find the right club for a 100-yard shot.  

What club should an average man choose from a 110-yard shot? 

Golf Balls on Practice Green

Don’t compare your game to anyone else. Some golfers might use a sand wedge, others might use an 8 or 9-iron. 

On the driving range create a yardage guide so you know how far you hit each club. This way you can swing with confidence on the golf course. 

How do you play inside 100 yards in golf? 

Experiment on the range and short game area with different clubs, hitting different types of shots.

The more you experiment, the more you can have an arsenal of shots to help your golf game inside 100 yards. 

What club should you use at 70 yards? 

A lob wedge or sand wedge is the best club from inside 75 yards. These clubs have more loft and will stop the golf ball quicker on the greens. 

What are the best 100 yards and in golf drills?

Try to figure out two distances for each wedge – a full swing and knockdown distance (where you choke up an inch).

This way you’ll have more options for distances that are between golf clubs.

Knowing your golf club’s yardage will make it so much easier inside 125 yards. 

Closing Thoughts 

There is no one golf club that will work for all golfers from 100 yards. It all depends on your golf swing, skill level and the type of golf shot you are trying to hit. 

If you’re looking to improve your golf game, one of the best things you can do is practice your shots from 100 yards and in. This means spending time at the driving range, practicing with different clubs and seeing which one works best. 

You also need to get comfortable hitting half shots and 3/4 shots as you rarely have the “perfect distance” on the golf course.

The more you practice, the more confidence you’ll have on the golf course. And soon enough, you’ll be nailing those shots from 100 yards like a pro!

What club do you use from 100 yards?

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