MacGregor DCT2000 Premium Golf Club Set

MacGregor is one of the oldest golf companies in the world. With over 120 years of experience and hundreds of golf set models, it’s easy to say that the company is doing things right!

The golf manufacturer designs a variety of golf sets to suit users of various proficiency levels. Whether you’re a serious beginner or an intermediate player who’s looking for a reliable set, this guide is for you!

In today’s guide, we’ll have a quick look at the MacGregor DCT2000 premium golf club set, what it offers, and its pros and cons. Let’s dive right in!

A Quick Look at What You Get in the Macgregor DCT2000 Premium Golf Club Set

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the MacGregor DCT2000 set and what it has to offer:


The MacGregor DCT2000 comes with a standard-size driver that features a relatively large titanium clubhead with an overall volume of 460 cc.

The extra-large club head is designed with a high moment of inertia (MOI) to improve stability during the hit while offering more forgiveness during off-center hits.

The shaft is available in both steel and graphite versions, so you can choose between better control or more powerful shots. The driver is only available in a 10.5-degree loft (regular flex).

Fairway Woods

The DCT2000 comes with a single 3 wood that is made of stainless steel. Although some manufacturers offer an extra 5 wood, MacGregor focused on quality over quantity here.

Besides the premium material, the club has a perfect clubhead size and offers incredibly satisfying audio feedback while maintaining a high MOI like the driver.


When it comes to hybrids, MacGregor offers 5H and 6H hybrids in the set. While some brands compromise on the quality of hybrids, MacGregor designed them with the same standards as the driver and the fairway wood.

This one has a graphite shaft to keep its weight low, which helps high-handicap golfers to maintain their control while swinging for a more accurate shot. The two hybrids have a 21 and 24-degree loft respectively (stiff flex).

Irons and Wedges

The DCT2000 set comes with a full set of irons from 5 to SW. The clubs are made of 431 stainless steel, which is known for its superior durability and forgiveness. The over-sized head design combined with perimeter weighting helps to boost forgiveness across the entire clubface, offering more accuracy and distance.

Having a 5 iron in your beginner set can be good for practicing your long game. Those long shots are not particularly easy, especially for beginners, but it’s important to get used to them early on.


The putter offered in this set is another excellent gem in terms of performance and feel in hand, making it very easy to get the ball in the hole with incredible accuracy.

This is made possible by the club’s alignment aid as well as the set’s noticeably high MOI, which extends the feel of the ball to your arms for a precise shot.


Lastly, the set comes in a durable branded bag that is made of nylon. The bag comes with several compartments to store your belongings and is available as a cart bag as well as a stand.

Key Features That Make This Golf Set Special

Now that you know more about the MacGregor DCT2000, here’s a quick look at some of the highlights of the golf set:

Remarkable Metallic Design

Although some of the clubs are made with graphite, the overall design of the set is made with a metallic finish that gives it an excellent look and feels.

The most characteristic aspect here is the titanium clubhead of the driver, which provides a weighted shot that sends the ball flying in the right direction for the maximum distance and air time.

Handpicked Features

We really like that the folks at MacGregor took their time with each club in the set.

Each one feels well designed to do its purpose rather than focus, using different design features and materials for the job.

Excellent Shot Accuracy and Shot Sound

The most characteristic design feature of the MacGregor DCT 2000 premium golf set is the high moment of inertia in all the clubs.

This design allows you to produce a weighted shot that is remarkably accurate and powerful when necessary with an extended sweet spot for better forgiveness.

What Are the Downsides of the Macgregor DCT2000 Set?

While the MacGregor DCT2000 is a fairly solid choice for beginners and intermediate players, it’s not entirely perfect. Here are some of the aspects that we would love MacGregor to improve in this set:

Lack of Options and Availability

Despite being an excellent set, the MacGregor is available in right-handed orientation and one color only.

With that being said, the manufacturer makes it up by designing a remarkably attractive set in a metallic finish that looks good in any course.

High Risk of Scratching Without Headcovers

Although the clubs are made of metal, they’re still prone to scratching easily, especially during transportation.

Unfortunately, the set doesn’t come with headcovers that could protect the set while being stored. Keep in mind that other versions of the set still come with 4 matching headcovers.

Final Thoughts

The MacGregor DCT2000 is a great choice for a relatively wide range of players. The premium design and feel of the clubs improve your hit and accuracy by a decent margin.

In addition to satisfactory performance and forgiveness, the cool design factor adds to the overall value of the set and makes it a great bang for the buck, especially for a beginner who doesn’t want to look the part!

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