How to Plan a Golf Trip: 11 Essential Tips for Any Golfer

Golf trips are fun, but they require a lot of planning. If you and your friends are planning a golf getaway, you have to consider things like budgeting, transportation, course policies, and even the golf season. Here are 11 essential tips for any golfer on how to plan a golf trip. If you take the time and spend the money, you’ll want to give this a quick read-through. 

Choose the Right Season

Remember, when you travel, you can’t expect the season to be the same as the one you are in. Pay very close attention to the weather conditions and course conditions at the time of year that you plan to go. 

I also suggest taking a look at the average rainfall during certain times of the year. You may find out that it’s rainier than expected, and it could put a real damper on your trip. Wind and cold are easier to deal with than rain. 

Set a Budget First

I can tell you from experience these trips start to add up in cost rather quickly. Before you start planning, set a budget that includes accommodation, food, travel, and green fees. Your budget should be a range, it’s easier to make this trip work if you have a range and not one set number. 

Choose a Variety of Courses 

Even if you are going to play one of the greatest golf courses in the country, make sure that you choose a spot that has more than one golf course to play. You’ll feel like you get more out of your trip to play more than one course. 

In addition, see if there are other amenities that can improve the overall trip, such as a driving range, learning center, short game practice, pickleball courts, and dining facilities. 

Book Tee Times in Advance

Many golf destinations are well aware they are considered a destination spot and because of this they expect that golfers will book tee times months in advance. Take a close look at the first available dates you can book a time and make sure you get yourself on the tee sheet. 

Last minute trips at top locations are tricky because sometimes the tee times have been sold out already for months. 

Look for Package Deals 

Contact the golf courses and resorts you are interested in visiting and see if they have packages and special deals. Things like three rounds of golf, a hotel stay, and breakfast can make the rest of the trip much easier to plan. 

In addition, most package deals come with a discount of some kind. 

See About Unlimited Play 

Some golf courses allow you to head out for your morning tee time and enjoy the course with the option to go back out later in the afternoon. Sometimes all you’ll need to do is pay an addtional cart fee.

This is a great way to save money. Even if you have to wait a few hours for the afternoon tee sheet to clear up, you can play a lot of golf during a day when places have unlimited play packages. 

Creating an itinerary for the trip is smart, and squeeze in as much golf as you can. 

Pack Accordingly

Before you head out on  your golf trip make sure you are aware of all of the necessary golf equipment that you’ll have to have in place. Think about things like balls, gloves and mst importantly appropriate attire. 

You should be checking with any of the couress that you are planning to play to see if they require specific attire. In addition, don’t forget rain gear. You may not play in the rain at home, but on the trip, you’ll probably play a little longer to avoid missing out on the courses you paid to play.

Arrange Transportation

Plan your transportation ahead of time. This can include renting a car, arranging shuttle services, or booking a flight. Make sure you know how you are getting to and from the golf course. Don’t leave this up to a last-minute Uber decision; that’s a very easy way to miss a tee time. 

With Group Travel, Put Someone In Charge

If you have a group of 8 or 12 golfers heading out on a trip, make sure one person is kind of in charge of everything. When each individual person starts to try and run the trip it often gets confusingand issues with planning come up. 

Also, the person running the group trip should look for discounts and ways to make the trip more affordable for everyone. Many golf destinations are happy to reward groups with discounted rates. 

Check Course Policies

Familiarize yourself with the policies of the golf courses you’ll be visiting. You’ll want to consider things such as dress codes, cart rules, and pace of play guidelines. You may be made aware of these things when you show up to play the first day, but it’s best to know ahead of time. 

Stay Flexible

To enjoy the golf trip, you have to stay flexible. These 11 tips for golf travel are helpful, but if you are completely thrown off by something like slow play or a delayed flight, it may be best to skip the trip altogether. When you travel, something always comes up!

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