High Spin vs. Low Spin Golf Balls (Pros and Cons)

Golfers who want distance look for low-spin golf balls, and those who want control around the green are looking for high-spin.

Have you ever been confused by this and wondered which golf ball is the right fit for your game?

You aren’t alone. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of high spin vs. low spin golf balls so you can choose the one that best fits your golf game’s needs.

There is no perfect golf ball out there, but you should have this information to find the best one.

High Spin Golf Balls Pros

High spin golf balls offer increased control around the greens, better shot shaping and most golfers believe they also offer the best feel in the game. 

Increased Control Around the Green

If you hit shots into the green that just don’t hold, it could be because you are playing with a golf ball that does not spin enough. High spin golf balls provide that extra stopping power you need on the greens.

As great as they are on approach shots, you really see the benefit in those short chips and pitches where you need to stop the ball right next to the hole. 

Better for Shaping Shots

High spin golf balls allow for more workability. If you are a player that wants to hit more fades and draws, your low spin golf ball could be stopping that from happening. High spin balls put you in control. 

Enhanced Feel

High spin balls typically provide a softer feel. They are usually made with a premium urethane cover, so you’ll notice that soft response on the short shots and putts.

High Spin Golf Balls Cons

With high spin golf balls you may notice reduced total distance. Since the ball spins it is actually spinning back towards you instead of forward and ahead of you. The result is a little less total distance, and sometimes less carry distance. 

In addition, the high spin golf balls are prone to side spin. Therefore, if you hit a slice, expect it to slice even more with the high spin ball. Finally, high spin balls are also a little more expensive because of their premium materials. 

Low Spin Golf Balls Pros

Low-spin golf balls have three main benefits: increased distance, straighter ball flight, and greater affordability. 

Increased Distance 

Just as the high spin ball tends to give a little less distance, the low spin ball reduces backspin, maximizes distance with the drivers and the irons and creases that extra roll you need off the tee box. 

Straighter Shots 

Even if you strike a low spin golf ball with a little side spin, you should notice a straighter shot. If your game lacks some consistency the lower spinning golf ball could help you get some of it back. 

More Affordable 

Many low-spin golf balls feature a Surlyn or Ionomer cover and two pieces, making them a bit more affordable than the higher-spin golf balls. Some low-spin balls, like the Titleist AVX, are more expensive, but you can find some budget-friendly options in this category. 

Low Spin Golf Balls Cons

The low spin golf balls offer much less stopping power on approach shots and greenside chips and pitches. You’ll have to prepare for quite a bit of roll, which isn’t necessarily bad but requires some adjustments to your game. 

In addition, low-spin golf balls tend to feel a little harder, making it difficult to get the feedback you need for a proper shot shape. 

Who Should Play High Spin Golf Balls?

High spin golf balls are typically played by better golfers. If you have control over your golf ball and want to benefit from workability and spin around the green, the high spin ball is a great choice. 

In addition, if you know your short game lacks some technique, the high spin ball could help. 

Who Should Play Low Spin Golf Balls?

Low spin golf balls are played by those looking for extra distance, straighter shots, and reduced hooks and slices. You’ll notice this is a more popular golf ball for higher handicappers, beginners, and those looking for cost effective options. 

Final Thoughts

You may hear people talk about the low-spin and high-spin options in golf. Go test your golf game on a launch monitor and see if you tend to get high or low spin on your shots. Use a golf ball that perfectly complements your swing and gives you some benefits that help you score. 

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