John Daly’s Net Worth: The Shocking Truth Behind His Success

John Daly is one of the most controversial characters to ever set foot on a golf course. The golf champion has pursued different venues and led an interesting life. 

Wondering about John Daly’s net worth?  

Read on for more about his personal life, golf wins, and career ventures. This article also gives an overview of all the ups and downs that affected his career and net worth. 

John Daly Quick Facts 

Before getting into details about John Daly’s personal and professional life, let’s review some quick facts: 

Full Name John Patrick Daly 
Nick Name Long John Daly 
Date of Birth 28 April 1966 
Age 57 years 
Place of Birth Carmichael, California 
Height 5’ 10’’ 
Spouse Dale Crafton (ex-wife) Bettye Fulford (ex-wife) Paulette Dean (ex-wife) Sherrie Miller (ex-wife) 
Children Shynah Hale Sierra Lynn John Patrick Daly II 
Net worth $2 million 

John Daly’s Early Life 

John Patrick Daly was born in Carmichael California on April 28th, 1966. He frequently relocated with his family.

Moving was due to his father’s job as an engineer in different nuclear plants across the country.  

John Daly’s passion for golf began when he moved with his family to Arkansas in 1970.

As he started to pursue golf, he was highly inspired by Jack Nicklaus, which drove his professional career. 

John Daly’s Relationships 

Between 1987 and 2007, Daly married four women. In 1987, he married Dale Crafton. They got divorced after only three years. 

Two years after his first divorce, John Daly married Bettye Fulford. They had a daughter Shynah Hale, but they had a turbulent relationship.

Although Daly was charged with domestic abuse, Bettey settled the matter out of court. They divorced in 1995. 

Daly’s third wife was Paulette Dean. She gave him his second daughter Sierra Lynn. However, they divorced four years later. 

His last marriage was in 2001, and it resulted in his third child John Patrick Daly II two years later.

This marriage ended tragically. His wife Sherrie Miller was charged with drug abuse.  

John Daly’s Career 

John Daly’s professional career took off with a grand victory at the Missouri Open in 1987. Since then, he has had many ups and downs. 

It all started in 1990 with the Ben Hogan Utah Classic. Later, John Daly won the PGA Championship for the first time in 1991. In 1993, he won third place in the Masters Tournament. 

Unfortunately, this frenzy didn’t last long. In 1994, John Daly got suspended because he walked off the golf course during the round. After this incident, John Daly entered rehab for alcohol abuse. 

Daly got back in the game in 1995 as he won the Open Championship. However, again, this was followed by several unfortunate years.

Things got complicated as his drinking problem took the better of him and negatively influenced his performance. 

Six years later, he resurfaced by winning the BMW International Open in 2001. From this year on, he had a great comeback with a series of wins, ending with the Buick Invitational in 2004. 

John Daly got his status back in 2016. He once more became eligible to compete in the PGA Tour.  

John Daly’s Net Worth 

John Daly’s estimated net worth is $2 million.  

Just like his career, John Daly’s net worth has had its ups and downs. He’s not just a professional golfer, but also a businessman and a singer. 

In addition to his earnings from golf championships, here are some business venues Daly has been involved in: 

Endorsement Deals 

For starters, John Daly has signed several endorsement deals. He has one with Loudmouth Golf, and another with Rock Bottom Golf


Daly has put some money into a wine label. He named it John Daly Wines. However, this company went out of business. 


John Daly was also involved in JD Designs, which specializes in designing golf courses. The company has designs in Ireland, Canada, and various US states. 


John Daly did the vocals for a Kid Rock’s track called “Half Your Age.” He also has music albums in the market.  

His first music album is “My Life”, featuring Johnny Lee and Willie Nelson. In 2010, he released the album “I Only Know One Way.” 

Daly’s Series of Unfortunate Events 

Despite all these income venues, John Daly has issues that cost him most of his fortune, including: 

Gambling Losses 

You probably wonder how such a talent is worth only $2 million. John Daly answered this question in his autobiography. He confessed to losing a total of around $55 million due to a gambling problem.  

Court Settlement 

In 2005, John Daly sued a columnist in “Florida Times-Union” for calling him a “scoundrel”. However, it backfired when he lost the case and had to pay $300,000 in legal fees

Health Problems 

Daly’s health is another reason that kept him out of the game. Over the years, he has struggled with different health issues.  

For instance, in 2002, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Afterward, he underwent surgery in 2009 to reduce his weight and lost about 100 pounds. 

Ten years later, John Daly developed Sepsis after a brown spider’s bite. He almost died but survived after undergoing emergency surgery. 


John Daly is a professional golfer with a net worth of $2 million. Why is John Daly’s net worth that low? 

It might be a result of losing so much money on legal settlements, health issues, divorces, and gambling addiction. 

All such factors and more have contributed to John Daly as we know him. 

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