Ping G410 vs. Ping G425 Driver

Ping drivers are pretty popular among professional golf players as well as amateurs. That’s because they combine great performance and distance with extra forgiveness.

However, is there much difference between Ping G410 vs. Ping G425 driver? Does Ping step up its game with the G425 driver?

In this article, you’ll learn about all the differences between the Ping G410 and Ping G425 drivers, and if it’s worth upgrading.


There are many factors to consider before choosing the right driver that matches your skill level.

Things like loft, shaft, moment of inertia (MOI), head size, and flexibility all contribute to how satisfying the driver is to you.

Ping G410 Driver

Ping G410 Side to Side

The Ping G410 is a 455CC driver with a forged aluminum face and a sliding rear weight. This weight plays a huge role in controlling and manipulating the ball’s flight.

This driver is meant to help players hit fairways, even after missing the sweet spot. Moreover, the lighter crown opens up the face for a long distance, no matter where you make contact.

The Ping G410 driver comes in three different types, which are:

  • Ping G410 Plus
  • Ping G410 LST (Low Spin Technology)
  • Ping G410 SFT (Straight Flight Technology)


  • Low center of gravity (CoG) for optimized launch angles and forgiveness
  • Movable weight for more ball flight customization
  • Larger sweet spot
  • One of the most consistent drivers in the market


  • High spins
  • Turbulators preventing the clean look at address
  • The sound produced at hit isn’t muted enough (this might not appeal only to some players)

Ping G425 Driver

PING G425 Club Face

The Ping G425 is a 460CC driver with a titanium face and crown. The lightness and resilience of titanium highly contribute to the ball’s distance.

Additionally, it also has a tungsten weight, nevertheless, it’s a bit heavier at 26 grams. Furthermore, the Dragonfly pattern helps support and stabilize the crown for better stability.

The Ping G425 driver comes in three different types, which are:

  • Ping G425 Max
  • Ping G425 LST (Low Spin Technology)
  • Ping G425 SFT (Straight Flight Technology)


  • Extra forgiveness
  • Better CoG location due to internal Dragonfly technology
  • Large sweet spot
  • Reduced drag


  • A bit too pricey
  • Sounds a little louder than usual

Ping G410 vs. Ping G425 Driver

Ping G410 SFT & Plus

The Ping G420 and G425 drivers are quite similar from some angles. For example, both drivers have a sliding weight that you can set to neutral, draw, or fade position.

1. Key Features and Performance

Although the G425 driver might depend more on the player’s skills, it surely provides more distance and forgiveness than the G410.

So, take a look at the key features that each driver has.

Ping G410 Driver

The head and toe tungsten weighting in the G410 driver extends the sweet spot, which translates to additional forgiveness.

What’s more, the incredible titanium face provides impressive ball speed, spin, distance, and path. Furthermore, for extra optimization, you can adjust the loft and lie by two degrees.

As for the Turbulator and Dragonfly technology, they offer maximum swing speed without sacrificing the club’s stability.

Ping G425 Driver

PING G425 Club Face

Slightly more compact than the G410, the G425 driver also has a tungsten weight. However, it’s a bit heavier than the weight of the G410.

Combined with the internal Dragonfly crown, which is super light, it delivers better accuracy and increased speed.

Additionally, the head’s MOI and internal ripping offer extraordinary forgiveness and great distance.

What We Think

While the G410 driver doesn’t have a light titanium crown, it doesn’t affect it that much in terms of weight, as it’s already a bit smaller than the G425 driver.

That said, the G425 driver outperforms its rival in distance as well as forgiveness. Nonetheless, if you don’t have issues with your swing speed or accuracy, you’d prefer the G410 driver.

2. Driver Versions

The two drivers come in three models, the ordinary, the LST, and the SFT version. Each of these versions has specific features that add to the overall performance.

Ping G410 Driver

Ping G410 Trio

The low spin technology in the G410 LST driver helps reduce the spin off the tee (approximately 200 to 400 rpm less) for straighter ball flight than the ordinary driver.

What’s more, the CoG, that’s more oriented towards the driver’s heel, ensures an enhanced slice.

As for the SFT version, it offers the best performance due to the fixed perimeter weighting that increases the MOI and decreases unwanted slice.

Ping G425 Driver

While the ordinary G425 driver suits mid to high-handicappers, the smaller head of the LST version makes it a better fit for low-handicap and pro golfers.

Furthermore, the LST version has reduced the sliding weight to 17 instead of 26 grams. With the less spin it offers, this driver version drives impressively high distances.

When it comes to the SFT version, due to its forgiveness, it’s somehow considered the best choice for beginners.

What We Think

The LST versions of both drivers are the best choice for players with naturally high trajectory and swing speed. That’s because the reduced spin doesn’t negatively affect their performance.

In addition, the SFT models help cure the ball’s tendency to slice. That’s why they’re better for those struggling with a cut.

3. Shaft Options

Ping G425 Test

Below is a table of shaft options for Ping G410 and G425 drivers:

G410 Driver

Ping Alta CB 55 Red

PIng Tour 65 and 75

PING Alta Distanza

Project X EvenFlow Black 75

Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange 60

G425 Driver

PING Alta CB 55 Slate

Ping Tour 65

Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Orange 65 and 55

Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 70

PING Alta Distanza

What We Think

Both drivers have several shaft options, and it’s hard to determine which is the best match for each one of them. That’s because it somewhat depends on the player’s preferences.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to the competition between Ping G410 vs. Ping G425 driver, the verdict is they’re both great.

That’s because Ping has always been producing amazing products with cutting-edge technology.

It all comes down to the performance and preferences of the players. If all that you’re after is maximum forgiveness, then the G425 driver is your best option.

On the other hand, if you’re a low handicapper who’s aiming for enhanced workability, you should definitely try the G410 driver.

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