The Best Golf Balls for Driver Distance

There is something interesting about golf balls that many players don’t realize. The golf balls that go the furthest off the tee don’t always go the furthest with the irons. In fact, some golf balls for driver distance may even cause you to lose a few yards on the irons. 

However, we wanted to give you the best possible golf balls for driver distance. Each of these is guaranteed to give you some extra distance off the tee. We separated these by swing speed so you can choose to match the specifics of your golf game. 

The Best Golf Balls for Driver Distance

If you don’t have time to read through the entire guide on the best golf balls for distance, here are our top choices.

Best For High Swing Speed: Titleist Pro V1X

Best for High Swing Speed

If you have a lot of speed, you need a golf ball made up of four or more pieces that can create a little resistance to all of your speed. That resistance is what ends up giving you the distance you need. 

The Titleist Pro V1X features a high-flex casing layer designed to increase ball speed and lower spin in the long game. With the lower spin, the ball will roll for a very long time after you make contact. 

Combine that with a urethane cover, and you will get some great greenside control and durability.

Very low spin off the tee
High ball flight despite the low spin
Some of the highest ball speeds in the game
Soft feel
They are priced a little high (but most golf balls for high swing speed are)
Sometimes, it cuts a little easily with sharp wedge grooves

Who’s It For: 

Golfers with swing speeds over 105 mph looking for maximum distance will find it with the Pro V1x. 

Best for Mid Swing Speed: Callaway Chrome Soft X LS

Chrome Soft X Golf Balls
Best for Mid Swing Speed

The Callaway Chrome Soft X LS is the best option off the tee for mid-swing speed players. You get fast ball speeds, long distances, and plenty of greenside control. 

I had played with the Pro V1 for many years, and I believed it was the longest ball for me off the tee. However, when I switched to the Callaway Chrome Soft X LS, it was longer. In addition, I was able to get better distance with my approach shots to the green, all with the same ball in place. 

The Chrome Soft X LS’s urethane cover is thin, so getting a little extra greenside control is not difficult.

Excellent distance with low driver spin.
Good feel and control around the greens.
Soft feel
You won’t spin the ball quite as much around the greens.

Who’s It For: 

Golfers with mid-swing speeds (90-105 mph) are looking for a balance of distance and control.

Best for Low Swing Speed: Vice Pro Plus

Vice Pro Plus
Best for Low Swing Speed

Not only is the Vice Pro Plus one of the most affordable golf balls on this list, but they are also the longest for low-swing speed players. Vice is a brand that has worked with the overall concept and thought that “golf balls don’t have to be as expensive as they are.” 

The Vice Pro Plus is a four-piece golf ball with low spin. Its high-energy core maximizes speed in the long game, and its advanced dimple design helps reduce drag. 

We were impressed by the feel of the Vice Pro Plus the first time we used it. It had a feel similar to the Pro V1. Many players ask if the Vice Pro Plus can replace the Pro V1. 

It’s not the same. 

However, for the price, it offers a lot of the same benefit and keeps some money in your pocket. 

Excellent distance for low swing speeds.
Good value for a premium ball.
Durable cover, you can use this ball for a few rounds.
Greenside spin is not great
It’s a little firm

Who’s It For:

Golfers with low swing speeds (below 90 mph) who want to maximize their driving distance and put an affordable and high-quality ball into the mix. 

Best For Women: Titleist Pro V1

Best for Women

Women golfers are often left out of this distance discussion. They are given the pink Pinnacle golf ball without any real consideration of performance. Let’s change that. The Titleist Pro V1 is a great golf ball for women golfers. 

The ball has higher compression but still travels a long way off the tee. The only issue some women golfers will notice is a little less distance on their iron shots into the green. 

Around the greens, the Pro V1 spins more than many other golf balls for women, so that’s a major positive here.

Great all-around performance.
Soft feel and good greenside spin.
Durable cover.
Low spin helps with driver distance.
Not the best for iron distance

Who’s It For:

Women golfers tired of settling for performance from mediocre golf balls can enjoy the distance and greenside spin that the Pro V1 has to offer. 

Best Value Option: Mizuno RB Tour X

Best Value Option

The Mizuno RB Tour X is the best value golf ball for distance. It has a high-energy course and a soft urethane cover. However, it’s anywhere from $10 to $15 less expensive than other golf balls on this list. 

The thing that we liked the most about the RB Tour X was the feel. I had never played with a Mizuno ball before, and this one provides a really good feel and spin control. 

It’s maybe a few yards shorter than some of the premium options on this list but it certainly earns a spot on this list.

Very stable ball flight
Impressive feel and control
Very consistent performance
Durability is not quite as good
Greenside spin is not that high and will work better for higher swing speeds

Who’s It For: 

Budget-conscious golfers who are looking for good distance performance without breaking the bank. In addition, any golfers who care about feel will like how this one is coming off the face. 


There is no perfect golf ball. However, if you are looking for more distance off the tee, you’ll find some really great options on this list. It does seem as though the higher the compression, the more premium golf balls produce the highest driver distance.

Pay close attention to the iron distance when you make the switch to these golf balls. Sometimes, they can cost you a few yards. 

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