Are You Good Enough For Custom Golf Gear – 7 Questions To Ask 

Custom golf equipment can cost hundreds and, most likely, thousands of dollars.

If you are wondering whether or not you are good enough for custom golf gear, it’s worth asking yourself a few key questions.

These questions are smart to ask before you jump on board the custom gear train.

It’s important to realize that custom is not for everyone. 

Have you analyzed the costs of custom golf clubs? 

For a player who enjoys golf several times per week, is serious about scoring and what they shoot, and is looking to make major changes in the way they play, the cost of custom clubs is well worth it. 

However, that is not necessarily the case for all golfers. 

Playing once a month? 

Just getting started? 

Frustrated and dreading taking the clubs out of the bag? 

Make sure that the costs make sense from a budget standpoint and that the new clubs will actually improve your game. 

Are You Tracking Your Game?

Tracking your golf game is not only a qualifying factor in how much you care about your game, it also helps you decide what custom golf equipment you need the most. 

Monitoring your performance makes it easy to decide where your money is best spent.

Consistently monitoring your performance helps identify areas for improvement and will help you determine if custom gear will benefit you.

Most golfers who think their driver is the problem find that they make way too many three putts. 

Can You Notice Differences in Club Feel and Performance?

Being able to distinguish how different clubs affect your game is crucial for optimizing custom gear.

Can you grab a club from another golfer and decide if you like it, if it feels like it should, if the golf ball comes off it correctly, etc.? 

The golf fitting equipment we have available does a great job of telling you how stats and data impact your game, but you really need more than that to play well. 

You have to be comfortable with a club and have it feel good to improve confidence and hit your best shots. 

Do You Have a Consistent Swing?

One difficult thing about beginners going for golf fitting is that each swing can be different than the next. 

If you are going to invest in a custom golf club fitting, it’s best to have a consistent golf swing. 

Even if your swing is not perfect, make sure you can repeat it. 

This will give you the most accurate data that you can use to improve scoring and performance. 

Custom golf clubs should help save you strokes and allow you to have more fun on the course. 

Are You Committed to Practice and Improvement?

When you first get your new custom golf clubs, they won’t work right away. 

There is almost always an adjustment period during which you must get used to the clubs’ appearance and feel. Be prepared to spend a little bit of time on the driving range getting to know these clubs and deciding if they are right for you. 

Have You Outgrown Your Current Equipment?

Has your golf game undergone some changes that may make your current set a poor match for your skill level? Physical or skill level changes can make it a good time to invest in new golf equipment and a custom fitting. 

With a faster swing speed, it’s hard to know if you should change shafts or choose a heavier 


That’s what golf club fittings are for. 

Do You Play Regularly?

Regular play is essential to justify the investment in custom gear, as infrequent players may not fully benefit from the customization.

The more you play, the easier it is to justify the cost of custom golf equipment. 

Regular play is at least weekly and preferably more than that in season. 

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Custom Golf Fitting 

If you do plan on getting a golf club fitting to purchase custom gear, here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

  • Always bring your current clubs with you to make sure there is truly a difference in performance. 
  • Don’t invest in custom shafts (stock shafts are fine) unless you see the benefit; one yard of extra distance is not a benefit worth spending more money for 
  • Go to a reputable fitter that has technology they can use to show you results. 
  • If you can find a place where you can take a few swings outside, it may help you swing more like you do on the course as opposed to in a simulator 
  • Go in with a plan in mind and explain that to the fitter; tell them your budget! 

Final Thoughts

The majority of golfers are good enough for custom golf gear. However, you don’t need to change up every golf club in your set this year.

Go through this process in pieces and decide about each club (using your tracking and data) to see where the greatest impact could be on your golf game. 

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