How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh? 

If you live in a golfing community, you’ve probably seen people driving around in their golf carts more often than they do their actual cars.

These utility vehicles are heaven-sent as they provide ease of use and a quick way to get around a sizable plot of land. 

Yet, have you ever tried to give one of these carts a push and wondered, “How much does a golf cart actually weigh?” 

That’s what we’re here to find out. Let’s hop in! 

Golf Cart Components 

Golf Cart - Transport

A golf cart is a simple beast that contains standard components. Some parts you can find in your car.

Accessories, like a light strip, are also available if you want to customize your cart, but more on that later. 

Here’s what goes into the making of a golf cart: 

  1. Chassis for the frame 
  1. Floor and roofing panels 
  1. Seating assembly 
  1. Electric or gas motor 
  1. Transmission 
  1. Suspension 
  1. Battery 
  1. Lighting components 

Essential Parts

Golf Cart Near the Pond

Every golf cart has one primary job: transport. All the parts work together to be able to do just that. 

A chassis welded together keeps the shape of the vehicle intact. A frame to hold the engine and battery, transmission box and axles, and cushioned seats with vinyl covering. 

The chassis is typically steel, but the frame material can be fiberglass, aluminum, or even sheet steel.

Just to give you an idea, fiberglass weight is half that of steel. Add on the components to get your buggy running and you have an 800-pound machine. 

Gas Up or Plug In 

For over a hundred years, electric vehicles have seen milestones. You may opt for a battery-powered golf cart if you’d like. 

The only noticeable difference is how you’ll be replenishing your cart’s juice. Although, a battery set-up may add to the overall weight depending on the number of its cells. 


Both parts are usually available for most models, like the E-Z-GO Express S4.

You get to pick between a reliable gas-powered Kawasaki engine or Samsung’s lithium battery for your cart’s powertrain.

The battery has an above-average shelf life of 8 years, whereas most others run for only five years. 

Overall Performance 

Nothing can beat gas engines when it comes to raw power. If you’re looking for a kick, then you’d best stick to gas.

It’s cheaper, and its parts are readily available in the market. 

If you’d prefer a quiet and steady cruise around the course, you’ll appreciate electric golf carts more than its counterpart.

With advances in battery technology, power output is more stable than ever to provide a seamless drive. 

Custom Beauty

Golf Cart Parked Away

Just like regular cars, you can easily customize your golf cart with just a bit of time and money. In addition, to paint jobs and logos or signatures, you can enhance your style with additional seats and leather covering.

Convenience is apparent with extra storage or more legroom like in the Yamaha Drive2 PTV

Wrapping Up 

How much your golf cart weighs can largely depend on the vehicle’s make and powertrain.

For example, a standard gas guzzler can weigh around 800 pounds, whereas a battery-powered buggy can peak at 1100 pounds. 

Don’t forget to consider other factors as well, like size and engine power. You might want a bigger golf cart if you plan on using it around a gated community to buy groceries and other goods from local stores.

If you want to go even further, you can opt for a more compact Drive2 PTV without sacrificing precious legroom. 

Alternatively, if you like to ride in style and comfort, E-Z-GO carts have a wide range of customizations to choose from. You can even add on a custom panel of sensors and other gadgets. 

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