Amanda Balionis: Wiki, Career Highlights, and Net Worth

There are plenty of passionate figures who thrive in their careers as news reporters on television. But it’s interesting to note that some of them genuinely connect with the public, like Amanda Balionis.  

Amanda is well-known for her occupation as an American reporter covering professional golf.  

People view her personality as cheerful and engaging, which you’ll see if you watch one of her interviews. You’ll also be surprised to know that her fame isn’t limited to her job; she also has social media accounts with plenty of followers.  

What did she do to garner such attention? Let’s start at the beginning to figure it out. 

Amanda Balionis’ Bio 

Here are some bits about Amanda Balionis’ early life, education, and professional career. Apparently, her passion for golf goes way back! 

Place of Birth and Early Life 

Amanda was born on the 20th of June, 1987, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you’re curious, she was raised as an only child and has been taking golf lessons since she was 8.  

The keen interest in golf isn’t unexpected, owing to a family of golfers. Her parents and grandparents were avid players of golf. As you’d have guessed, this situation was more of a family tradition than your favorite pastime. 

Though her family wanted her to pursue this particular sport, her passion for golf was merely for fun and bonding. She was interested in journalism instead. 

High School and University 

Amanda’s drive and enthusiasm for sports developed during high school when she joined activities like swimming and soccer. Her focus on sports took her to Kutztown University, where she was more than eager to participate in soccer matches. 

Judging from these situations, I’m sure you’ll appreciate her commitment to sports. It was later on, when she moved to Hofstra University, that she studied Broadcast Journalism and started channeling her interest in journalism to report for sports. 

Early Career 

Amanda worked on the student newspaper and the university’s radio station in Hofstra, taking every opportunity handed to her. Her journalist skills and various sports knowledge eventually led to her involvement in the football and hockey leagues. 

After earning her degree in 2008, she continued working as a freelance sideline reporter for various sports. However, it was at Lancaster Newspapers that her professional career first began.  

Professional Career Progress 

Amanda’s enthusiasm for golf would visit her once more when PGA Tour interviewed her in 2011. She got hired as a reporter and host and learned the game of golf in more detail. 

Her introduction to the world of golf landed her the spot of a news anchor.  

Looking back at her career as a PGA broadcaster, you’d know that Amanda didn’t want to be limited to golf only. 

She liked to branch out, participating in various positions and conducting interviews with players of diverse sports. Sadly, she wasn’t getting any offers from sports departments to change her situation. 

After a short while, she moved to San Diego, where she joined Callaway Golf as part of its media productions. Though she still covered golf sports and not much else, it wasn’t long after that she got a call from Turner Sports and then gained attention from CBS. 

Her patience rewarded her with a golf tryout by CBS Sports, which happened during the PGA Tour in 2017.  

It was once featured in a podcast that she had botched an interview with two high-profile players. So you can bet it’s not always a fun experience bumbling in front of the cameras. 

However, it’s also easy to see why fans enjoy her constant personality in sports. You’ll find Amanda’s interview with Dustin Johnson back in 2020, and it was a delight to see how she handled emotional outbursts. Her empathy and humble attitude are reported to be her defining traits. 

Currently, Amanda Balionis continues to report for CBS Sports.  

As you’ll see from her statements in an article from the 3M Open, golf wasn’t always at the forefront of her career. But her fondness for the sport is what drove her to push through and persevere in life.  


Height and Weight 

Amanda Balionis is 5 feet and 5 inches or 165 cm tall and weighs 57 kg.  

Gender and Age 

She’s a middle-aged female adult. As of now (2023), she is 37 years of age. 

Marital Status 

She’s married to the former quarterback Bryn Renner, now an American football coach for FIU. 

Current Residence 

San Diego, CA, USA 

Net Worth 

Amanda has worked in various roles in CBS Sports and other news networks.

The annual salary for a CBS Broadcaster would net around $60,000.

Though Amanda has not revealed her annual wage, most reports approximate around $35k to $150k. 

Combined with various sidelines and part-time gigs, she earned a net worth of approximately $1 million.  

Quick Facts 

  • If you’re wondering how Amanda has maintained a bright and bubbly figure, part of the reason may be due to her daily routine as a Yoga Instructor.  
  • Amanda is more than a bit of a pet lover. She’s the founder of Puppies and Golf, a non-profit organization dedicated to dogs. 
  • She has around 150k followers on Twitter and an even bigger 225k on Instagram. 

In A Nutshell 

Amanda Balionis is a woman with many talents. She’s got skill-a-plenty and admirable qualities to back it up.  

She’s honed her skills in Broadcast Journalism through years of experience. This ability works closely with her know-how of different kinds of sports to make for an adaptable reporter. 

Another thing to look into is her people skills, which say a lot about her personal and professional life. It’s not easy to talk to a whole assortment of people without preparation, and she deals with the conversation pleasantly. 

She currently works as a sports journalist and broadcaster for CBS Sports. Her newscast focuses not only on golf but on other sport-related news. 

As you’ve seen by now, her journey to the top wasn’t easy. It took time, patience, and dedication. But it was worth it in the end. 

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